(Closed) Please help – my dog is sick!

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Honey bee
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@MrsPanda99:  Maybe too many treats at class last night?  Personally I would let him skip a meal and see if he ate the next one, if still not THEN I would call the vet.  We’ve only had our dog 7 months and he hasn’t skipped a meal.


ETA: If you leave toys out while you sleep are any missing? damaged? Like he might have ate ’em?


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Blushing bee
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I would wait a few days; sometimes they just do skip meals or they are “sick” but give them a chance to get better. Watch your dog to see if he is drinking, eating, sleeping, peeing, pooping… If he doesn’t do anything of this in over 24hrs then he definitely needs to go to the doctor. Also, you can try to feel (push gently) on his stomach and other parts of his body to see if he reacts to indicate pain anywhere. 

I know going to the vet is expensive; I used to take my dog there whenever something is not normal but I learned that sometimes giving them a few days they will be like new again. 

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Bumble bee
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I would give it another day, or at least until the end of today. We take our golden to daycare and the day after she is always so zonked. Maybe she played extra hard yesterday and is just really tired? Maybe too many treats last night?

I would see how she does today and then call the vet this afternoon, especially because it is the weekend.

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@MrsPanda99:  …this is actually kind of normal, at least in our house it is.

Did you know dogs can carry and contract viruses from each other?  We can’t catch them ourselves, but in their own community, dogs can make each other sick.  If you were at doggy school last night, I just wonder if someone didn’t bring something extra to class.

Also…I had a dog, that would literally stop eating for about three days, every three months, like clockwork…the first time, it scared me to death…the 17th time…I just shrugged and let him do whatever the hell it was he wanted to do….

My rule is…as long as we’re drinking water and acting normal…no action is necessary.  If we’ve got anything out of the ordinary coming out…well, then we’re probably going to the vet.  If we’re just being bratty about our food and want something special, FINE….canned chicken with bacon bits it is then…but only this one time….until you do it again.

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It sounds like he has caught some sort of bug. I would wait 24hrs and see if it passes. Call the vet if there is an emergency, non-stop vomit/diarrhea etc.

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Bumble bee
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I’d give it at least a half a day to see if he starts to eat at some point. Was it his first time at doggy school? I’m currently worried about my pup since he woke me up and started puking 🙁 I think he’s back to normal, now. 


One time my cat who is OBSESSED with eating (he has a strict schedule and if you feed him 1 minute late he will let you know) just stopped eating one day. I brought him to the vet because obviously something was wrong. The vet just laughed it off and said sometimes older cats just stop eating (WTF?). I took him to a better vet and it turned out he had pancreatitis so the poor thing was in a ton of pain!


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Honey bee
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If he doesn’t drink anything then I’d be concerned. One of my dogs woke up one morning and would not eat her favorite snacks and wouldn’t drink either. She was just laying around (which isn’t all that different than what she normally does, but she rarely turns down food). We took her to the vet and she had a blockage in her intestines from eating something she wasn’t supposed to (a piece of fabric from one of her toys). She had surgery right away and they kept her for 2 days. If we hadn’t have taken her the vet said she would have died soon.

In regard to the bowel movement – my dog didn’t have any because it was a full blockage. This actually happened to one of my mother’s dogs as well though and she did go to the bathroom normally, hers was only a partial blockage, but she still needed surgery to remove it.

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Busy bee

Keep an eye on whether he’s drinking, whether he continues to have regular urination and bowel movements, whether he starts vomiting or coughing, and whether he starts acting lethargic or painful. Short of those, lack of appetite for a day isn’t much to worry about, especially after a lot of treats in a short span of time.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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As long as he’s still drinking and having normal urination and bowel movements, I would just wait a bit. Perhaps too many treats just didn’t agree with him.

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@MrsPanda99:  Can you induce vomit on him? One time our cat ate a bit of a plant he was not supposed, I gave him milk to induce vomit and got it out. Has he gotten a stool yet?

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Busy bee
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Unless I missed it, how old is your dog? Since he’s in dog school I’m assuming younger and I would say puppies have different types of schedules–maybe he just isn’t hungry right now. My dog is like that so we free feed-just keep the bowl out and she eats when she wants. 

I think you’re doing the right thing-wait it out, pay attention to your dog. Make sure he gets lots of water and I agree with above advice take away the food for 1-2meals. His tummy might just need to settle after so many treats at school. Watch his potty breaks so you can see if that is normal. I say as long as he’s acting normally (not crying, lethargic or obviously in pain) and potty is not bloody wait 2-3 days before going to the vet. My dog had a rare bacterial infection once where we almost lost her so I know how easy it is to freak out when your dog is sick. You know your dog best so trust your gut, but usually digestive issues work themselves out and one missed meal is nothing. My bet is he’ll bounce back to normal with water and rest. 

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