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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I whacked my diamond on our granite countertop the other day when I was putting dishes away. I wanted to get done quickly and wasn’t paying attention. I have a jeweler’s loupe and everything looks perfectly fine.

The prongs will be damaged before the diamond. There is a reason why they use diamonds to cut other diamonds!

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Busy bee
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I HIGHLY doubt she damaged a diamond by dropping it on anything, unless she dropped it on a jagged diamond floor.. lol. Those things are tought little beauties. They can hold up to the test of time. That’s why women like to have them in their rings that symbolize forever. I’d tell her not to worry about it, but if she won’t let go of it, I’d have her go in and have it looked at just for her reassurance more than anything.

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Helper bee
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Google the Moh’s scale of hardness. Geologically speaking diamond > concrete. This is common sense.

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Sugar bee
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I bang my ring at least 3 times a day! I have dropped it on tile and hardwood floors to the point where it bounce a few times… My ring is as solid as a rock 😉 I also take my rings in to be inspected by my jeweler twice a year to make sure I have not done any real damage to it with my clumsy ways.

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Buzzing bee
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I hit my diamond about 10+ times a day because I’m clumsy.  Diamonds are tough.  I doubt dropping it once did any damage to it.  Unless her floors are made of diamonds.

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Busy bee

I dont understand the high drama. It’s a stone. Get it inspected by a professional. Why does she need a friend to post on her behalf like this is crises or matter of national security!

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Busy bee
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I hit my RHR diamond ring on stuff ALL the time, and it’s over 100 years old! Diamonds are HARD! That’s the whole reason they are great for everyday wear. I’m sure it’s fine. As long as there aren’t any visible problems with it. If she’s worried about it, take it to a jeweler and have him take a look at it. It’s not a big deal.

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Sugar bee
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As long as the prongs are still tight, she’ll be fine.  If she’s really cranked up about it, tell her to stop wearing it until she can get it inspected.

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Worker bee
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I am sure the ring is perfectly fine, but the other issue is this: How big is the ring on her if it actually dropped right off her finger?? She needs to get that re-sized asap!

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Bumble bee
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I’ve banged my diamond on SO many different things. . . never dropped it, though. But banging it against everything and no damage to this day!

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Buzzing bee
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Why doesn’t she just take it to a jeweler and have them inspect it? Or better yet, if she’s going to be a worrywart (which I understand because I am one), buy a loupe and learn to inspect it herself.

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Bumble bee
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I have a cathedral set solitair, the first time I banged it on my desk, my heart nearly fell out. She should be assured that it is difficult to damage a diamond, and this won’t be her only scare. If she really wants to be worried, she should be worried about the scratching the actual ring (metal) and prongs.  

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Sugar Beekeeper
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@blingbling:  lol +1 my thoughts exactly.  THere’s no way she ruined it, If she’s that concerned tell her to take it to the jeweler to have it inspected. She’s being a bit over the top in her obsessing over this.  

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Honey bee
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I’ve dropped my sapphire ering on the cold concrete floor three times.  One time it bent the band (I have a thin platinum band), and it hasn’t been the same since.  But my stone’s still in perfect condition, and I didn’t even lose any of the pave stones in the halo.  If she’s so worried, she can take it to the jeweler to check it out, but most likely it is ok.  


If it IS damaged (which it most likely isn’t), it’s still going to be a sparkly, beautiful stone.  Nobody will notice a chip if it’s there.  To be honest, I’m more worried about her ring being so loose it falls off than I’m worried her stone chipped.  Sizing beads/ring snuggies would be a good idea.

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