(Closed) Please help….I'm freaking out!

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I don’t have any advice, but am so sorry you are going through this. I’m glad that your doctor is taking you serious and you have heard her heartbeat multiple times. I’m sure she is fine. I have read that a number of women do bleed at some point during pregnancy and their babies are born perfectly healthy.

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I would be freaking out as well! But look at all the good signs….strong steady heartbeat, no strong cramping that makes u double over(right?). I think the anxiousness n paranoia will definitely not help….just try to think positive…i kno easier said than done….hang in tgere!

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I have never been pregnant, but I did have a friend with a fair bit of bleeding at around this same point in her pregancy. She was freaking out, and the doctors checked her out and told her not to worry … and yesterday she gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby girl 🙂

Is there an activity you can do that may help calm you down? Maybe singing to the baby or something? I’m sure everything will be fine!

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You heard a heartbeat and you have done what you can. If your doctor isn’t concerned, then you should try to relax as well. I know it’s hard, but I imagine that the worst thing you can do for your baby right now is stress and not sleep.

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No advice here but, Ill send some positive thoughts your way. Try to calm down and take it one day at a time. Its great news that you are hearing the heartbeat at a normal rate so just focus of that.

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Your baby sounds like he/she is doing great!  I know this isn’t really helpful advice, but if you can try to relax a little, that would help you, maybe some meditation or light yoga?  There are reasons for bleeding, some that just are not explained, but luckily it sounds like it is not something intrinsically wrong.

I am not a doctor, but I have heard of people having bleeds for a number of reasons including having sex, having a small cut inside that isn’t healing quite right, having been pregnant with twins (but one of them not being properly formed/growing), and of course the good old “it just happened” with no real explanation why.

Maybe you could look into purchasing a fetal doppler so that you could use it at home?  This might give you additional peace of mind because you could check baby’s heartbeat whenever you felt the need to.

Best of luck with your little one and I hope your fears ease soon!

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I had bleeding also and freaked out ran to the doctor heard the heartbeat and never bleed again.. The doctor told me this can happen sometimes and not to worry or stress out just to try and relax and keep an eye on the bleeding but the main thing was to calm myself. My only advice would be even though i know its hard to calm yourself you have too for yourself and for the baby.. Your baby has a great steady heartbeat and is moving around a lot.. Im sure you guys will be fine…

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this happened to me with my second baby but not with my first.. so because i didnt experience it the first time, i freaked out like no other. my doctor just told me to take it easy for a few days and i did.. i bled for about 5 days or so (something similar to my period, but not as heavy) as long as you arent cramping really bad, or bleeding heavily, it should be fine! my daughter is now 20 months and healthy 😀

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Your situation sounds very similar to mine, except, when I was 14 weeks, I had 2 days where I soaked a pad with bright red blood in 20 minutes, went to the ER first time and they didn’t find anything, followed up at the doctor the second time it happened and the ultrasound the next day showed a SCH.  I never had any cramping, but I did pass some really small clots.  I spotted for 2 weeks after that and my last ultrasound at 17 weeks showed that my SCH had cleared itself up. I’m now 18w 6d 🙂

I think as long as your doc has said HB is good and your cervix is closed then you are fine.  Especially since you’re not having any cramping, because from what I was told, if you were going to miscarry then the cramping would be some crazy pain.  Calm down, drink lots of water, maybe get your iron levels up with an iron supplement or even some steak.  Hope everything clears up soon for you!  Just try not to worry so much, that’s not good for baby either!

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If there was a reason to worry, your doctor would let you know.  I’d be freaked out too, especially if this happened with my first pregnancy (every little thing worried me back then)… but if they’ve checked you and reassured you, then the best thing you can do is find ways to relax.  Try meditation… there’s something called Hypno-birthing that I’m looking into for my next pregnancy and it would not only prepare you for delivery, but also calm you at this stage.  Pregnancy yoga might be calming too. 

I fell down a flight of stairs during my first pregancy.  Had some spotting.  Trust me, I freaked.  I spent a night in the ER and they reassured me that the baby was fine and everything was okay.  It was upsetting, but I now have a beautiful, healthy 11 yr old! 

I also had blood clots from hemorrhoids that I couldn’t see.  Is it possible that you have some internal hemorrhoids? 


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Just sending hugs your way. I know a lot of women who have healthy pregnancies despite bleeding!!! Hugs!!! Deep breaths! Go get a pregnancy massage and/or acupuncture for stress release. It’s not good for you or baby!

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For some women, spotting is normal. I think the internal exams probably added to it (in my first trimester both sex & internal exams/ultrasounds left me with some spotting). Take comfort that the doctor is not concerned & that you’ve heard the heartbeat multiple times. Youre right that you need a way to calm down; the stress you’re putting on yourself is not good for you or the baby. Like a PP mentioned, is there an activity that normally calms you? Is there a prenatal yoga class in your area? My class begins and ends with breathing and relaxation, which is very calming.  We also talk about issues going on with our pregnancies & it’s comforting to know that other women have experienced the same things I have.

Your situation sounds normal and I hope you can find ways to calm yourself.

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