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warmsoul1101:  From puberty up until I was 21, I always had a bit of a tummy, no matter how hard I worked out. For the longest, I just thought my body was made that way and I never thought I’d have a flat stomach. My issue wasn’t overall weight loss, though I have experienced it (went from 150lbs to 130lbs over time), but all I really cared about was my troublesome belly. I had always had some digestive issues, and I learned that part of the issue was that I didn’t eat enough fiber, so a lot of the times my intestines were just full, causing me to have that bloated look. 

After incorporating more fiber into my diet (which is something I still struggle with) I probably went from 150lbs to 140-145lbs. From there, I attempted to eat better just for the sake of being healthy. I used to snack on a ton of crap (lots of sweets, from baked goods to juices, and your usual snack foods like chips and crackers) without giving it a second thought. I would eat when I was bored or sad, not even stopping to think about whether or not I was actually hungry. Once I realized that, I made a conscious effort to only eat when I’m actually hungry, aside from a few small treats here and there. I don’t eat just to be doing something, and I rarely turn to food for comfort. I also snack healthier by eating more fruits and veggies, nuts, trail mix rather than processed things. I now weigh 130-135lbs since making an effort to eat better, without changing my exercise habits. 

I still eat “bad” things too, but in moderation. My fiancé has also been a very good influence on my diet, as he has a few dfietary restrictions. He eats all organic and stays away from a lot of processed foods, so living together forced me to cook healthier for the both of us. 

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I lost 20 lbs , ( 5’7″/ 165 lbs down to 145lbs) by using MFP app to track calories, drinking way more water, treadmill 30 to 60 minutes 5 days a week, and not eating anything between dinner and bedtime. Good Luck Bee!!!!

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KC-2722:  I lost 15 pounds.  All of a sudden after 5 months of being married I gained 10 pounds. And we hadent even gone on our honeymoon yet. I had already be fairly active but then i started counting my calories. Tried to eat healthy,switched to wine only, drink almond milk now.and eat more salad, fruit, and nuts more then meat. Trying to keep.it low carb with occasional indulgences. I started cycling. And I think thats when I really started burning the calories. I also started running a mile more here and there. I also tried to do juillian Michaels, six pack abs. That really helped too. Lots of ab works out.  I also ended up with an active job this summer. But that made me cut down on my workouts. Then I started the les mills girt class for six weeks! Im in a slump now that its so dark here in alaska and my jobs schedule is all over the place. Before my wedding I got to 134 .But then went from 142 to 125. Im 5’2. Athletic curvy build. Now im trying to stay there. 

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Pre-planning is very very very useful.  Every Sunday I prep for my meals throughout the week so that I dont have an excuse to pick up fast food since I can just warm up food when i get home.  I grill chicken and cook some veggies and preportion everything.  I occasionally have a really rich chocolate pudding as a treat or eat something that is from outside but I always track it all so I dont lose momentum.  I also exercise 5 times a week for 20 minutes. I do primarily the elliptical on a program where the resistance goes up.

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Portion control. Stick to fresh or frozen veggies and fruits (limit starchier ones though), lean proteins, complex carbs, and healthy fats. Use healthier cooking oils, olive oil or coconut oil, or better yet, cook with low sodium broth. Drink lots of water.

Avoid added sugars, simple carbs, processed foods, alcohol, and dairy. 

I eat the same 10 or so things whenever I’ve needed to lose weight. Chicken breasts, hard boiled eggs, salad greens, oatmeal, quinoa, black beans, berries, carrots, tomatoes, hummus…peanut butter, almonds, and avocado in moderation. I use salsa or just a plain salad vinegar for my salads.

Earlier this year I had some residual baby weight I still needed to lose, I’m 5’3 and went from 130 to 112 in about 2 months with the above eating habits and some light exercise. I’m now 110, although I added dairy and the occasional glass of wine back into my diet. And of course I have indulgences. It would be virtually impossible for me to eat like this long term if I didn’t let myself relax and truly enjoy food every once in a while. I also workout 3 times a week for 60-90 min a session.

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cjfarborist:  I started seeing one like yours the previous month. However, the cost was too high for me and I really got no specific piece of advice and saw no results, so I quit her….. Do you mind sharing a few tips of yours with me?

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Having my wisdom teeth removed.

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As another comment mentioned, watching what you eat is just as important as the exercise part- if not more.  I would never restrict myself to only eating this, this, and this every day.  I try to change up my recipes all the time so I don’t get tempted to binge.  I find really great healthy recipes on Pinterest.  I also follow the Beachbody Blog for interesting recipe ideas and fitness tips.  Their workouts are awesome too. I love p90x3!


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vally88:  sure.  I think for me the accountability has been huge.  I write down what I eat, not to count calories, but to see where I am going wrong or right and we reflect on the past week.  

She really helps me discover what works for me and what doesn’t.  I went on a Chobani flip kick and she put a quick stop to that.  And I went on a granola bar kick and we found the pattern of deciding that eating granola bars regularly led I me feeling like I could add in sugar to other places and I had stopped losing weight.

So I guess she is super helpful in getting me to recognize bad eating patterns on my own and realizing that I need to change them.  

She also has me check in mentally before each meal and realize how my emotions might be controlling my eating.

I absolutely love it.  I’m losing slowly but surely and I feel like my changes are lifelong and healthy.

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I lost 10lbs by just reducing my calories.

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warmsoul1101:  I love Insanity – Shaun T is so motivating! But I also mix in just running (it helps me clear my head) and weight lifting. My motivation is simple, I want to look good and be strong; I want to look good for myself and my Fiance. On top of that we do cosplay at SDCC each year so making sure we look good in our various costumes is a must! When it comes to losing weight, I am a firm believed that it resides in your eating habits. Our diet consists of loads of veggies and meats (usually chicken and extra lean turkey mixing in the leaner cuts of beef) and only whole wheat for our breads and pastas. No cheese (the exception being feta), sugar or salt or butter; and only natual foods – i.e. nothing processed. On a typical day this is our meal plan (we do 5 small meals about 300-400 calories each):

Oatmeal with 1/3 cup of berries with cinnamon for taste

Breakfast sandwich: 1/2 a whole wheat english muffin, one fried egg and one piece of turkey bacon.

1 apple and a turkey sandwich: one piece of whole wheat bread, spicy brown mustard, oven roasted turkey and lettuce.

Green salad: lettuce, carrots, red onion, bell pepper and celery.

Dinner we usually mix it up, with the colder weather our go-to is chili: 1 can of black beans, one can of kidney beans and one can of pinto beans; extra lean ground turkey, jalapenos, bell pepper, red onion, galic and salsa.

The only things we drink are water, coffee (black or maybe with a bit of stevia) orange juice, tequilla and wine. Never eat after 8pm. And try to drink around 6-10 liters of water throughout the day. We only cook with olive oil. We do mix in healthy fats like avocados and nuts. Since we don’t use salt or sugar or butter we use lots of fresh and dried herbs to season our foods like garlic, pepper, cayenne, crushed red pepper, rosemary, thyme, oregeno, basil, cilantro, etc.

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I’ve lost 25 lbs so far (have 10-15 to go to get to my happy weight!) and I’ve focused on less wine () and limit most of my carbs to breakfast time (half bagel, fat free cream cheese, and a banana). Lunch and dinner I stick to chicken or turkey and fruit/veggies! As I try to kick this plateau, I’m going to be cutting out more sugar and fat. I lift 6 days a week and run 3-4. Hope this helps! 

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i’ve lost 160 pounds throught healthy eating and exercise. Seriously, I kept switching everything up. I started off by just walking, and as I got healthier I started pushing my limits more. I highly reccommend T25 and Jilliam michaels 30 day shred–those are what I did when I didn’t wanna drive to the  gym. With eating–I just made sure to stay below a certain number of calories (and this number varied depending on my weight. Use a caluclator online to find out what you need. Food wise, I just tried to eat smaller portions and healthier. Less fast food and I cut out regular soda completely. I also used to write down my calories and use my fitness pal. THe biggest thing was I found a weight loss forum and that really held me accountable, as well as blogging about the experience. good luck!! 

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Okay, don’t mind if I sound like a walking infommercial here.

When I got engaged, my Mother-In-Law and I decided we needed to lose weight for the wedding. She offered to buy me my first round of the 21 Day Fix through Beachbody. The program works amazing! I lost 40 pounds using it so far (along with other Beachbody exercise DVDs).

The thing that helps me most, though, is the challenge groups. If you go through a coach (I’m sure multiple friends of yours are coaches- watch out for them on Facebook- they post CONSTANTLY), you get put in a challenge group. I don’t know my coach too well, which I think helps, but in these challenge groups, you check in daily. If you don’t check in for a few days, your coach will message you and ask you how you’ve been doing. It’s been an amazing experience for me to be around such motivating women (and some men too!).

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