(Closed) Please tell me your ghost/supernatural/paranormal/scary story :)

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@Arshim:  So mine isn’t *that scary* but it’s one of the only “paranormal” things I think I have experienced, so I’ll share anyway.

When I was younger (about 10, I think), my step brother went away to his dad’s house & I slept in his room downstairs because I was afraid of sleeping upstairs by myself with no parents on my floor of the house.

I was saying my prayers alone laying in bed, & I looked over & I had this very odd out-of-body feeling. I could literally see a woman sitting on the toy chest on the right side of the room, just feet from the bed, but I knew I was *emotionally* sensing her, & I wasn’t actually visually seeing her. I knew exactly what she was wearing, but I didn’t recognize her. I actually wasn’t even scared, which was very uncharacteristic of me when I was younger.

A few days went by & I never said anything to anybody, because it was very hard for me to explain that I saw this woman without actually “seeing” her with my eyes. One afternoon when my step mom picked me up from school (it was just me & her since my sister was at soccer pratice) I asked her a question without even thinking about the words before they came tumbling out. I asked her “Dena, did your mom have a white nightgown with ruffles around the neckline?” & she turned to me with a really odd look on her face & said “Yes, that’s the outfit she was wearing at her funeral service before she was cremated.”

It was the most the eery thing I had ever heard, & I will never forget it.

The only other very odd thing is that in my old house (same house the other situation happened in) I used to always hear whistling when I was home alone. We ended up selling our house to my teacher’s brother, & my teacher asked me one day if I thought it was haunted, because his brother always said he hears weird noises, & he always hears whistling. Creepy…

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When I was a student I lived in a 100+ year old home that used to be a millionaire’s servants’ quarters.  It was sort of a railroad apartment – one long hallway with all of the rooms coming off of it.  When you walked in the front door, the order of the rooms my bedroom > living room > kitchen > roommate #1’s room > roommate #2’s room > bathroom. 

At the very back there was a back door that led to a hallway (shared with the apt next door) that was sectioned off from the rest of the building a screen door that also locked.  My boyfriend and two of our other friends ended up moving into that apt so we used to keep our back doors open but the shared hallway screen door locked so we could visit each other’s apts.

One day I was alone and washing the dishes.  I felt this need all of a sudden to look sideways into the hallway.  As I turned me head, a woman in a white dress and a veil glided by.  She had dark hair and there was lace detailing on the dress.  Of course as soon as I ran to the hallway and looked, I saw nothing.

My roommates’ responses ranged from believing me and being freaked out to being totally skeptical (my bf at the time).  I never saw her again but a few months later, 3 of us were in my apartment when we heard banging and noise coming from next door.  I said to my Boyfriend or Best Friend “Who’s there?”  He said “No one should be, they all should be in class.”  My roommate and I freaked, and he went next door to check out the banging.  It stopped.

He came back and it started again.  So he went over and said “Who’s there?”  No one answered, so he went into his roommate’s room and saw her closet door being opened and closed, opened and closed.  It stopped when he walked in the room, but there was no way it could have been the wind and it wasn’t a string on the door.

We never saw or heard anything else but that was enough to convince my ex and he totally didn’t believe in ghosts.


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Oh gosh.. this sort of stuff has happened to me my entire life, so I’ve got way too many stories.

Hands down, the absolute scariest happened two apartments ago. It was a two story house that had been remodeled so you could get to the second floor by a separate staircase. I moved in a week before my roommates and the other tenants upstairs. Weird stuff kept happening, like lights turning on/off, someone pacing the hallway while I was in the restroom (there was a keyhole so I could actually see a shadow going up and down the hall), and just odd noises overall. One morning there was a little girl in a lace dress standing in the pantry watching me in the kitchen. Another day there was an old man in the living room smoking a pipe.

So a couple months before our lease was up, I woke up hearing chanting and wrote it off as just another weird thing. When I woke up that morning, there were four tiny scratches running down my back from my shoulder to my hip that took a good week or two to heal.

I packed and moved out the minute I found another place. My roommates never saw or heard a thing somehow. 

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@Arshim:  I can’t think of anything right now, but YAY ghost story thread!

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Oh boy. Well let’s see…  FI and I along with our friends have had more than enough of this kind of thing happen.

My great-aunt was really sick about three years ago, so my mom and I went to see her and say our good-byes – had a great visit, but naturally were very sad when we left. We got in our car, and it smelled like pumpkin pie. And the reason that is particularly odd is because we had gotten Rally’s before we went and the bags were still in the car. And if anyone has left Rally’s in a hot car, there is no way that it should smell like pumpkin pie. Further, my aunt was always identified with pumpkin pie as was my great grandma. So while she wasn’t gone yet, we had this sense that there was someone there with us telling us that everything would be okay.

After she had passed, my uncle died a year later. So we went down for the funeral, and Mom and I were staying in their bedroom. I was in there by myself and had someone say my name clear as day in my right ear. I went out to ask my Mom and brothers if they had called for me even though I was fairly sure they hadn’t, and Mom asked me if I was still drunk from my cousins keeping my wine topped off all night. I wasn’t. Then as I was going back, someone said my name again. 

Last year, my college campus was being renovated, and it’s one of the most haunted places in our state as per the number of ghosts on the square footage of the area. Things weren’t… happy. 

There’s a particular walk way and house that is haunted by the ghost of a man who hung himself, and Fiance was running past it at night and was attacked by something. The way he tells it, whatever it was knocked him over, and when he went to punch back, he felt a face that was quite solid and ice cold.

Our theatre building is also haunted by the servants that died in a fire. Our prop room is the worst. People who go in have seen tables in the air or have had things thrown at them. You can hear people dragging things around on the main floor. They’re fairly non-malicious, but they like to play jokes. During a performance one night, they were particularly active. Fiance was in the play, and they took his jacket from the dressing rooms, and after the performance, we found it under one of the chairs in the audience. And during the same performance, my friend was running the box office, and the cash box flew off the counter. After she picked it back up, she was holding onto it, and it flew off again. Oh, and the person who the theatre is named after has been seen sitting up in the booth. There’s also been scratching on walls and breathing on people’s necks… I think they just like to intentionally freak us out for fun.

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@twixie:  I woke up hearing chanting and wrote it off as just another weird thing. When I woke up that morning, there were four tiny scratches running down my back from my shoulder to my hip that took a good week or two to heal.

Sooo creepy and scary!

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@Arshim:  Well it’s not so much a ghost story, but I went to a haunted house a few years back. We were walking around at night at we went into this bedroom, and I got bad period-pain cramping (it wasn’t the right time for that). The tour guide told us that in that particular room, a lady had miscarried. The cramping eased off somewhat when I left the room. Might have been pure coincidence, as I’ve done a lot of ghost tours and never felt anything!

SO was saying one day that when he pulled the washing out of the machine (top loader), he closed the lid and went to hang out the washing. When he walked back in to the laundry, the lid was open. He is adamant that he closed it.

Then another time, SO had travelled interstate for a funeral and was heading back. He was due to arrive soon and I SWEAR I heard him call out my nickname and walk through the door. I got up to greet him, and couldn’t find him. I thought he was hiding and searched the place. He wasn’t there. I checked the front door and it was locked from the inside and I had the keys! It was broad daylight and it totally freaked me out. I contacted him immediately to see if he was okay- he was fine.

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@Arshim:  I just wanna say first and foremost that I am so jealous of your weather! Where I live, the high today was 102 and it is bone dry! YUCK. 

Anyway, I have some ghosty stories I like to tell.

First, a famly friend lives in a haunted house. Her house is about 80 years old and was built and owned by only one family before she bought it. When the house was sold to her, it was because the owner had died and his wife had died many years before that. We don’t know anything else about his family, but he died from falling and splitting his head open and he bled out all over the living room floor. There’s a permanant stain there from the pool of blood and his body wasn’t found for three days. So she bought the house and moved in because none of that bothered her. That was about 20 years ago. SInce then, she has shared so many paranormal stories it’s insane! The best ones:

When she first moved in, there was a weird hand print on the wall in hallway (looked like a smudge of charcoal or something similar?) and the first thing she did was paint over the whole hallway. She removed the handprint before she painted and assumed it was just dirt/charcoal/etc. because it came right off and didn’t give her a problem. Except that it then reappeared a couple weeks after she painted. Through two coats of paint. So she “removed” it again and again it came right off like it was just dirt. And she put a new coat of paint over the spot just in case… Again, it reappeared a few weeks later. After those inital two coats, she doesn’t paint over it anymore, but “cleans” it every so often and it always reappears. She isn’t freaked out by it, but I am! 

Also, when she first moved in, she brought her three cats with her and ever since then has had cats. She is convinced that the old man who lived there is still hanging around and that her cats are friends with him. They will rub the air in the middle of the room like they are rubbing a humans leg. They will purr and lay like they are being rubbed/petted when no one is touching them. They will run from things in the other room when no one is home but her. They will hiss/get scared at things all together (like all three are looking at the corner of the room scared and upset when nothing is there except a bookshelf). She now has different cats (the ones she moved in with have died) and they all do those things too. 

Then, the most freaky one in my opinion. This has been continually happening since she moved in. About two months after she moved in, she came home and checked her answering machine to find a message that was really strange. The person doesn’t say anything specific, but you can here a noise that kind of sounds like sweeping? Like someone sweeping cement? It’s very rhythmic. And you can hear a man’s voice humming/singing. You can make out the words that he’s singing, but you can tell he’s singing and the humming is in rhythm witht he sweeping/brushing sound. Then there is a weird sound and the message ends. Now, this doesn’t really sound weird, but i’ve heard it myself and trust me, there is something weird about it. It has always made my hair stand on end and my heart beat fast. My mom and dad and sister say the same thing. These messages come about once a month on her machine STILL! 20 years later! AND it gets a little weirder. There is a school about a block away from her house and this school is one of the oldest in town. It has a bell that is unique and it goes off about every 30 minutes (I have no idea why). About the third one of these messages she got, in between the humming and sweeping, you can hear that bell go off! So strange. 

I don’t know if these are weird or what, but I know I am scared in her house and I’ve seen/heard all these things in person and felt like they were real paranormal things. 

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@missjayb:  O.o I have chills from reading that.

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Whoa so NOT a good idea to be reading these before bed… have to check this thread again tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

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I have had many paranormal experiences….

Growing up we lived in a townhouse, and the property company that owned it decided to start doing some renos on them.  When this happened all kinds of weird things started to happen.  One day I was sitting on my sister’s bed in her room and could see out to the hallway and staircase.  The stairs kind of turned as they went down.  I saw a dark figure go down the first part of the stairs and through the wall. Of course, I thought I was nuts, but also am someone who checks things out.  I went downstairs to ask my mom if she went downstairs.  She said no.  I told her what I saw, and she believed me since our family always sees crazy things. Then when we were moving out we went to check the house to see if we left anything there and heard HUGE banging on the second floor.  There was no one home on either side, so I just left.

I lived in old army baracks when I was in college.  One day I was in my bedroom and heard horsehooves in the parking lot.  When I looked out there was nothing there. Another day I was in the living room and heard what sounded like a bunch of people running down the stairs and through the halls to outside (right by our apartment door). Like a RUSH of a LOT of people (like soldiers running out after being called out).  I looked out the door and there was no one there.

When I was in highschool my parents bought their house.  I would be there by myself for a long time painting and stuff and often heard a lot of crazy stuff in the basement.  I would go down and there was nothing there.  One time there was a lot of banging and my dad went down to find the door of the furnace (where you put the filter) was off (had to be screwed off and on–it was older).  He checked the filter and it REALLY needed replacing. One night I dreamed of an older man in my bedroom, but my room had carpet and he was vacumming it.  I asked our neighbour who had known the former owner and they said that the closet in my bedroom was where he kept the vacuum. 


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I’ve had a few incidents… 

But I’ll say this. When I was younger, I was a skeptic about all things supernatural. I truly did not believe, though my friend and I loved to pretend we were witches or supernatural beings as children. Our belief was pure fantasy and fun, and nothing but an innocent interest in magical or spiritual things. 

So when things began occurring in my life years later as a teen, it made me wonder how real supernatural things were, or if they were a figment of my imagination due to years of being curious about such things. 

However, one such incident really stands out to me, as it wasn’t just me who experienced it… It really makes me believe a bit..


When I was in highschool, my father had a severe asthma attack around 1 or 2 am. Since there was alot of noise from my mom and dad at the time due to panic, calling the hospital and what not, my sister and I were woken up.

I had school in the morning and my sister had work, so we did not go with them to the hospital. My sister decided to go to Tim Hortons to grab us some tea and a bagel since we couldn’t fall asleep at this point. She went by herself, and I to my laptop to chat with my never sleeping friends on MSN, facebook, and read gossip sites. ๐Ÿ˜›

During this time I remember my room feeling much colder, and I thought the heater may have turned off, as it does so periodically (still does it to this day). I turned in my seat to get up, when all of a sudden a shadowed figure just DARTED from behind me and out my room door. I was damn terrified and started to panic. I was so scared. I froze in my chair, and did not want to leave my room. I tried to sober my thoughts by trying to tell myself I was really tired and my eyes were playing tricks on me, and that is also why I was feeling cold.

Just when I was feeling calmer, my sister gets home and runs straight my room. She doesn’t know about any of this, I didn’t text her or anything. Before I can tell her anything, she stops and just stands at my door way. Her face is pale, and she looks like she saw a ghost, no pun intended. I get worried that it was my dad and she had heard something about him.


The first thing she tells me is: “Cheri, you won’t believe me, but when I opened the house door just now, a dark shadow ran past me and out the door. I think I am going crazy.”

I then went on to tell her that a dark shadow had darted out of my room about ten minutes before and I was stuck in my room terrified I was going to die.

My sister found out the next day that her friend had been complaining about a “presence” in her car for about a week before. The thing is, my sister had been driven home the day before in that same car. 

We think it was that same “presence” from the car, and it followed her in to our house.

To this day, we are pretty sure there was a ghost or some sort of demon or SOMETHING in our house, and it felt so sinister, not a good presence at all. I could not sleep alone for the next few nights, and asked my mom to stay with me. 

Oh, and my dad ended up being fine btw. It’s just funny that I’ve never seen my dad have such a bad asthma attack before or after that day. All pale in severity to that night. It makes me wonder if that thing in my house was something evil…

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@xoxocheri:  ok should not be reading that as I’m laying in bed in the dark alone!! I am covered in goosebumps!

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