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I relate to your post as I was treated the same way growing up and after several stints of starving myself to stay average I just let go in my college years. I’m overweight now (with BMI 27) and I got pregnant immediately. I was planning to lose weight before trying but im grateful it happened so quickly. It would definitely help you to lose weight before TTC but I wouldn’t set yourself hard limits like 50lbs because it will feel unachievable and you will be more likely to give up. Start small and try to lose 10 because even 10lbs will make a big difference and you will feel more confident to start TTC. Remeber you can always lose the weight whilst TTC and it doesnt all have to be before. I agree that you shouldn’t go for surgery because at your size you definitely can do this with diet and exercise and dont need to resort to drastic measures. Also remember that diet makes more of an impact than exercise to weight loss.

My tips for dieting are not to cut out anything completely, because it makes it really difficult to keep up. Start with smaller portions, cutting out any snacks/ replacing them with something low cal. If you drink any soda or juice cut it and buy cordial or drink water. Allow yourself the occassional treat/meal out and dont give up if you have a bad day. I cant give up desserts so instead I buy things like jello or low cal chocolate whip or chocolate pudding pots (100cal) so I can still indulge but know that my calorie intake is much lower. Jello is fantastic for when you have hunger pains and just need to be eating ‘something’. Dont weigh yourself for like 2 weeks after starting and remember the first week is always the hardest so if you can stick it out you are on the right track. Good luck and remember that even a 5lb weight loss is a victory and proves that you can do it! 

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Keep doing what you’re doing. See a nutritionist, work out, eat healthy. Do what you can. It sounds like you’re aware you need to be healthier and are making steps towards that. 

I was about 240 when I got pregnant with my son. I only gained 13 pounds when I was pregnant. I had a very easy uncomplicated pregnancy and no trouble getting pregnant (my son was not planned and I was on BC!). 

Right now i’m around 250 and I’m also trying to lose weight for our wedding/ttc/my health. Take it a day at a time. Make healthy choices and keep moving. 

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Chantel Donnan :  please please please sont get bariatric surgery.  I am a visiting nurse and have so many patients who have hsd it and are now on lige long hydration via a permanent iv because their body cant process food properly. One lady is 35 and is having all her teeth pulled as the side effects of the surgery  (even though she has tried to reverse it) were so sebere for her her teeth rotted from malnutrition.  Im in canada so similar medical system to you. It can work but when it goes wrong it is HORRIBLE  

My plus sized cousin has had two babies no problem

 Worl on yourself physically and some self love in the meantime and see how trying to conceive goes for a while before seelig medical advice! 🙂 

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Chantel Donnan :  I lost 50 pounds in the past year.  You CAN do it.  I also still struggle with weight and body image.  Start making small changes and it’ll come off.  Feel free to PM me if you need to talk to someone who has been there!!  (I’m starting to TTC in June!)

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I was around that weight when I got pregnant and I didn’t have trouble conceiving. I only gained 8lb and physically it was no big deal (was already used to a larger, more awkward body). The only complication was that when they were concerned that the baby had a heart defect it was harder for them to see detail on the ultrasound since there was more flesh to scan through. (He was fine and technology is probably better now – he’s a teenager.)

I did end up losing 100+ lbs several years later. You CAN do it. 

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Chantel Donnan :  I’m losing weight partly in preparation for TTC. I know the risks go up with your weight but you can have a healthy baby at plus sized but for me I couldn’t stand the idea of being plus sized AND pregnant. It just felt like I would take up so much space. I’ve also seen friends who have been pregnant have their tummies touched by random strangers and I did not want anyone touching my stomach when it was so big. The idea of people touching my stomach anyway makes my skin crawl but when I’m carrying extra weight, no thank you.

I’ve been really focussed on why I want to lose weight and I think I’ve done really well (not quite 60lbs in 6 months). What is working for me is remembering the longer term goal, all the reasons I don’t want to be overweight and pregnant and all the reasons I don’t want to be an overweight mum. I’ve also given myself some superficial targets, to be x smaller by a certain event and feel better. Unlike a PP said setting myself a target of 120lbs to begin with is motivating me, setting a target of 10lbs would not have kept me motivated the same. So take some time working out what will motivate you, long term and short term. Work out if one big target is best or lots of little targets. Reassess as you go because you might need to switch your motivations through your journey or what you think will work might not. Don’t get discouraged when you only lose little a bit or worse when you put on but you’ve done everything right, keep at it and unfortunately it’s all part of the journey. 

For me, a part of trying to get healthy before TTC is that I’ve got a lifetime of bad eating habits and I’m from a family that has bad eating habits (and married to someone with bad eating habits). So basically I’m going to have to spend the rest of my life fighting some of those bad habits because it’s so ingrained. Its getting easier to fight my bad eating habits but I think there’s always going to be a battle for something. However, I’m hoping that when we have kids and they see making healthy food choices it’s natural for them to make those choices, so they don’t have this issue when they’re adults. I don’t want to do what your mom did to you and pass all her issues onto her kids, so I’m hoping the longer I have to practice making good choices the easier it’ll be for my kids just to accept it rather than having to make a conscious decision to be healthy or realise that I have an internal battle every time I go to the fridge.

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I was 260 lbs before TTC and went through some fertility testing before starting as I had some previous medical issues that resulted in emergency surgery that removed one of my Fallopian tubes, among other things. The fertility specialist recommended I drop some weight before TTC and referred me to a medical weight loss program through my health system – I dropped 40 lbs in 3 months (under medical supervision) on a meal replacement plan and then we started TTC. It took us 8 months to get pregnant and I now have a one year old. Ask your doctor for alternate options to surgery – they are out there!

Also, it is SO important to take care of yourself during your pregnancy AND after. I had a complicated pregnancy (including gestational diabetes) and when my son was born I was so focused on him (and a sudden lack of carb restrictions) that I went back to my old habits of eating poorly and not exercising and gained 15 lbs after he was born (in addition to the 35 lbs I gained during pregnancy). I’m back in the medical weight loss program and down 30 lbs after 2 months and wish I had paid more attention to my bad choices over the past year. 

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There’s no reason losing 50 lbs needs to take more than a year. My husband lost 90 lb in one year with a strict commitment to exercising 5-6x weekly and changing his diet, including cutting out alcohol. 

I agree with previous posters that you need a lifestyle overhaul; talk to your nutritionist about his/her recommendations, and speak to your PCP about an exercise regimen. It doesn’t have to mean joining cross fit or doing zumba for 8 hours per week, but you do need to be active and you do need to watch what foods you’re putting in your body. 

It’s hard for lots of pregnant women to stick to the recommended weight gain guidelines, and those who start out overweight or obese have an even tighter weight range to stay within. 
You may be able to conceive without losing significant weight, but in terms of your overall health, it’ll be so much better for YOU all around to lose the excess weight. 

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