(Closed) **Please Share your **biggest Regrets** incl photos

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: January 1992

My regret is not having the strawberry soup that was being served at our cocktail hour. Grr.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: May 2012

My regret is that I didn’t give the DJ an entire reception’s worth of songs.  He went off the grid for a while and ended up playing one of my least favorite songs that happens to be like 29 minutes long.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2011

1. When planning my ceremony seating arrangement, it did not occur to me that many of my guests were also wedding day helpers and thus were not seated for the ceremony.  I had 70 chairs with only 2/3 of them filled and when I was walking down the aisle, it seemed as though 1/3 of my guests had decided not to come.  I was pretty disappointed until later when I realized what happened.  It still looks weird in the pictures!

2. We got sooooo off my timeline.  I had planned for an hour for cocktails / taking pictures with family.  Taking pictures with family only ended up taking 15 minutes or so and my ceremony was 10 minutes shorter than expected and somehow, we ended up skipping cocktail hour and going straight to dinner.  Everything was pushed up by an hour and some things were missed.

3. We only invited 2 children to the wedding and they were my flower girl and ring bearer.  They are also my neice and nephew and their parents were in my bridal party.  As I was walking down the aisle, my neice got all freaked out and started scream-crying.  Loudly.  And for a very long time.  Someone eventually took her off, but it really upset me.  I know that I shouldn’t be upset about a 4 year old crying at my wedding, but I really was super duper upset.  The first 5 minutes of my ceremony were spent with this look on my face that is totally my “I’m about to freak out” face.  I wish I had held it together better.  And not invited children! 

I know I look happy in this picture, but I was definitely not and I can tell!

4.  People left much earlier than I expected.  Like, right after dinner.  Which was pushed up an hour.  I expected to leave my wedding no later than 11pm, but we left at 10pm and were asleep in our hotel room by 11pm.


These are my major regrets or disappointments.  However, I have to say that now, 8 months after my wedding, none of these things make my wedding day any less awesome and special to me.  For a little while after the wedding, I was disappointed.  The day is built up with a lot of expectations and nothing can compare to 18 months of dreams and plans.  Things went wrong, things will always go wrong! But after a couple of weeks, the disappointments were overshadowed by the love and happiness I felt that day and the memory of all the things that went perfectly. 

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: February 2010

I had major dress regrets:

    1. I wish I had tried it on and jumped around! of course the dress fit perfectly as long as I stood absolutely still.  I was dead set against any kind of corset or anything that would make the dress feel too stiff. so without all that stuff to hold it up, it sagged when I moved around and the soft boning kind of bulged out around the waist. I kept having to tug it up all night. AND I had to have the photographer photoshop out the bulge! she was happy to do it but still….


      1. I wish I had chosen straps– which also would have helped the dress not sag and I wouldn’t have gotten the dreaded armpit bulge.


        1. I wish I wasn’t so damn nice. my mom is a seamstress and I worried that I would offend her if I didn’t ask her to make my dress. it’s a long story, but I really feel like it would have been so much better if I had just bought a dress. grrrr.

        sorry, not going to post a photo. I don’t want my mom see my post and get offended!

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        Blushing bee
        • Wedding: May 2012

        My biggest regret…not having my mother with me when I went to get my hair done. I wanted to give her a chance to sight-see since she was from out of town and my family had never been to NYC. That was the plan, but then she called me the morning of saying she missed me and wanted to spend more time with me. She just happen to call right as my in-laws were calling panicking and telling us that we needed to get over immediately to help set up. I told my mom I would check and see if she could get a last minute hair appointment, but when we got to the house we got so busy setting up I forgot to check and call her back (we had an at home wedding with less than a month to plan and rain the day before so things were insanely busy). As soon as we stopped and everyone sent me off to get ready, I started crying because I realized that I hadn’t gotten back to her and I REALLY wanted her there with me. She came over to help me with make-up and getting dressed, but I really wish I had been able to spend more time with her.

        Others…(yes, I’m very analytical so I do have a few). I kind of wish I had both of my parents walk me down the aisle or maybe my older brother. I think I was reminded how much of a father figure he was to me after it was too late). I wished I made sure my parents had a table right next to us because they ended up sitting a little out of the way because they knew how important it was that I get family pictures with everyone and they waited to find a table (and the reserved sign I had planned didn’t make it up).

        Let’s see…on a completely different note, I wish I had spent the money on a bra that fit better (not easy to find a 38G strapless bra so I decided it wasn’t worth it). I also wish I had taken time out of the reception/before the reception to fix my hair, pull up my dress, and put on some powder. I think I was relying on someone else to check that for me, and there are some pics that would have been much better with those minor things. Everything really was close to perfect, but there are those things that looking back I wish I could have changed.


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        Bumble bee
        • Wedding: March 2012

        I wish we had put our cheesecakes out for dinner, but we kind of forgot about them until the photographers asked if we were doing a cake cutting.  I also really regret asking one girl to be bridesmaid.  She caused me nothing but grief leading up the wedding and then she showed up drunk off her ass for pictures (before the wedding).  After we got our professional pics back, I went off on her and we haven’t spoken since.  

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        Sugar Beekeeper
        • Wedding: June 2011

        I regret cheaping out on my cake.  I went to a bakery with great reviews with this inspiration photo, and was quoted I think $350 for a 3 tier 6, 8, 10 cake.  I wanted bigger and another tier, and the next size up for 4 tier was an additional 12 inch layer for 100 more.

        I didnt think it was worth it of course, and ended up at a chinatown bakery with a 4 tier 16, 14, 12, 8.  Great big size, delicious, plenty to feed everyone… but I was so disappointed at how it looked.  Given the same inspiration picture, they gave me this.  (I gave the OK to make the cake round, but nothing else looked like the insiration still)

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        Bumble bee
        • Wedding: March 2012

        A few:

        • I was so excited to walk down the aisle, I walked before I was supposed to and missed hub’s favorite part of the song.  I really regret that.
        • I regret telling the DJ to play some songs for the older folks early in the evening, I think some people were bored and left early because of it.
        • I regret not changing back into my wedding shoes after I changed into dancing shoes for the father/daughter dance.  I have very few pics with my wedding shoes on.
        • I regret renting lounge furniture, no one used it.

        This is all nitpicky stuff and really doesn’t matter but I have definitely wasted time thinking about it.

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        Honey bee
        • Wedding: February 2011

        I wish I had taken more pictures with my family. I have some good typical “family shots” but not really any with just my sister or just my mom. I have NONE with my brothers. I just wish I had more candid shots of those moments.

        I also totally regret not making it to every table to say hello. we really tried but just didn’t time everything correctly…probably because we were too busy eating haha.

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        Bumble bee
        • Wedding: November 2011

        I wish it would not have been so windy so I could have worn my veil!

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        Bumble bee
        • Wedding: April 2012

        I wish my photographer had taken a full length shot of just me on my wedding day.  I also wish I had directed her on my detail shots, but at least I can do them again.

        I was also disappointed that no one really signed my guest book.  In hindsight, I should have just made the photobooth album my guest book.

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        Sugar Beekeeper
        • Wedding: June 2011

        @louisianablue:  I wish my photographer had taken a full length shot of just me on my wedding day.

        Yes… that too for me.  I dont have a single full nice posed shot of the front of my dress without my huge bouquet in front of me.  And the detailing on the front of m dress was my favorite part! 

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        Busy bee
        • Wedding: September 2012

        Thank you so much to all the brides who have posted here – I know the OP intention was a little different, but it has been pretty eye opening to read what people regret – some reaffirm things that are important to me that family are trying to overide, and some are things I hadn’t thought about. Just wanted to say thanks for the honesty and emotion in these posts. Your regrets will not go unheeded by other brides, thanks for that.

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