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I’m by no means an expert on gemstones…but $10 sounds fishy to me! I have a sapphire eternity band style ring that my Dad bought for me from an antique shop in my teens. The sapphires are just chips (and not very good quality) and mounted in sterling silver, but the ring cost him over $250. When I was in college I dated a guy with a little bit of money. For Christmas he got me a pair of emerald earings. They were farmed (not natural) and cost him $400.

So yeah…I call bullshit!

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Yes they are synthetic. I’ve purchased some. Don’t buy from most of them, and some of the expensive ones are synthetic too. Perhaps some people have some suggestions as far as purchasing on ebay…

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Go to Pricescope.com and get on the colored stones forum.  There is a list of reputable venders that you can browse through and their links.  If you join the site you could ask the PSers to look for a stone in your budget.  They are super knowledgeable and helpful. You could also look on Loupetroop and diamondbistro too for preloved stones and jewelery.

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I have one of the kashmir blue created sapphires from moissaniteco and it is such a beauty! I know they have pink, too. You should look. Their prices are reasonable as well. 

As far as ebay, natural sapphires are expensive!! Like some can be as much as diamonds. If you are getting a ‘bargain’ you’re getting lab at best, probably glass. Just be selective of your seller for jewelry. I can recommend some personally, if you want. pm me. Just makes sure they have a return policy, if for whatever reason, you’re not satisfied. I generally don’t recommend buying jewelry from overseas. It’s always a bit more of a gamble. You also have ebay’s buyer protection, as well as paypal. 

Here’s my sapphire because sparkly.

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The really cheap ones are still real, but they won’t be good. They’ll likely be included and/or poorly cut. I learned from experience that you get what you pay for with sapphires. We got the stone for my ring from Pristine Gemstone Jewelry and I’m thrilled with it. The fire is stunning due to the expert cut, and the colour is different from anything I’ve seen before. They have lots of pink sapphires, if you want to check them out! http://shop.pristinegemstonejewelry.com/collections/pink-sapphires 

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op…  someone may come across and know one of the sellers if they bought something very recently.  As far as buying off ebay…  I can say from buying some stones myself that were supposed to be ‘sapphire’…  No, they are not real.  No, it does not matter if it states they are ‘mined’.  Yes, the sellers to lie.  Yes, I did take several stones to a gemologist I knew well to examine them.  Yes, 99.9% of them are ‘lab grown’ sapphires.  

That said…  Regardless of what some may feel… Lab grown stones do have a place in the market.  Some lab grown stones can be quite expensive.  They do have a value and are worth something.  They are obviously not worth as much as diamonds.  But, they can run pretty expensive at times just like cubic zircons can run expensive depending on cut, clarity and grade.

If…  And that is a big IF you decide to buy a lab grown sapphire from ebay you may get something very nice.  You take a chance.  You should always get a calibrated stone.  And I mean ALWAYS.  If you do not you are in for a rough ride financially.  You will pay for the jewelers pain.  I myself have a real sapphire that is non calibrated and I had to pay in more ways than one to have it set.

Anyway…  The cut..  You want to pay close attention to the cut especially in sapphires (this includes lab grown).  You want a ‘superior’ or ‘excellent’ cut.  If you do not get a good cut the stone will look as many bees have stated about sapphires in the past ‘dull’ or ‘dirty.’  The cut makes for breaks the sapphire always.  The cut on my stone is ‘superior’ and most  everyone comments or is suprised about the sparkle.  It is due to the cut.

If you can avoid buying a non calibrated stone I would do so…  JTV.com has many gems and ring mounts to choose from that are calibrated   JAMMIN GEMS which is an ebay store also has nice gems to choose from usually and they also have ring mounts and will set the stone for a very low fee.  I’ve bought stuff from JAMMIN GEMS before and I’ve had stones set before by them, they are very nice people located in NYC.

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I have an antique sapphire engagement ring and it was $100 (the $50 for resizing)

my old ring that I use to wear before being engaged was also sapphire and I paid $20, the band was cheap though and snapped but the stone was very similar to my engagement ring just slightly smaller… it was a lovely ring and I wore it everyday for 3 years

sapphires dont have to be expensive, for $0.99-$10 you can pretty much take the chance because even if you dont love it when it arrives, for $1 its not a big deal and if you do love it then you got yourself a great deal

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If you give your budget, shape, size in mm needs, we can take a look. I’m familiar with most reputable sellers and a few will precision cut lab grown sapphire. Post a few pics of your target color.

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 Chatham is one of the most reputable sellers of lab grown stones. I got my morganite from them. This is a seller:

This is a good seller as well!

I personally recommend getting a stone custom cut. Precison cut gems mean you get the absolute best cut. They will find the exact color you are wanting too.

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how much are you looking to spend?

here in the UK you can buy pink heart sapphire rings from recognised places, not to expesive and with warrenty etc… but if your in another country I dont know what import fee would be like

white gold pink sapphire and diamond ring

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Newgirl87 :  So, with your target color being padpadash (pink/peach), one of the top color and thus price, and the budget you have — compromises will be necessary. You seemed soft on size, so I kinda ignored that. 5mm is hard to come by in well-cut stones that are oval. I’ve suggested a lot of spinel, as they are far more affordable at this color than sapphire. They are suitable for daily wear (within reason). Durabality in gemstones would be sapphire, ruby, spinel, topaz. If this is for a pendant…your options widen quite a bit. 

Here are some options, all have compormises:

BlazenGems Peach: http://blazengems.com/retail/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=83_53_55&products_id=740

{no compormises here. Good color, excellent cut, within budget, his photography is not great, but he’ll usually respond to email and send you more photos if he has time}

BlazenGem Pad: http://blazengems.com/retail/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=83_53_54&products_id=735

{round, great color, very rare for montana sapphire, excellent cut, crap photo, just over budget}

Prinstine Gems Peach Spinel: https://www.etsy.com/listing/183620762/padparadscha-color-spinel-alternative-to?ref=shop_home_active_24  & https://www.etsy.com/listing/237892211/padparadscha-color-spinel-cushion-shape?ref=shop_home_active_52

{both are best all around match, if sapphire can be changed to spinel}

Pristine Pink Sapphire: https://www.etsy.com/listing/173460525/pink-purple-sapphire-oval-shpe-loose?ref=shop_home_active_9 (great color, great cut, price tiny over budget)

Pink Spinel: http://www.africagems.com/oval-pink-spinel-g2k-131.html (color close, well-cut, over budget, not a sapphire-still durable)

Pristine Gems Pink Spinel: https://www.etsy.com/listing/231013590/natural-pink-spinel-oval-loose-gemstone?ref=shop_home_active_11 (good color, excellent cut, over budget)

CustomGems: http://www.customgemstones.com/SAPPHIRE/sa1670.html (color close, superb cut, wrong shape, within budget)

Pink/peach Spinel: http://www.ajsgem.com/gemstones/spinel/spinel-0.91-carats.html (color close, maybe more bubblegum, good cut, just in budget}

Peach/pink Spinel: http://www.ajsgem.com/gemstones/spinel/spinel-0.82-carats.html (good color, again more pink, good cut, within budget}

Peach Topaz: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Topaz-Natural-Australian-Topaz-3-mm-Round-brilliant-cut-VS-/232055094859?var=&hash=item36078fbe4b:m:mMjQPLNELCaeUZdno_ats2w {good color match, maybe round, topaz, good cut, likely within budget based on history from seller}

Peach Topaz: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Zircon-natural-Aust-high-refraction-gems-8-x-5-5-mm-oval-1-8-ct-/232049084411?hash=item36073407fb:g:NugAAOSw6n5XsWEp {ok cut, good color, likely wihtin budget, zircon is not as durable as sapphire but will have good sparkle}

PhoenixGems: http://www.ebay.com/itm/262614401317 (good color, great cut, barely oval, ebay may or may not be genuine as I don’t know the seller)

Pink Tourmaline: http://www.ajsgem.com/pink-tourmaline/pink-tourmaline-1.29-carats.html-0 (heart, good color, good cut, but not suitable for daily ring wearing)



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