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@rascchot:  I strongly suggest looking at warmer stones (I, J) in person before you commit to buying one. Some people are more color sensitive than others.

I have H earrings and they look colorless to me, but some people can detect color. G, H are near colorless… I, J are in that realm too, but some people can detect a hint of warmth.

Personally I wouldn’t buy anything below SI2 because I’d be scared that the inclusions would weaken the diamond and I’d knock it accidentally and it would chip/crack. I prefer the VS range or higher. I just like the idea of less flaws in a diamond even if it’s eye clean.

It is possible to have an eye clean I1 diamond and a big lump of black carbon in an SI1, so I would just make sure that whatever you buy is eye clean.

Is there an option to save a bit more money so you can remain in the G range and go up to SI2 or SI1?

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@rascchot:  A good jeweler will tell you that I1 stones really should not be used for jewelery. It makes the stone look cloudy (even if you can’t see any visible inclusions). SI1 and even SI2 are fine depending on cut. You really should judge a stone for its individual beauty and not its specs.  For instance, my jeweler just brought random stones out for me to look at and told me to pick the one I thought was most beautiful.  I chosen a L SI2.  There’s very little warmth to the stone as it faces up very white, there are also no visible inclusions.  However, I’ve seen J or K stones that look very yellow to me and SI2 stones with visible inclusions. These things you can’t tell by just reading specs off a piece of paper.  You have to see it in person to really know.  

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I think you really need to take a look at the stones with those grades.  I would pick a G I1 over a I/J SI2 if they were both eye clean because Im’ more color sensitive and J looks very yellow to me.

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My ring is an I1 and I honestly don’t see any inclusions. I showed it to a friend who is more knowledgable about diamonds, and she could see something but even after she pointed it out to me, I was kind of like, ehhh. I feel like, as long as you like your stone and it looks pretty to you, the specs aren’t so important. So I’d wait to see what the diamonds look like before making a decision. 

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I’d go to pricescope.com and start a thread there. They’ll be able to help you figure out what’s best to do in your budget.

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I would be nervous about going below H in a cushion. Radiants and cushions tend to retain color (that’s why there are so many fancy colored stones with those cuts).

On the other hand, the faceting pattern of cushions can hide inclusions well. I1 is a risk but depending on the type/number/size/location the inclusion(s), it can be ok. If you have a big one that is near a corner of the stone, it could be hidden under a prong. Also, if you can’t see any inclusions and it doesn’t have any big clouds that affect the light performance, then for your purposes you have an eye clean stone!

Definitely ask the pricescopers, too.

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MY OWN preferences when it comes to the Cs are… Cut (Quality) and Colour over Clarity and Carat Size.  Because I strongly believe that Cut & Colour are the key elements in what makes a Diamond Shine / Glitter.

You will read all sorts of stories / claims… but the fact is that a Gemologist will tell you that the majority of inclusions (be they Is or SIs) CANNOT be seen by the naked eye… and if they can be seen… then one truly has to know where to look for them

(Read the definition here on Wikipedia… It is true that both Is and SIs can have inclusions that “might” be seen… with inclusions absolutely requiring magnificiation to be seen beginning with the VS category) = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamond_clarity

And as most of us, don’t have one of those strung around our necks 24/7… neither you or anyone else is going to quickly look and say “oh wow… that doesn’t look that clear and glittery”

That said, I don’t leave clarity totally to chance… and make a point of purchasing smaller diamonds perhaps at a lower grade level than larger diamonds (remembering that there are indeed several grades within each category as well… from bottom to top… I3, I2, I1 – S2, S1 – VS2, VS1 – VVS2, VVS1 – IF – FL)

Between my E-Ring and Eternity W-Band, I have diamonds that are in varying clarities… Is, SIs, and VSs (and even for the VS Diamond, it was hard to see any inclusion with a Jewellers Loupe)

BUT the one common element that I also have made a point of is including in all my Diamonds are the 5th and 6th Cs in my purchases as well… they are all Conflict Free Diamonds (Canadian) and all are also Certified.

In the end when it comes to Diamond buying, I think everyone has a combo of elements that they themselves are confident with (choose as their most important priorities… out of all the many variables).  There are no Rights or Wrongs to the Equation… just whatever you feel is most important so as to provide you with a Rock, a Ring and a Diamond Experience that you are most comfortable buying when it comes to Quality and Cost.

Hope this helps,


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I suggest looking at the stones in person. When we were looking at stones, I looked at an E, G and H. I took them outside, and I honestly couldn’t tell any difference in color. As for the inclusions – again, look at them in person, do some more research and go from there.

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I have a G color I1 stone. I have an inclusion map of it, but honestly, the only thing I’ve ever seen is an occluded crystal, and you have to have the ring at the right angle to catch it. It just looks like a facet to me. I’ve seen the stone under a scope, and a) NO ONE is ever going to see it under a scope, and b) I think the inclusions under magnification are kind of cool. 

My advice is to choose your stone in person. Like a pp said, lots of I1s are eye clean.

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Ok so it is totally possible to find eye clean SI and even I clarity stones but is pretty much impossible to do it yourself online or from a GIA clarity plot. I personally would be very hesitant to buy a cushion in I/J color but I’m pretty color sensitive. If you are working with a local jeweler that you trust, just continue to look at all your options until you find one you’re ok with. If you’re looking to find more value and purchase online, I would contact good old gold or possibly diamomds by Lauren. They will be able to help you find a cushion to maximize your budget. And like has been mentioned, pricescope is a wonderful resource. 

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To be honest I would try to get it up to VS2.

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