(Closed) Please tell me about your induction. Scheduled mine and am FREAKING OUT.

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is_a_belle :  How far along are you now? 40 weeks? So you’ll be induced at 41? Honestly a lot could change in a week and you could even go naturally before then which is obviously best case scenario. But if Friday rolls around and you go in to be induced, try not to worry. I know it isn’t what you planned, but as long as mama and baby are healthy and happy that’s all that matters in the end. 


I had to be induced due to polyhydramnios (I had way too much amniotic fluid which wasn’t allowing baby to engage and also put me at higher risk of cord prolapse). 


My OB induced me at 39 weeks but I actually went into labor on my own a few hours after being admitted in the hospital. My OB still broke my water and I needed a small dose of pitiful to help regulate my contractions. I had terrible, terrible back labor and eventually got an epidural (HEAVEN!). Then I started pushing and 30 minutes later my baby boy was born! It honestly was not a bad experience at all. But I wasn’t starting from scratch, I was already dilated and very effaced (I had a short cervix from 21 weeks on, so I was on bed rest half of my pregnancy). 


The moral of of the story is, breathe, relax, you’re going to have your baby in your arms soon and at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter how (natural, induced, epidural, c-section,etc). Congratulations! 🙂

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I was in the same boat. I was so calm and excited for a natural birth but my Cervix long and closed at 40 +5. By 40 + 10 I hadn’t effaced at all but had dilated a fingertip. I was scheduled for an induction on 40 + 11 and like you was terrified. The midwife attempted a stretch and sweep (my 4th) on 40 +10 and was pretty vigorous – not the most pleasant experience but I went in to labour naturally an hour later! Ended up with an incredible, speedy natural birth and was delighted.

Things can change very quickly so there’s every chance you won’t need the induction. Or they may be able to break your water which will be enough to bring on labour without the drugs which is supposed to make it more bearable.

Saying that a friend of mine just delivered an 11lb baby naturally after being induced nd had a great experience. It can vary so much and I very much believe a hue part of it is down to your mental state – the more panicked you are the more likely you are to need intervention. Relax and quite often things happen quicker. (I know this isn’t always the case but in my experience it seems to be!)

At the time I was so worried about medical intervention but honestly in hindsight I realise that there are more important things. You do what you got to do to get the baby out safely and if that’s an epi or a c-section you do it, and you recover. It’s not the end of the world and it’s still a massive achievement! 

Best of luck!!

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Both of my girls were inductions. I did have an epidural, but that was my plan all along anyway. My first labor was 9 hours start to finish and the 2nd labor was 6.5 hours. I had no problems at all and since I have nothing to compare it to I have nothing bad to say about it. I am pregnant with my 3rd currently and don’t know if I will be induced, but having had it twice, Im comfortable if that’s what it ends up as. 

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is_a_belle :  Not me but a friend of mine just had a baby girl and she was induced at 41 wks 2 days I believe.  It’s her first baby.  

Her cervix was also not softening, and it ended up being a 40+ hour labor for her.  She did end up having an epidural, because it was taking so long that she told me she “didn’t have anything left” by that point.  

It was a big baby, especially for her–Pre-pregnancy, my friend was like 110 pounds, maybe, and her little girl was 8lbs 4 oz.  Amazingly though she had almost no tearing and only had a couple of stitches.  She told me she didn’t do prenatal yoga but she went to the gym to do weights and walked more than a mile every day.  Definitely inspires me to go exercise more!  

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I had to be induced due to waters breaking early, I was terrified after hearing horror stories too

However it wasnt tooo bad

From the moment the drip went up until the moment everything was out was five hours

Im not going to lie the pain was baaaad because it was all in my back, but the pain didnt start until a good while in, a few hours. Lots of gas and air and a shot of pethedine was all I had pain wise. My body took over and my brain shut down so I dont remember anything from the pain Starting until I got the urge to push. It took me 25 minutes to push, I had an episiotomy and there he was on my chest. As soon as he was out the pain went away.

I wasnt allowed to move much due to monitoring and medication going through my iv line but I was allowed to bounce on my birthing ball which was amazing 

Its not what I had planned for the birth either but all in all it wasnt the worst thing that I could have gone through

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is_a_belle :  I had one, I won’t say that it’s more painful because I do think that all of it is painful (natural or pitocin).  But the problem in my experience is that you’re stuck at the hospital from the beginning.  Most people who go into labor naturally haven’t had their waters broken fully (which makes the pain worse) and can get up to 3-4cm or even 5cm without too much pain.  I mean, most women aren’t admitted until approx. 4cm.  When you’re induced it’s pretty much horrible painful from the beginning since they will probably break your water (though not always, but it helps to speed things along).  So the worst part is that you’re stuck at the hospital being monitored.  So if they don’t like something, they can ask you to lay in bed so you don’t get the freedom to do whatever you want to relieve the pain.  So yes, I needed to get the epidural because I was in awful pain and I was only 2cm along .  They didn’t really like her heartbeat so I was forced to stay on one side only- don’t see any way you can get through the pain when that is all you’re able to do.  Hence the epidural.  So I wasn’t a fan of the induction process, but I having done it all I think the epidural is awesome.  My labor went pretty well and sped up after my epidural.  So while it started at 7am it was over by 8:30pm.  I was 41weeks and only started at a fingertip dilated and maybe 50% effaced with NO prelabor or anything. Nothing.

Try not to worry too much yet, you still have a whole week.  You can go from 0cm to in labor in hours. If you have to be induced, so be it.  You’ll get through it and it probably won’t really matter in the end. 

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is_a_belle :  First, let me reassure you when I say that you can be shut up completely, and still go into labor naturally, whereas, you can be effaced and dialated for a month (ahem, me), and still may need an induction.  

My induction was set at 41 weeks.  At 40 weeks and 6 days, my contractions were strong enough that I went in on my own.  I was excited to NOT have to do the induction….except, I was not dialating, so I was administered pitocin (which also stalled my labor, but that is another story for another day!).  

No matter which way you labor, it will be painful.  Did I love my l&d story? To this day, no, I do not.  Was it because I went thru the induction process technically?? No, it was not.  I had many, many curveballs thrown at me throughout the entire process, which led me to this conclusion:

It is great to plan as much as you can for what will be one of the hardest and greatest moments in your life, but expect the unexpected!  Do not give yourself anxiety over an induction, because you may not need one, or you may, and can still give birth with as little interventions as you can.  

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i was induced at 36w, 6 days. I went into a non-stress test (IVF baby) and it turns out baby’s heart was deceling during contractions i didn’t know i was having.

i was induced on friday night at 8pm, and they gave me an epidural also.  like you, i wanted a natural birth.  at the time i didn’t know i could have declined the epidural, but in retrospect, i was happy to have it since i had been hooked up to monitores since thursday morning and was exhausted.  the epidural allowed me to sleep .

i have nothing to compare it to, but i didn’t think it was a bad experience.  i would have liked to get up and change positions to push.  baby’s heart was most happy when i was on my right side, so my right hip hurt immensely after laying on it for so long. 

when i started pushing, i could feel my contractions and i knew when to push. i was told some people need to be told when to push.  i felt everything.  but i guess the pain was muted a little (again i can’t compare to natural, since this is all i know).

after baby arrived, he was taken to the NICU, i wanted to go immediately.  they said i had to wait until i could stand on my own.  i told the nurse i could and she didn’t beleive me. finally i said get a wheelchair. i can stand and i HAVE to pee.  she got me up slowly.  she told me to put one foot down and bare weight.  she was surprised i could feel it.  i told her i could even stand on 1 foot.  i demonstrated, although it was only for a second.  i walked to the bathroom, peed, and then they wheeled me to the nicu so i could see my son.


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I got induced as I had a water pop and they were concerned about infection gettin in. No epidural here (I said no because I’m terrified of needles) I did get morphine – heaven! 

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I was induced at 39 weeks and my cervix was not favorable. It did take 30+ hours. They started with cytotec and pitocin, which was really slow going and took all damn day. I won’t lie, it was very frustrating.

That night they turned everything off and let me sleep, and in the morning I was dilated enough for her to break my water. Shit got real after that lol. I ended up getting the epidural at 7 cm which was heavennnnnnnnnn. Honestly I don’t know how I would have made it otherwise, I had all back labor with pitocin which was pretty awful. But my actual delivery was calm and quiet and only took 10 minutes of pushing. I would totally get the epidural again.

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I won’t tell you my full story but yeah, inductions suck not gonna lie. I went the FULL 42 weeks and cried when my doctor scheduled an induction.  I too wanted a “natural” birth and had even considered a home birth, which my husband promptly talked me out of.  So all I have to say is, you have to remember that the biggest thing is that at the end of it…whatever happens, you want your baby to be okay.  I can’t stress this enough, once he or she is here safely that’s ALL that matters. You said you picked your doc because she doesn’t believe in unnecessary medical intervention so I’d say trust her. It may not be ideal, but now I see my 3 yo running around and can’t imagine if she wasn’t here.  And it doesn’t matter what it took to get her here safely.

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