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Helper bee

Some of these are too funny!

I haven’t had my wedding yet and hopefully won’t have anything major to post. I don’t think any of the “minor” (in my eyes of course!) mishaps posted about here would affect me so much, me being happy-go-lucky and all.


I think I’d LOL if the cake crashed to the ground (in fact I’d try to salvage some for me to eat later if no one else was interested) but I’d definitely freak out if the photographer lost the photos!


I think most of these can be prevented by delegating some of the responsibilities to trusted people, so that the bride and groom can have fun at their own wedding instead of worrying whether there are enough cupcakes to around or whether the DJ hasn’t messed up the music!


This was a great post- I hope Bees continue adding to the list to help brides-to-bee!!!

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  • Wedding: September 2014

I got married kind of really soon after beginning to plan… the timing just made sense in terms of family flying in and my breaks from school. I didn’t have so much of a say in details and I didn’t really mind, I am grateful that I had so much help with everything. Because of ther lack of time and budget, I didn’t get anything similar to my dream dress. I would want a strait or form fitting dress. I ended up with something a-line and poofy. Also, my bouquet, which I was told would be ivory/pinkish ended up kind of green. I get sad about the dress and bouquet but the whole point is the marriage, right? And I did, along with everyone else involved, have a blast at the wedding. 


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  • Wedding: September 2015

 commenting to save this amazing thread

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  • Wedding: August 2014

Commenting to save.  I will definately want to re-read this before my August wedding! Thanks ladies ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: May 2013

I figured that I would bring this back since we are now entering wedding season!  My wedding was just about a year ago.  While it was an absolutely gorgeous day (rain all week and then sunny and warm the day of), some things didn’t go as planned!


*My Mother-In-Law was asked to be there early for our 6 pm ceremony.  She finally arrived close to 20 min late To the start of the ceremony (of course we waited for her), so that really screwed up the timeline.  It still annoys me to think about it.  If I could go back in time, I would have had my husband pick her up And bring her himself!


* we rented a bus for our out of town guests, for some reason…the driver went way out of the way to another venue, luckily-a friend of mine realized and put him on track.  Ha, those guests still beat my Mother-In-Law


* one of my main goals was to not spend a lot of money on flowers.  I had the venue recycle the ceremony flowers (hydrangeas) and put them on half the reception tables.  The other tables were candle center pieces.  The venue did just that, except failed to take off the water tubes and put WATER in the vases.  Poor things were wilting so fast


*due to our delayed start, photos of the bridal,party were rushed. We got a good many, but only with one backdrop (and we were at a gorgeous country club)


* general timeline- we had 4 Hours built in and the time started after the ceremony.  We added on 30 min, but we should have done an hour looking back. It flies by, but I think that we could have easily stayed and danced longer!




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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2014

I love this thread! So much to learn from! Thank you all!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2014


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  • Wedding: October 2013 - Dalhousie Castle

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randombee:  I’ve got two. The first is that I didn’t ask someone to save me a couple of the appetisers. I guess they were tasty, because they were all gone by the time the photos were over. 

The second is that I wish I had gone for a more simple hairstyle. The curls looked lovely at the start of the day, but had gone a little limp after 8 hours in the heat. Also, I have so much hair that the weight pulled the whole thing down a bit over time and the hair pins were a bit itchy. 

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: March 2014

I don’t have any pictures, but I only regret a few things and they are pretty minor.

  1. I regret not being more firm with my alterations lady when it came to altering my dress. She didn’t take it in as much as I needed and she forgot the hooks in the back, so my dress slid down and gave me some really obvious back fat rolls. It’s all I can see in most of our wedding photos. 
  2. We didn’t get as many candid shots as I wanted. 
  3. I regret not breaking my shoes in more before the wedding. 
  4. I regret not going around to speak to our guests more. I needed to eat and I feel like some people were probably offended that I didn’t spend more time mingling. 
  5. I wish we had budgeted more for a nicer honeymoon. We could only really swing two nights in a hotel room a mile away, and we both really wanted to go to the mountains. Several things came up leading to the wedding, so we didn’t have the money to go away for a while. 
  6. I don’t really remember most of the day. I was so busy running around (my Maid/Matron of Honor tried to handle everything, but people were still buzzing around me all day long) that most of it is a blur. 

In the grand scheme of things though, none of this really mattered that much or ruined the day.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: March 2014

I held my bouquet for all our posed family photos and it just looks kind strange and hid the beautiful belt I was wearing. It’s not a huge thing but now I can’t get it out of my head every time I look at the photos ๐Ÿ™ As gorgeous as it was the darn thing was heavy too ๐Ÿ˜‰


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  • Wedding: May 2013

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goingtotherooftopoflove:  ah yes, the whole holding the bouquet thing.  I realized as I was a about to turn to walk down the main part of the aisle that mine was way too high, so I quickly moved it down.  It makes me laugh a bit when I look at photos.  

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: March 2014

I wish I had spent less money on my dress. I spent a little extra because “this is my special day”, but I wore it for a few hours and a less expensive dress would have been equally nice in photos.  Now I have an expensive dress just sitting in my closet, and I can’t sell it because of sentimental attachment.  

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2013

Regret 1: I wish I’d drunk more water and less booze during the wedding. A lot less booze.

Regret 2: Before the ceremony I tried taking my dress back off to go to the bathroom (I thought it’d be easier to just remove it entirely), but forgot that my bra was strapped into the dress. I ended up with a thick fold of fabric under the bust that I couldn’t figure out how to get smooth. It stayed there for ALL of the pictures.

Regret 3: I’d booked a spa before the wedding which had a limit of 5 people. I just invited family and 2 of my bridesmaids, the ones who had thrown me parties. Without telling me, my family ended up giving their spots to some of the bridesmaids during the rehearsal dinner. So then it looked like I picked half to join me and not others. When the others joined us, it looked and felt pretty bad.

That said, I think the only thing that really matters is that you don’t regret the person you married.

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  • Wedding: August 2013 - Rocky Mountains USA

Our wedding was nearly perfect and for being like 3 days of almost entirely DIY events, I think we did a pretty great job pulling it off.  That said, I do have a few regrests – I definitely don’t dwell on them at all though.

– We did DIY booze (beer and wine) and ran out of white wine during the cocktail hour!  Eek.  At an outdoor summer wedding.  Eek.  Oh well, there was plenty of red wine and several kinds of beer.

– My mom had volunteered to clear our stuff out of the bridal suite before midnight per the rental agreement – we thought it would just take like 10 minutes.  Well a TON of things got put in there (all the wedding setup leftovers) so she and a couple friends spent over an hour cleaning it all out – on my wedding night when she should have just been having fun!  I was so bummed when I heard that, like “MOM we could have just paid to rent it for another day!”  Poor momma.

– I didn’t really test my dress in bright light and I think it was a little sheer, so I think my Spanx stuff looked like a slightly different color as the rest of me.  Ugh.  It’s not noticeable in most pictures so hopefully it wasn’t very obvious.

– Our photographer did an amazing job and I would (and have) recommended her in a heartbeat.  That said, it’s literally impossible to get every single photo you would have wanted.  I don’t have a great closeup one of my holding my bouquet, or a full-body shot of my bridal look, or a pic of our hands with our rings.  Oh well, we did get over 1000 photos and I absolutely treasure them.

White wine, you left us much too early!

See the weird darker area starting at my waist?  :S

Best me-and-bouquet shot… I would have loved the classic bride-holding-bouquet closeup shot.

My biggest piece of advice on this subject, because things are guaranteed to go wrong.  Set yourself a deadline past which you WILL NOT CARE about anything that goes wrong.  I spent 3 hours that morning helping set up and organizing dozens of people and being kinda stressed.  I decided that once I sat down for hair and makeup, after that I would just be 100% happy and not give a shit about anything that might go wrong.  Sure enough… “White wine’s gone?  Fuck it!  Mom was all stressed in the bridal suite?  Oh well!  It’s my wedding day bitches, wheeeeeeee!!!!”  Best day ever ๐Ÿ™‚

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