(Closed) Plus size bride to be, need to lose a lot of weight

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I’m on Weight Watchers and I love it! Lost 27 lbs so far 🙂

You can do it!!

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Advice:  Don’t stress it.  Your fiancé loves you as you are.  He always will.  

My story.  When I first tried on dresses I tried on a 32 and it wouldn’t zip.  That was last February.   I had weight loss surgery 4/28 out of desperation.  I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension and was told I basically had approximately 3.5 – 5 years to live unless I could get a lung transplant or a heart lung transplant.   Fortunately I have lost enough weight to get me out of the dying category.   However,  I have learned my fiancé loved me at my heaviest, he loved me knowing I may not live very long and loves me now.  Nothing has changed with a smaller body.  Love is love.  How we as plus sized woman accept ourselves is our biggest obstacle.  I promise,  you will find the dress that will show you how truly beautiful you are.  

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I’m around your size.. I normally wear a 22 in juniors and an 18 or 20 in womens, depending on the brand. I plan to lose weight, but I didn’t want the added stress of doing it before my wedding – and Im so glad I decided to hold off. I do have a few medical problems that contribute to my weight [like PCOS, and anxiety], but I know it has to do with me, as well.

If you can lose the weight.. great! But if you can’t.. don’t stress! You will be a beautiful bride!

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angyjaxon:  This is horrible advice. You almost died because you were so over weight, yet you are telling this bride to forget her weight lose goals, because her fiance loves her?? Um.. Her fiance’s love will not keep her from dying of obesity related illnesses. 

Samshoney:  Stick to your goals. You can do it! This is really not about your fiance at all. Obviously, this is something you want to do for yourself, because there is a level of discomfort you are feeling. Becoming healthier and losing weight is something that you (and your fiance) will be able to enjoy long after the wedding has ended. Consider it an investment into your future. 

Personally, I’m looking to lose 20-30 lbs by my wedding date. Looking and feeling amazing on my wedding day is very important to me. I want to be in tip-top shape. I think I may try Weight Watchers. My SO’s step mom lost at least 100lbs in a year on WW.

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Samshoney:  I weighed over 230 at my biggest. At barely 5’3 and when I was still a teenager so it was a lot of extra weight for me. I wore an 18-20 and the older I got, the more I realized that I wasn’t healthy and as a result, I wasn’t happy either. I was sick all the time, my body was not my friend because it wasn’t working properly.

The good news? It’s doable! I weigh in at between 130-140 now, wear a 6-8 and feel so much better than I used to! I can run, I can dance and my knees don’t hurt all the time. I turn 25 on Sunday and have been at a steady healthy weight for years now. 

The secret? The secret is that there isn’t one. There’s no crash diet, no magic tea, nothing. It’s all you baby!

I changed the way I eat, the way I treat myself and the way I think about my health. It’s my priority now! Ever since I lost the weight, people have asked me questions about how I did it. I’ve noticed that a lot of people don’t want to hear what I have to say because really all I did was work my butt off at getting healthy. 

Sweat, tears, the works. It wasn’t always easy. In fact, it might have even been hard sometimes.

But you know what? It was all worth it! To this day, I work at it. Not as hard anymore but I dostill  pay close attention to the good and lifestyle choices I make. We ditched processed packaged food, make pretty much everything from scratch, barely eat out and make a conscious effort to get Out and get our bodies moving!

Do it for yourself, for your health and for your well being. When you stumble, get back up again instead of giving up. Keep moving, keep trying and keep going at it until you’re happy with yourself and what youve accomplished for YOU! Everything else is just icing on the cake 🙂

If you ever want to chat or want more insight, I am totally here! One of my passions in life is sharing what I learned about my own body and health with others Because EVERYONE has the power to achieve their goals and I think that everyone should know that AND have the support system to back them!

Don’t do it for the dress or your fiancé or the pictures. Do it for you and it will happen as long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort!

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ReeLuvsRo:  Here we go… since I gave awful advice I will tell you my entire story.  I almost died because I took phen-fen which led to pulmonary hypertension.  Not because I was so overweight – not saying I wasn’t overweight, I was morbidly obese.  My diagnosis is not a weight related disease.  I was desperate to live longer as my children were 4 & 5 at the time of diagnosis.  Fortunately for me I am out of the knocking on death’s door category.   I still have the same very rare disease.  

As for my advise being lousy maybe it is to you.  My advice was not to stress it.  For the record I never said don’t lose weight.  I reassured her that she is loved regardless of whether she loses 1# or 100#s.  Then I went into my personal experience dress shopping.  I even promised her that she will still see herself as the beautiful bride.  Yes, I should have specifically said “don’t stress yourself if you do not lose 150#.  Be happy with yourself first and take pride in your success even if you only lose 1#”.  Does that meet your criteria for advice?



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lalalyanne:  I absolutely agree.  

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Samshoney: the myfitnesspal app and community has been an incredible resource for data, education and support. I also use fitbit. 

I lost 10% of my body weight starting with those tools, adding excercise ( Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, dailey method, walking 5-8 miles / day) and eating clean (because I eat less when I eat clean)

I’m on track to lose 21% of my body weight by my May 2015 wedding and I’m not 100% on plan all the time. If I have something (cake, wine, etc.) I enjoy it, the moment and refocus on the rest of the meal and day to get back on track. 

I do it this way because I’m happier, healthier (sleep better, etc) and more zen. I hope to maintain it because it’s a lifestyle choice that should mitigate my risk for type II diabetes.


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angyjaxon: Your advice was great. The self loathing and shame that often goes with dieting etc helps no one. 

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I run about three times a week and I also watch calories. 

Use http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ . It will help you monitor what you eat. 

Stay committed to healthy lifestyle. If you aren’t used to exercise, start with walking for 30 minutes three times a week and slowly build on that. Running helps so much. Drink lots of water and do not restrict too much. 

I have also found that my appetite suppressant works wonders. 

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I had every intention of losing at least 20lbs before the wedding but life happened. Exams were coming up, I was going into my final semester, I had a rotator cuff injury that restricted movement quite a bit, ill relatives, planning a wedding within 6 months. It was hard for me to come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t losing as much weight as I was hoping to lose (my PCOS was untreated at the time and it was almost impossible to lose weight even with a very strict diet and exercise routine). When I went to try on dresses, they didn’t have a single one that didn’t need to be clipped at the back with extra cloth. I felt like a cow. I felt like a giant landwhale and just generally hideous.

But they ordered the dress I loved best to fit my largest body part (bust and shoulders), then tailored it down wherever it needed tailoring (hips and waist). After the alterations were done and I went back for my second fitting, I felt like amazing and it looked fantastic and suddenly I wasn’t so hard on myself about not losing a ton of weight for the wedding.

By all means make healthly lifestyle changes. I fully advocate for a healthy lifestyle. But make the healthy lifestyle changes for the sake of having a healthy lifestyle. Don’t make the changes because you feel pressure to look as thin as possible on your wedding day because that’s a recipe for failure.

And most importantly, be confident in the knowledge that your fiance loves you as you are and that he will be supportive no matter what.

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I lost 85 lbs last year on the Ideal Protein plan. You buy their food packets plus some of your own but the weugh comes off quickly. This is not a way to eat for the rest of your life, just a way to lose weight to try and get healthier. I would find one in your local area and at least go to one of their orientations. 


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Willow90:  +1.

I lost 50 lbs relatively easily about 2 years before my wedding. I kept it off until recently, I gained about half back but it was due to health issues and I’m already well on my way back to my goal weight. WW teaches you how to eat properly so you can not only lose weight, but keep it off. You can do it!!! Good luck! 😉

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