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I agree life is crap right now. I am working 40  hrs a week for my mom  YAY (not). I bought a car with my taxes had it two weeks and it died unfixable theres 1700 down the drain. Bought a new car with money I don’t have already have problems with the exhaust so have to fix that. My company I work sent me a paycheck I never got so I went a month without getting paid and am still trying to get it sorted out. My hubby got hurt at work yesterday so maybe  going to the dr for that. And I still owe over 600 dollars to family from when I was unemployed. So I feel your pain. Hoping it gets better soon.

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@MissMeowMeow:  Trust me, as bad as it seems, someone’s got it worse. For example, someone on this thread was upset that they only had $2000 to their name. However, my sister has literally $5 to her name and lives in her boyfriend’s parent’s basement. She has failed out of two schools and both her and her boyfriend are unemployed. But you know what? Someone still has it worse than she does. 🙂

As much as I love the ‘Bee, it can be frustrating to be on her sometimes when life isn’t going well. A lot of bees use this board to brag, and sometimes I feel like they might “embellish” their real-life situations. Also, you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. It might seem like bees, corworkers, friends, strangers, etc have perfect lives, but that’s because they’re only projecting what they want you to see!

As for me, I’ll just put it out there: Right now, I’m making $800 a month after graduating from college, my best friend since 5th grade didn’t show up to my wedding reception, my mom who is like my best friend is moving cross-country for the summer and I’m taking care of her house. Ahh!

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@Missy_Star:  Well, they’ve learned to go limp when being picked up in a non-snuggly manner, because they’ve had so many vet visits, and they learned that baths take a lot longer when they struggle. It doesn’t stop the piteous mewing from Chubs or the sad squeaks of despair from Cookie, though. 

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Do yourself a favor and stay far away from Facebook!! The shows people put on about their perfect lives are just too much for anyone to bear if life isn’t really going your way right now.


Everybody has problems right now, particularly with money. Peole like others to think they’re the charmed ones, but nobody is!

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From the outside I’m sure our life looks perfect- we have most of the goal boxes ticked off- but I had a breakdown last night because I realized I don’t have any friends. Seriously, I started reminiscing about all the fun I had in high school (and man, was I miserable a lot of the time back then) and realized that now, after four years of college and moving halfway across the country, my best friend after my Fiance is our dog. I mean, how pathetic is that? I miss my family like crazy, too, and there isn’t an end in sight. And it snowed yesterday!!! Also, I’m feeling absurdly fat but have no motivation to diet or exercise. 

But hell, you’d look at my Facebook page and you’d never know! 

This thread is making me feel a lot better, actually, thanks OP 🙂 

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Trust me hun we all have those times!

-I have NO friends outside of my husband and family

-Speaking of family, they all live 1000 miles away, I see them twice a year if im lucky

-I live in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment as my husband in I improve our credits enough to buy a home in San Diego (aka home of 1000sqft=$350k)

-I’m at the largest size ive ever been

-i’m 23 and battling infertility

-i’m going to be left alone to dwell on all of this for 6 months during my husband’s quickly approaching deployment.

My life is the farthest thing from perfect, but there are too many good things about it for me to have a melt down over the bad. Bob Marley said it best! “Don’t worry about a thing, because every lil’ thing is gonna be alright!”

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My mom was killed by the fungal menigits outbreak caused by the compounding pharmacy in September. I went shopping and found my wedding dress on her birthday in November, when I wasn’t eating, so now I need to lose 15 pounds for it to fit. My dad has no kidney function due to a rare autoimmune disease the doctors found late, and has been in and out of the hospital the last few months cause his lungs keep filling up with fluid because the disease is active again. My baby bro (22) is bipolar and was living with my mom, he tried to kill himself a few months ago, he has been in and out of the psych ward at the hospital cause he won’t take his meds. I’m trying to handle my moms lawsuit, which looks like it’ll be nothing cause the company is a bunch of greedy SOB’s who squirreled their money away offshore and killed over 50 people, injured over 750, so there’s too little to go around. My dad and I are struggling to pay for my brother’s care. I’m trying to finish my Master’s degree, my thesis defense is scheduled 1 week before my wedding in August (stress!) and my boss has become less and less understanding of my struggles (understandably, my life is like a soap opera right now). Basically everyone is coming to our wedding, which is awesome, but is streching us financially (my dad is one of 13!) oh, and my other brother let my cat out and he’s been missing for 5 days and has a jaw infection so he can’t hunt. I’m worried sick about him, especially cause he’s only been at my apartment for about 3 months cause he was my mom’s and I am supposed to be taking care of him! I empathise with your struggles. I just want to curl up under the covers and stay there indefinitely. If I can get through it you can:) My fiance is amazing- I don’t know how I’d do it without him. Think of the positives to get you through it, even if they seem few and far between.

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Aww just like all the PPs said, nobody’s life is perfect. People show you what they want you to see.. whether it’s perfection, or someone who just complains to get attention (not at all talking about you… I’m just thinking about my less-than-stellar facebook list!).

Good or bad, everything passes. You just have to stick it out. When I’m going through really rough times, I make a point at the end of every day to write down three positive things about the day. It sounds super cheesy, and that’s because it is. But it WORKS.. because all of a sudden I’m looking out for good things. Whether it’s getting a seat on the subway, someone holding a door open for me, or just nice weather.. you can retrain yourself to focus on the positives to get you through the rough patches.


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Heck no, my life isn’t perfect! Hope you’re feeling better 🙂

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Some f’ing rabbit already ate one of the lettuce plants I potted on Friday. 

My neice barfed on me last night.

I didn’t get a raise and won’t get a bonus this year (that’s about a 10% pay cut) because our bitch admin talks shit about me to our director and he believes her.

And… our dishwasher doesn’t dry dishes.

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I feel like my life is  perfect.  Honestly, it is NOT perfect, but it is perfect for me.  My major problem is fighting traffic every day, so I have no complaints.

However, I’ve lived through HELL in my life – so glad that’s behind me – and I’m now happily married, instead of being married to Satan, Jr.

OP, I hope you start feeling better soon.  There are some amazing stories here and they make me appreciate my life even more.  My heart goes out to so many Bee’s who are struggling with such severe problems and issues.

Also, I’m not on Facebook. Hate. it.  I never compare my life to anyone else’s, except my own past, which is why I feel it is perfect NOW.

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My life isn’t perfect, but I also couldn’t imagine trading it with anyone either.  My FI’s brother (who we’ll call C) is our roommate.  We’re all saving up money for something, Fiance and I for wedding and our future; his brother for a car and his own place.  There is a reason we’re all putting up with each other, but some days I just can’t see that reason!  Yesturday C was talking to my Fiance and all I could think was, “Holy cow shut up!  I hate your voice!”  Real mature Jill.  Then I went to work in the worst mood and told my poor Fiance, “Don’t talk to me, I’m not rational right now and hate everyone.  This isn’t your fault, but I’m pissy and you’ll get the fall out.”  Really, nothing looked happy, and it was all just a crap mood.  We have things we’re paying off, and its finally getting easier, but not without a shit ton of work.  (How much IS a shit ton?)  Some days when it comes to wedding planning I really want to throw it all out the window and say F*&% it.  Who needs a wedding.  




We’re taking a minication in two weeks.  Fiance decided that we need to chill out.


EDIT:  My bright side, put me in a good mood.  I’ve worked at Wholefoods for the past year, huge pay cut.  BUT!  My insurence?  Yay!  I made an appointment for the eyedoctor tomorrow and I know that because I have benefits I can actaully get new glasses this week along with contacts.  If you could only see how sad my current glasses are, poor things, the lenses are actaully peeling down the center.  Also, I now have the best coworkers I’ve ever had.  EVER.  Went dress shopping with my boss (I don’t like shopping for clothing not even wedding dresses) and she kept saying, “Look Jill!  Its a pretty, pretty princess dress.”  Now everything is pretty, pretty princess. (I’m not the princess type, so this makes me laugh.”


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My advice? Avoid Facebook and Twitter. They’re full of people trying to showcase and cling to little moments of brightness in their otherwise imprefect lives. That’s all well and good, but the compound effect of seeing all that noise that says “OMG I AM SO BLESSED” is that  it all piles on top of itself and starts making us feel like we don’t measure up. Nobody knows what they’re doing. We’re all just muddling through. It’s OK, seriously. Everything is going to be fine. 


Turn off the TV. Turn off Facebook. Turn off Twitter. All that noise is making a really shitty static in your brain that makes you feel like you don’t look like the shiny, happy people. Those shiny people? They’re just imagined. Everyone real is just like you.


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@vorpalette:  Let’s hear it for hateful solidarity! 

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