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Blushing bee

I think we will be offering the "and guest" option to anyone we know is in a relationship.  By relationship I mean anywhere from dating to engaged to married.  I don’t think it’s possible to judge the seriousness of a relationship if you are not in the relationship so even a 2 or 3 month thing can be serious.  I know that when I was dating my Fiance I wouldn’t have gone to a weddign without him even at the very begining of us dating.

Another thing to consider is if you are inviting guests who will not know anyone at the wedding they should get a plus one so they don’t feel totally alone.  Hope this helps.

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Bumble bee
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We did not do the "and guest" option.  Married and engaged couples were invited and their names were written on the invites.  We also did not invite children.  When I first started reading Weddingbee I was shocked at how strong people feel about these subjects.  We had one relative that had an issue with her invitation because she was living with her boyfriend, she was very upset, but when my husband explained to her that he wasn’t invited because we didn’t even know she was still dating him, and we didn’t know she was living with him and no one was allowed to bring a date, she calmed down.  She realized that she wasn’t that close to us and how were we expected to know these things when she never talks to us.

 Okay, long story short, that was our only incident.  Now that the wedding is done I’m very glad we made this choice.  It kept the wedding intimate, we avoided the awkwardness of strangers at our wedding, and it helped lower our costs.

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Bumble bee
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I wouldn’t add the "and guest" just because you are afraid of some single friends starting up relationships between the time of receiving the invite and the wedding.  It’s only about 2 months, so even if they do start something, it’s not likely it will be serious enough that they would be upset over not being able to bring their new girlfriend/boyfriend.


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Helper bee

If you are inviting the significant others, I think it’s nice to take the time to find out their name and add that to the invitation rather than the generic “and guest”. It makes the inviation so much more personal. If no one is allowed to just bring a random date, then there is no reason to have “and guest” on any invites IMO – use the actual guest names.

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Blushing bee
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Our take on this is a bit more selfish–we don’t want random strange people at our wedding; this is a very personal moment in our lives, and we want to share it with people we know.

So, our general rule is, no ‘plus one’ guests.  Here are the exceptions, which make sense in our minds at least: 

1.  if you are dating someone we know (ie, we go out to dinner or do things together), that persons name goes on the friend’s invite.  By sending only one invite to the original friend, however, we’re covered if the folks break up before the wedding, then there’s no awkwardness and only one will come.

2.  If you are living together, engaged or married (and we know about it), the significant other/spouse is invited. 

3.  (this is the real exception)  If the person is an out-of-town guest, and does not know any of the other guests, he or she is invited to bring a ‘plus one’–basically, bring your own entertainment.

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Blushing bee
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I think u should have the plus one.

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Helper bee

Honestly, I think you get to a certain time in your life when not including a plus one is just tacky.  If you are young and your friends are young, that’s one thing.  But if you are mature with mature friends, they 1) aren’t going to flip over potentially not haveing a date to go with their plus one 2) will appreciate the gesture 3) generally won’t be inviting people just for the sake of inviting people.

Again, this all depends on how mature you are and how mature you think your friends are.

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Worker bee
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I go back and forth on the "plus one" issue.  We gave everyone that we invited a "plus one," but then some poeple ended up bringing a guest who was a friend from work, or someone that they knew liked to eat and drink for fre…. a lot of random people who didn’t really add anything significant to our special day, but we still had to pay $55+ per person for them to be there.

Before this experience, I would have said that you should always give a plus one, but after my wedding, I now think that going with only those in serious relationships or who will bringing guests that you’ve met before is the way to go. Having complete strangers at your wedding feels really weird, when it’s supposed to be a day that you’re surrounded by your closest friends and family. 

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Because of cost and room size we are being very picky with our plus ones too. Basically, we are doing the same as Ostara.  If you are married (duh) engaged, living together, or in a serious relationship that Fiance and I are aware of, you can get a +1. 

On some invites, even when we know there will be a +1, we just addressed it to the main guest.  We didnt do inside envelopes, but we did have a spot on the RSVP to write the number of guests.

If a friend who we know is single writes down a +1, and a name we dont know, we’ll call them about it…just because we want to know who this person is attending our wedding!  If its a new love – fine!  If its a co-worker….yeah…hopefully that doesnt happen.

Also, since 75% of the guest list is coming in from Out of Town,  I have no idea what that will do to the +1’s….be lower because of travelling?  Be higher because of the travel?  

Now before I get flamed, a few of the weddings Fiance and I of friends have been have been the same.  Also, soon to be Mother-In-Law isnt thrilled about our plan either 😉


Good luck, and honestly, do what you want.  Its your wedding, its your party, and you are footing the bill 😉

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Bumble bee
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Corn — I don’t know about it being tacky, that seems a little harsh. 

A wedding is a very personal thing.  I didn’t want strangers at my wedding, so I didn’t give the "and guest" option.  All invites had the names of the guests written on them and no one thought it was tacky. 

In addition, with the way the economy is now, I bet we are going to see many of the wedding traditions that cost so much extra money but are not necessary (like guests the couple don’t know) go to the way side.  Keep in mind, weddings are an industry.

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Helper bee
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We’re not doing the "and guest" generally speaking, but are looking at everything on a case-by-case basis. We had our initial guest list early on in planning, and now that the wedding is three months away, we’re going over the list again.  For example, one of FI’s coworkers is dating a girl who we added as his guest (and we both have met her – the two of them came over for Christmas dinner).  My boss has been given a guest because I’m the only person she’ll know at the wedding.  She’s met my Fiance but due to most of the guestlist being from out of town, she gets to bring a guest as her own entertainment (thanks for that verbiage, ostara72).  And of course, anyone who’s in a relationship of any type are invited with their significant other.  We specifically listed BOTH names on the invite.  There will not be any guest at or wedding that neither of us know.  At least one of us has met all of the "+ones".

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I think keeping the guest list to friends and family is the way to go.  Including the names of individuals in a relationship will keep the list from including strangers.  This is your day!   Guests are there to celebrate you, not enjoy a free party.  It’s all about the bride and groom. 

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Helper bee
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I too am having a problem with this. Our guest list is small and its only people we talk to. We’re not inviting second cousins and family and friends we never talk to. I’ve expressed this to some of our guests hoping to make them feel special for getting invited. One of our good friends said "well it looks like I have to find a date to come with me now. " In my head I thought, no you dont. There are at least 10 other people that are invited to the wedding that he’s known for a good part of his life, so I find his date to be unnecessary. I just dont know how to tell him not to bring a date unless he ends up in a relationship between now and the wedding.

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