(Closed) Plus size brides losing weight before buying dress?

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I have a pair of jeans I wore in HS that I loved, they had the most perfect fit ever. When I rocked them, it was 50ish pounds ago. I plan to wear those jeans dress shopping. If I can’t, I’m not going. It’s silly, but it’s what is keeping me motivated.

I plan to go shopping over Christmas break next year (which will be about 12-15 months before the wedding). That gives me about 11 months to lose 50lbs, and I think 2 lbs a month is pretty reasonable.

I’m on the WW and so far I really like it, it’s been amazing to learn what I have been eating that is actually causing the problem (Like I would get a cheeseburger, fries and a milkshake from my fave delivery place and would skip the fries. Turns out it wasn’t the 5 point fries that were killing me it was the 17 point milkshake!) The better part is I feel constrained to eating less on my own, but if I go out with friends I really can eat whatever I want and not be that person ordering grilled chicken with a side of steamed veggies when all I really want is hot wings!

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I honestly think JennyW1 had a great response.  If your wedding dress motivates you, great.  But I know for a lot of people it’s just added stress…and if you’re like me STRESS = WEIGHT GAIN.  I’ve been doing weight watchers for approximately 6 months and have lost about 24 pounds, so I’ve lost about a pound a week if you average it.  I’m really leery of these diets where people lose insane amounts of weight.  Think about what you are doing to your body.  I ordered my dress at my current size (24 pounds ago) and I asked my Fiance what happens if I loose too much weight to fit in my dress…he said, well if you worked that hard I’ll buy you a new dress.  He has lost over 50 pounds himself and is so supportive.

Make your goals realistically…I honestly don’t think 50 pounds in a couple of months is a realistic goal.  There are going to be weeks where your body just does not cooperate with you.

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I am in the same boat! My wedding is in October and I plan to lose 40 more pounds by April/May when I have to order my dress by. Its crazy I know, but I know we all want to look great on our big days.

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I know this is an old thread but I wanted to post to bump it back up in case any plus sized ladies were still having trouble.

I found a dress that I just fell in love with completely. I didn’t want to pay the price at David’s Bridal for it because my fiance and I are paying for everything ourselves and we just can not afford to spend that much on a wedding dress. But when you find the dress you want, you become determined!

I happened to find the dress on Ebay. A lady was selling it, tags still on it, never worn, for about $300. I HAD TO HAVE IT! LOL! The only catch was it was a size 18. When I tried the dress on a David’s Bridal, I wore a size 20. I talked to my fiance and he knew that I had been wanting to lose weight anyway and he told me that he believed in me and he knew I could do it.

So, I ordered the dress from the nice lady on Ebay. She was wonderful. I was scared, but I did it anyway! In the past month and a half, I have lost 16 lbs and now fit into my perfect wedding dress!! I still need to lose about 10 lbs for it to fit perfect, but I have 4 months to go and I am no longer worried about it I can do it or not. MY DRESS FITS!!

How have I been losing weight? I stopped buying lunch at work. I take my lunch every day. Usually a turkey sandwhich. Sometimes I have cucumber and tomato slices with it. I stopped drinking diet soda all day. I have one 16 oz. dt. pepsi with my lunch and I rarely even finish that. I  drink water the rest of the day. I make sure I eat all 3 meals a day, and have 2 snacks also. And I workout an hour to an hour and a half each day. It’s hard because I work full time and I attend college full time as well..but I make time for it. I use the Wii Fit Plus at home. It’s totally changed my mind on what I thought about excercising!

So my point to all of this is to just say – believe in yourself, believe you can do it and take a chance! You can get that dress that you want! :o)

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I needed to read this thread…

When my sweet fiance asked me to marry him at the end of March, I was immediately motivted to lose weight. 

I got a scale, make sure I got enough sleep, started drinking water and worked out 3-4 times a week.  The results were modst but steady- 12 pounds in six weeks.  I did really well until mid May- then I started eating junk and staying up late again.  I started back up with the french fries and the chocolate and now I have gained back 8 of the 12 pounds 🙁

I feel so discouraged…  my family wants to go dress shopping (this weekend) but I honestly don’t want to go….  I want to feel excited about this time in my life- but right now all I feel is DREAD – about taking pictures, about finding a dress that fits, about EVERYTHING.

My fiance is loving and supportive and we do go walking and do other healthy living activities together – but we are long distance.  I need to get motivated- stop sitting on my ass and MOVE – but how to do it?

I went to David’s Bridal by myself and the dresses I tried on where 18/20s…  I am wondering if I should buy a dress in a smaller size (risky) and use that as a motivator or if I should get the dress in my current size and have it altered 2 months before our wedding…

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WHen I got engaged in October 2010 it was a happy time, but then many things “happened” and I ended up on medication for depression and discovered a lump on my thyroid.

I gained 45 lbs. over the last 4-5 months or so. 🙁 I’m off the medication now and I’ve been dieting and lost 10 lbs.

Still, it’s so discouraging to see photos of me from last year in loose clothing. Now I’m hard-pressed to find anything to wear in my closet and I live in yoga pants. I feel like I’ve taken a huge step backward.

Dress shopping is my motivating factor. I won’t even GO dress shopping until I’ve lost that 45 lbs. and I’m giving myself a year to do it. The last thing I need is to try outfits on and be discouraged and take solace in food.

I’ll still be plus-sized after I lose the weight but I will feel like the REAL me!

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I have to agree with a TON of what has been said here. I am currently trying to shed some pounds but I am doing for no other reason than I need to. The fact that I will be smaller for our wedding is great but I cannot make that the reason behind why I am working out more or have changed my eating habits.

For me, modifying the amount & frequency of meals as well as adding daily exercise has helped. I have restricted my calorie intake but not by too much and am every bit as satisfied at the end of a meal as I was before starting all of this. (The only difference is that I am eating more “filler/free” foods.) Sassymags is right… sometimes it is easier to jump back on the workout bandwagon than to fall off, especially when you realize that you feel like EVERYTHING is at snail pace! lol

Good luck to everyone! Can’t wait to see more posts on here!

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This is super old, but it was great hearing about your struggles and successes, everyone!  Motivating, to be sure 🙂

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I have lost about 60 lbs. since my engagement started. When I first got engaged I knew it was really important to me that I lost some weight and was happier with my appearance I didn’t want to look back at my photos of my wedding day and be like OMG. I found a dress that I loved when I was at my heaviest, and started getting my butt in gear with working out I ordered my dress when I was about 30-40lbs. down. I had them order the smallest size that would fit comfortably just in case I didn’t loose any more weight my dress would still be comfortable.


The last time I tried on my dress it still fit for the most part alright, just some minor alterations that need to be made.


I wouldn’t recommend ordering a smaller size dress than one you comfortably fit into at the time you order your dress. What happens if you don’t lose the weight?

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