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Sugar bee
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That doesn’t make sense, just in terms of where the pregnancy weight comes from.  The general guidelines are 25-35lbs (for women at a healthy weight).  This breaks down as:

  • Baby: 8 pounds
  • Placenta: 2-3 pounds
  • Amniotic fluid: 2-3 pounds
  • Breast tissue: 2-3 pounds
  • Blood supply: 4 pounds
  • Stored fat for delivery and breastfeeding: 5-9 pounds
  • Larger uterus: 2-5 pounds
  • Total: 25-35 pounds

I would think that being plus-sized, the lower weight recommendation accounts for no additional needed fat storage – but that would only be 5-9lbs less than the 25-35lb recommendation.  I would talk to your doctor about your concerns; maybe bring some literature on weight gain in pregnancy, and approach it as “I’m confused about your weight gain recommendations, because I read X, Y, and Z.  Could you explain where your number is coming from so that I can understand?”  I would think that as long as you are trying to eat healthy (which is undoubtedly difficult in the first trimester) and staying relatively active (if you aren’t, try starting up taking daily walks) you’ll be fine.

(FYI, I found that breakdown on WebMD – http://www.webmd.com/baby/guide/healthy-weight-gain)


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Helper bee
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Yeah, I don’t see how you could possibly only gain 10lbs when the baby could weigh close to that on his  or her own! I remember aswell that in the last few weeks the baby puts on about 1lb of fat each week so the mama should be weighing 1lb more just because of that alone.

Is it possible that the doc meant they’d like to see you gain no more than 10lbs of fat excluding the rest of what SadieBee listed?

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Busy bee
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Just eat well (once the sickness eases up), and try to get some walking in. You can only do your best, and the rest is up to your body. Drink LOTS of water, especially if you’re eating a lot of carbs. You would be surprised how much weight is just fluid, and drinking water to prevent retention and dehydration is important!

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Bumble bee
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i started off overweight with my last pregnancy and was told by my doctor i could gain 15 pounds max. I was diagnosed with hyperemesis so i couldn’t eat much the first few months and i ended up gaining about 12 pounds my whole pregnancy. 

I agree with AnonymousCupcake if you eat well you should be fine 🙂 

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Busy bee
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Mrs.Daly:  it’s very possible to only gain 10 pounds during your whole pregnancy actually. I’ve gained 8 total at 33 weeks. I was not over weight to start. I just eat (relatively) healthy and still workout. During my first pregnancy I gained around 15 pounds and delivered a healthy large baby. My cousin is plus size and lost weight during her pregnancy. She delivered a healthy baby boy. All bodies react different. To the OP- first trimester is hard! If you’re sick sometimes all you can tolerate to get through the day are carbs! You also have a lot of bloat and water weight which could be where some of your weight gain is coming from. You’re retaining a lot of water! Feel better!

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Busy bee
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My doctor requested I only gain 10-15 pounds. I weighed about 165 post pregnancy with my son(he’s almost 6 months and I’m 11 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow.) But it’s not because of my weight really it’s because he had shoulder distocia even though he was 7lb 1oz and born at 37 weeks. With that pregnancy I gained 25 pounds. 

My doctor’s goal is to have me have a vaginal delivery and she suggested inducing me at 36 weeks. Thanks, but I’ll take the C-section, no reason to force baby out that early. 

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Helper bee
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My doctor said the same thing and I weighed about the same as you, although I’m shorter.  I gained 50 because I was stupid.  This pregnancy,  I have gained 15 and I’m 32 weeks.  Just limit it tp the degree you can.

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Busy bee
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I started off with the same stats as you, 5′ 7″ 230. My midwife told me the same and she’s been obnoxious since day one. At 18 weeks I had gained 4 lbs and was only wearing maternity clothes for the comfort. I still fit into my normal wardrobe. My boobs gained those 4 lbs, I swear. She has been lecturing me ever since, that I really need to watch my weight. She doesn’t want me gaining any more than 15 lbs. Well, I’ve been teetering at 14 lbs gained and I’m 27 weeks today. I’m eating every 2 hours, getting in nutritional snacks, and doing my prenatal workout dvd. There’s not much more I can control. I’ve been tracking every calorie I eat and every workout I do just to have amo at my next appointment. People comment that I look really good and that I hide the baby well. I just now started showing. What gets me the most is my midwife is this short, very big, woman. She must be 5′ 3″ and over 300. She keeps comparing me to her by saying things like “bigger women like us…” or “I know people like you and me have a hard time exercising…” It kills me. Especially since my pregnancy began at the middle of a very successful weightloss journey. I was down 60 lbs and rocking my fitness goals. And she’s a young, single woman with no kids.

She gets to me, and I know I shouldn’t let her. She is one of the 3 rotating midwives I see, so I only have to deal with her every 3 appointments or so…but UGH!

Hang in there momma. Just be healthy for you baby and know that you’re doing your best. We can’t control biology.

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Bumble bee
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It’s a tricky thing, discussing ideal weight gains during pregnancy….mostly because to some extent it’s out of your control.  Still, health care providers do have an obligation to discuss guidelines, recommendations and risks with you in an honest, respectful manner.  This doesn’t mean preaching or insisting or belittling; rather it means giving straight-forward, evidence-based information and empowering women to make healthy/healthier/the healthiest possible given the situation/ choices.

I’ll admit BMI is not a wholly accurate metric, but without further information I can’t say much beyond that for a woman of your BMI, OP, the recommended gain is 11-20 lbs.  I’ve had several clients have a net zero gain at BMIs over 30, so it is possible and can be healthy but not for everyone.  

You do set yourself up for greater risk of complications at higher BMIs and having gained more weight during the pregnancy so the minimal healthy gain that you can manage will work in your favour, but as I said it’s not always in your total control.  All you can do is watch your intake in terms of nutrient-dense foods (after the NVP is gone) and caloric intake (women generally need about 200 additional calories a day starting in the mid-second trimester but again, that varies); and of course get regular exercise.  Doing that, know that you’re doing the best you can for both you and your baby.

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Busy Beekeeper
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You may be interested in this lady. She’s a nutritionist who specializes in paleo eating pregnant women. When I had my annual with my Gyn a few weeks ago, she mentioned that we would need to talk about modifying my paleo eating when I get my bfp, as it is currently leading to a lot of weight loss that would not be ideal while pregnant. So I started looking for someone with knowledge of grain-free, low carb eating while pregnant, and that link stood out to me.

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Honey bee
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I have always read that overweight women should gain 5-10 lbs while pregnant, the reason being the way their fat and other tissues/ organs store fat is affected by pregnancy differently. In other words, when thin women need to ‘pad’ things and build up reserves, overweight and obese women can kind of use what they have.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I’m plus size, my OB told me not to gain any weight! It’s a bit different where I live, we start seeing the OB after 20 weeks (prior to that my doctor handled things). I lost 17 lbs up to the halfway point (eating healthy and walking), then started going to the OB and they said not to lose weight. I gained 8 pounds in the last 16 weeks, they didn’t mind. They said I did a really good job of being healthy. Then when baby came out I was down 30lbs. Try not to stress, just make healthy choices 🙂

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Blushing bee

Just make healthy choices and you’ll be fine. My sister is plus size and only gained 9 pounds, however many others have gained over 20. Don’t use being pregnant as an excuse to binge, but also don’t be afraid to indulge. Enjoy your pregnancy.  

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Bumble bee
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Lyndzo:  Learned something new ha. I had a midwife, and then an OB because of the GD. I didn’t know that the FD takes care of your appointments until 20 weeks. I’m happy I went with a midwife, my FD works in a practice and I never see her, I always see a different colleague.    OP, I’m 5’0, wear a size 18 and weighed, before pregnancy, 236. I gained 12lbs and after I delivered, I weighed 226, so I ended up losing weight. It’s possible, just be careful with what you eat.

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