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I had a regular gym membership for YEARS and I struggled to get in on any kind of a regular basis, and when I did, I was usually bored and hating every second of it.  When I first discovered crossfit (best friend became a trainer) I was convinced I could never do it– but a few years (and lots of wasted money on a gym I wasn’t using) later– I finally gave it a shot. Now I LOVE IT! 

I look forward to my workouts, and I enjoy watching myself beat my previous records. I seriously NEVER expected to be an exercise nut, but when it comes to Crossfit I am.  

That, plus a healthy paleo inspired (focusing on fresh natural foods) diet and I am looking and feeling better than I ever have. 

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Portion Size Control. America has WAAAAAY too big of serving sizes at restaurants and fast food. Cut your portion sizes and only eat when you’re hungry to nourish your body, not pleasure it with taste. Yes, that is hard to do as food is associated with pleasure in our society. This has helped me drop and maintain those last few pesky pounds!

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Other than what PP’s say, I actually lost weight using my wiifit everyday.  I used it until my cardiobarre work out arrived then switched whcih is even better.  I swear by kashi golean bars.  I probably at one point was a little bit unhealthy with them, but even eating properly and incorporating them worked well. 

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i agree with most everything said on here.  From November 2010 to January 2012 I lost 55lbs (down 62 from my heaviest).  One of the biggest things that has helped me is not eating so late in the evening.  I tend to eat dinner EARLY (like before 6pm) most nights, and often times even before I go to the gym.  If I get hungry before bed I’ll have a big glass of water and a very small snack. This has really helped.  I find I gain weight (even if it is just bloat) if I go to bed after having a big meal.

Another thing that has really helped me is weighing myself everyday and writing it  down.  This helped me see progress and let me see if my weight was trending up.  By looking at this I was able to fix things before I gained a lot of weight back.  This is not for everyone, and many people will say DON’T weigh yourself everyday, but it worked for me.

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I’ve really enjoyed My Fitness Pal…while it hasn’t encouraged me to eat 100% healthier, it’s incredibly eye opening to see all of the calories I’m consuming. It’s been a very helpful tool for monitoring food and promoting moderation.

I also am a big advocate for switching up your workout routine. I used to always just put in my obligatory 45 minutes on the elliptical, but I realized I wasn’t pushing myself or seeing results. I started going to daily 1 hour fitness classes 5x a week–the intense cardio/weights/boot camp style classes. I thought I was working hard before, but I realized I was not pushing myself when I was working out solo. I was just going through the motions. Being in a group pushes me much harder for longer amounts of time, keeps me from giving up, and there’s a great group energy…plus, people notice if you skip 🙂 

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I have been on a journey the past 4 years (well my whole life if I’m honest)  trying to fix my metabolism and control my crazy cravings. It’s taken a lot of patience and persistance but I have finally figured out what works for me! 

Try not to eat between meals. Every time you eat your insulin rises slowing the fat burning process right down. If you are constantly snacking (even on good things) you never go into fat burning mode.

Try to only eat one serving of carbs per day – preferably at breakfast or lunch time rather than dinner. Carbs such as sweet potato or quinoa are much better than a big bowl of pasta.

Fruit although better than candy is still sugar! Don’t eat too much!

Track track track! You will be surprised how many calories you eat per day when you are actually accountable. It also stops you from mindlessly eating.

Eat lots of protein!

Eat lots of veges!

Drink water!


It’s so so wonderful not being a slave to food anymore 🙂


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Not being scared of fat/protein has really helped me. I feel full & satisfied faster, and I just naturally don’t eat as much as when I’m loading up on carbs. I also find that drinking soda water with a squeeze of lemon/lime instead of “bored snacking” generally helps me avoid eating when I’m not actually hungry.

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@MM423:  My Fitness Pal has been huge for me! It is def. an eye opener for me…there are def days where I am 200 or even 300 calories over what I should’ve eaten…but it is definitly an eye-opener for me as far as being aware of what I’m eating! Since I started My Fitness Pal and became aware of how much I am eating..I’ve lost 8 pounds in 3 months! (152 down to 144)

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I love myfitnesspal!!

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Lots of walking. Easy when u have a dog. 

I also use an app on my iPhone called “my fitness pal” which allows u to records what u eat and the exercise you do. It gives you a target calorie count for the day based on how much weight you want to lose. It’s brilliant for making you realise those healthy snacks really add up. 

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