(Closed) Please tell me I'm not the only 29 year old getting noticeable wrinkles…..

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I’m 33, but my face is holding up fairly well. I have some fine wrinkles, but they don’t bother me. I drink lots of water (about a gallon a day), and I always wear sunblock. Find a moisturizer that works well for your skin, and that should help reduce the look of wrinkles as well. 

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Blushing bee

FantasticFawn :  Same…being brown helps a little I think? That’s what I tell myself anyway!

I just turned 30 and my skin isn’t looking like a teen anymore or anything haha but I’ve been wearing sunscreen, using oils, drinking lots of water etc. and I find that helps it to look it’s best. I’m not against botox at all but want to put it off as long as I can.

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Sugar bee

Eh, I happen to think that it’s mostly genetics no matter what you do.I am 38 and don’t have a wrinkle or forehead crease in sight and that’s without lots of sunscreen.At end of day, you gotta get outside help (like botox).

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fromatoz :  Two of my friends recently told me they started Botox a few months ago and I was shocked! I just thought they had great skin. When it’s done well, you can’t even notice other than having better skin!

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So I started using preventitive Botox (for my forehead only) at 30 years old like FantasticFawn mentioned and for the reasons you described, OP. I’ve also done Radiesse and Juvaderm for marionette lines and smile lines (typically once every 2 years) since my early 30’s. I use castor oil, Retin-A, and argan oil on my face along with retinol for my eyes (ROC brand)–I’ve been doing this regimen since my mid/late 30’s. I stopped tanning in booths at 27 and, for the most part, outside, too (ugh..whoops). These are the results (this is not a touched up picture and I took it about 3-4 months ago). I’ve noticed the area under my eyes is “sinking” a little (and crinkles when a smile a little) so for my wedding I had some injectables there, too. But the effects disappeared within 6 months and I’d only consider doing those for special occasions. I don’t have the frozen face look, can still move my eyebrows just fine, and my Darling Husband has no idea. 🙂 Yet. The best news is that I haven’t had to increase any dosage and I’ve been able to go longer and longer between injections since my muscles have definitely relaxed. I only get 1 session every 5-6 months. At 29, all hope is not lost and things can be reversed!! Good habits can start now. I’m now 41:



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Busy bee
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I might get a smidge of botox around my eyes in October with my SIL who is a die hard botox person. I only want a teeny bit though. I don’t have a ton of wrinkles but my eyes crease up when I smile so after I do my makeup there are pretty obvious crows feet after an hour of so of smiling. The concealer just sinks right it. I have been obsessing over it lately so I would rather not worry about it on my weddng day!

In search of a good night cream and eye cream.

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Helper bee

I am such a fan of Botox. I started going a year ago when my friend told me she went for her brows to get more of a lift/arch, of which I naturally have none. Then I noticed one faint expression line in my forehead and got that fixed up too. Not one single person has ever noticed or commented, but I do get comments all the time about how amazing my eyebrows are. Botox is a game changer. 

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yep! I’m 29, very pale, no tanning/sunning since I was 16-ish, no smoking, & I have noticed a few wrinkles (aka the 11’s) going straight up/down my forehead in between my eyebrows… Probably from furrowing my eyebrows constantly out of frustration LOL! I get alot of WTF moments at work- like multiple times a day…  I started using a sample of the wrinkle repair serum from exuviance and felt like it worked a little, but I have also been hyper aware of the annoyed faces I make now & try to tone em down a little! I’m too young for wrinkles & I don’t even have kids yet!

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I’m 47 and live in the South and am at the beach a few times a week to swim. I use sunscreen every single day and I also have dark skin naturally. I wear a moisturizer or BB cream and I totally swear by Origins Plantscriptions eye treatment. I have used it as an eye cream twice a day for years and i even use a little on my lines. It’s magical. (Excuse the pic- I just took it here in the office and I didn’t wear any BB cream today. Just meant to illustrate that this cream gets rid of lines.)

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fromatoz :  I’m 33 and no visible wrinkles yet. Always, always wear sunscreen on your face! I also follow a pretty consistent skin care routine. Maybe see a dermatologist and ask for suggestions? I use a vit c serum during the day, a high quality moisturizer, retinol at night, and periodic AHA peels. Sounds like a lot, but it woris for me.

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I’m 32 and have noticed 11 lines between my eyebrows. I’ve considered botox but Fiance is against the idea. 🙁

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fromatoz :  Yup. I first started noticing fine lines around my eyes at the age of 28, so began using the No7 Protect and Perfect intense serum, eye cream, day cream, and night cream. It’s fairly inexpensive compared to other anti aging products here in the UK (it’s often on offer – 3 for the price of 2, which is when I tend to stock up) and I think it has definitely made a difference. I’m 31 now and I was asked for ID when buying a bottle of wine the other day! I do have typically British fair skin but I suffer from hormonal melasma, so I wear at least factor 30 (factor 50 through the summer months) on my face everyday, even if I’m going to be indoors all day. I do feel and look better with a tan, but UV really aggravates my melasma so I have to be careful! I also have slightly oily skin which I think ages a little better than dry skin. 

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yup. sorry some of you didn’t heed the warning about tanning. I’m 40 and barely have any lines. (I have zero lines when my face is at rest.) people who find out my age for the first time always remark about it.

my mom talked me into putting sunscreen on my face every day since I was 13. and I have “redhead type” skin, smoked moderately in my 20s-30s, grew up in the desert, am outdoors a lot, and never wear hats! so yeah…. sunscreen really does work. 

Edit: sorry, I’m totally not trying to rub it in! I’m just trying to convey a message. it’s not too late to start sunscreen any time in life, at least it can help with further aging. oh, and I’ve been using retin-a cream for the past two years, so that’s my other beauty secret. 

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