PLEASE help me with my ring upgrade! I need to know everything about moissanite!

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Helper bee
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I would say I agree to be very careful with the brand as many have complained that their moissanite has gotten an oil slick. The only moissanite I have ever bought has been from Charles and Colvard and I’ve had mine for years and no issues. They are the original makers of the stone and therefore I believe they have it down pat on how to produce it the best so there are no issues with the stone. Just food for thought, have you considered a lab grown diamond? They are real diamonds only grown in a lab and you won’t have any problems with them and they are often more reasonable then moissanite and are also ethically sorced. 

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Hey bee,

I know MoCo doesn’t have a lot of love here but I’ll share my experience.  When I got engaged I knew I wanted moissanite and did all the research and decided on the C&C F1. I would stare at that thing all day (haha) but something just seemed “off” to me. I thought maybe I didn’t like moissanite and it wasn’t as diamondy as I thought it would be. It had no depth, just flat. Plenty of rainbows. I thought I’d try another kind with thicker arrows to avoid the splintery look of my F1 and discovered the AGS 000 from MoCo’s instagram. It wasn’t on their website anywhere, but I sent them an email on what I wanted: 1.3-1.4 ct equivalent, E or F color and their customer service rep responded within probably 30 min. Mind you, this was at about 8 pm. He told me he wasn’t in the office currently but he knew of a stone he thought would be perfect for what I was describing, and I could send it back for free if I didn’t like it. Well I ended up being sooo much happier with it!! Seriously it’s amazing and I can’t stop looking at it. I’d highly highly recommend the AGS000 stones and they are cheaper (or at least they were) than F1. They were the same price as the rest of the MoCo brand moissanite at that time.


Best of luck and be sure to let us know what you decide!

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Busy bee
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Was there a particular reason you’re looking at moissanite rather than lab diamond?

Apart from the double refraction and more sparkles, the cut of moissanite can look hazy and less crisp that the facets of diamonds. It was the haziness that put me off the moissanite, definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already. 


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Blushing bee

I took a chance and bought 2 moissanites from a company on Instagram: “” or “moissanite_loose_stone”. They are gorgeous. The white was a Christmas special last year and was 1 penny plus shipping, and the light green was about $15, no shipping. I would be happy to send you more pictures in different lighting if you want. 


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Bumble bee

Although people still mention the “oil slick” issue, it seems like that may be a problem that’s been resolved. I don’t really hear people talk about it with stones purchased in the last few years. 

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Busy bee

I have a C&C forever one and haven’t had any oil slick issues. It’s super sparkly, I occasionally clean it with a sunshine cloth and it doesn’t need anything else.

I do sometimes notice the ‘ice white’ issue. In dull lighting this is more noticeable. I hear this isn’t issue with Forever Brilliant stones which are still very white. They might actually be more similar to diamonds in this respect? 

I wanted a small stone (0.6ct equivalent) so I think the occasional ice whiteness is less obvious than it would be in a larger stone. Having said that I’ve never seen another moisannite in person so I really wouldn’t know.

Personally if I was going to get anything over 1ct I would probably get the C&C Forever Brilliant, or another brand (I haven’t researched enough to know what else is out there, especially in the UK).

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I had the C&C F1 H&A for a little bit and then replaced it with a MoissaniteCo AGS000. I’ve included the link below to videos on my Vimeo that show how it looks in different lighting (it’s the 6 prong solitaire). My experience was very much like kacieb08 described.

I created this comparison awhile back for those interested, the AGS000 still has a lot of rainbows but slightly less than the F1 H&A cut and the crown angle is a bit steeper, closer to a diamond. Both moissanites lacked the true depth of a diamond that I really wanted, so that is why I ended up returning them.

Not sure about the warranty of the MoissaniteCo branded moissanites so just look into that before purchasing, but otherwise I would highly recommend the AGS000 or Amora cut if you know you want a moissanite.


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Bumble bee

I would go with the Moco AGS000. The H&A will be the most crisp and not have cloudy/haziness issues. Most of the oil slick problems happened with old rough and they are not enhanced anymore to be colorless. They are using newer rough these days (4h sic.) 

I would send Moco an email and buy the stone. Walk around with it for a few days, look at it in different lights and see how you feel about it. If they have a setting you already love, it is simple enough to mail it back and have them make the setting. I think this is an important step rather then just buying a moissanite and ring that you have not seen in person. If you are going to wear this every day and it is an upgrade, I would not rush the process too much so you get what you want. I always find that things look so different from IG fancy lighting posts to everyday real lighting situations. 

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I have an AGS 000, 1.25 ctw equivalent, on the sol011 setting. The cost was the same as the Forever One option, and I have been absolutely thrilled with it. Just for kicks, I put my stone’s stats into PriceScope’s HCA tool, and my stone came back at 2.1 — Very Good in all areas and well within the green. Mine is near-colorless, a G-H color, which is what I specified when I placed the order.

I have had lots of other moissanite in the past, and none have been as pleasing to my eyes as the AGS. It is very, very diamond like. I haven’t encountered the oil slick or the disco ball effect with this stone at all, and I’ve had it going on half a year now. It is definitely sparkly, and I find it throws more white flashes than rainbow ones (although it throws those too in certain lights — just not the extent my Forever Brilliant and Forever One stones I owned did. I have noticed no haziness or cloudiness. In fact, my stone stays cleaner longer than any diamonds I have had in the past. Once a week or so, I use a little Dawn dish washing soap and warm water and scrub with a soft toothbrush, and I find that’s all it needs. This will be my stone for life.

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Blushing bee

Personally, we went with Tianyu and I am sooooo happy with my ring. Its hearts & arrows cut. Honestly I don’t know too much about all the different brands but I am very impressed so far! 

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Idk what your budget is but if I were looking to buy a round cut it would be August Vintage hands down. Hes known for consistently excellent cutting for moissanites and diamonds.. a step above C&C, moco and the chinese brands. But he is more expensive for that same reason. One carat H&A cut loose stone on his website is around 600. 1 carat h&a on moco is 400ish, and tianyu/starsgem could cut one for around 100

Whoever you choose I would rec you go with Hearts and Arrows cut. Its the most optically advanced cut, and gives you a really nice diamond-like crispness while still keeping a lot of sparkle. If you dont care as much about the optics and only want to maximize sparkle, the round brilliant cut is made for that. 

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