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I just wanted to say how happy I am for you, and I hope that I can join this thread sometime soon! Let’s hope lots of moms chime in! Good luck and congratulations!

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@nskillet: I am also plus size and am in my 31st week. I am also 37 and will be 38 when kiddo arrives

Answers to some of your questions:

How was your pre-natal care? Were you “scolded” or “scared”? Neither I wasn’t scolded nor am to scared.  I took early childhood classes in college (long time ago) but still remember stuff and have been reading quite a few books.

How were the comments from family/friends? Some say this is where you hear it from the most.  All positive comments!

How did your weight gain/loss go? Before I became pregnant I had lost 35 lbs, and since been pregnant have only gained 13 lbs. 

How was Labor/Delivery? Were you able to have vaginal delivery or did you need C section? Obvisiouly I do not know yet, the plan is vaginal delivery as of right now.

If C section delivery happened how was your recovery? A lot of doctors claim recovery can be slower for obese women.  Hasn’t happened yet.

How big did your boobs really get? Mine are ENORMOUS already!! Mine really haven’t grown yet in fact I think they got a little smaller. I am sure once kiddo arrives with Boyfriend or Best Friend they will grow.

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@nskillet: What a great idea for a thread. I’m currently 12 weeks pregnant and was a size 20-22 at the time we conceived. 

How was your pre-natal care? Were you “scolded” or “scared”? So far it’s great! My OB has been amazing, no scolding, no scare tactics. Very friendly and matter of fact. I think it helps that I went in with a similar attitude. I told him I’m aware that due to my wieght I’m at a higher risk for certain things, he agreed and said “Every pregnancy is different, so we’ll moniter and go from there”.

How were the comments from family/friends? Some say this is where you hear it from the most. Nothing but support from everyone. My mom (who is a nurse and a worrier) is naturally worried about a zillion things, but she just mentioned one time that when she was pregnant with my sister she ate her way through the entire city and let herself gain 50+ lbs, and suggested I not do that ’cause I’ll regret it! lol!

How did your weight gain/loss go? From weeks 1-8 I lost 2lbs, back up 1lb this month. OB was thrilled with the 1lb weight gain in 1 months at my last visit.

How was Labor/Delivery? Were you able to have vaginal delivery or did you need C section? Obviously I don’t know yet, but he hasn’t indicated that I’ll need a c section at any point.

How big did your boobs really get? Mine are ENORMOUS already I needed a new bra by week 6, I’ve managed to keep that one up until now and it still fits, but man o man did they grow fast! And they were already too big to start!

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Can I just say this makes me feel immensely better!  I am a 20-22 and have a WONDERFUL obgyn and pcp.  They are both pulling for us to have kids.  I am a vegetarian and eat lots of yummy homemade food.  Great sugar levels, no health issues, blood pressure and cholesterol are low.  I exercise a few times a week (walk, swim, yoga mostly).  Don’t smoke or drink.  Lots of water and some coffee.  I’m in a stable, loving marriage and financially stable.  So I was like “Why not TTC?”  Internet chatter can sometimes be discouraging and my wife and I really want a baby (or 2!).  Thanks for the thread!

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I really hope I can join this thread one day. I’m already copping the ‘just lose a few kilos, so & so lost weight and got pregnant like THIS’ *clicks fingers* Sigh.

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Hi girls,

First off, congrats on conceiving!  My hubby and I are considering trying to conceive our first child within the next year.  I am a size 18 now and know that I really need to start watching what I eat.  When you girls decided to try to have a baby, did you have a meeting with your OB/PCP to check into your health status?  Do they do bloodwork?  etc.? I have my annual exam at the end of December and am most likely going to go off of BC and try the TTC/NFP thing. Anything else you can advise me to do would be great.  Although I’m 40 years old, I’m totally lost when it comes to trying to have a baby. 

Thanks Bees!  Smile

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My mother has always been obese because she doesn’t have a thyroid.  She has to take medication for it.  She was never treated strangely and she had the three of us natural and at 42 had my half sister- the baby was in breech so she did have a C section.  Her recovery was fine.

My friend was obese while pregnant, but not normally.  She had a C section at the last minute.  She said it took her awhile to get her muscles back in her stomach, but she was never treated strangely either!  Congrats and don’t worry.  Find a dr. that treats you well that you like 🙂

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I am currently a size 18, 37 years old, and we conceived on our 3rd cycle of trying.  I had an appt with a new OB and she did not give me a hard time about my weight.  She encouraged me to keep up my exercise (I exercise regularly) and to not increase the amount of food I eat as I am ovbiously taking in enough calories.  She did say because of my age and being overweight there are things to watch closely, such as gustational diabetes, but skinny people get that too (as did my 100 pound sister with all 3 of her kids).  So overall I do feel like I was treated with respect which was important.  

@melisslp:  Definitely talk to your doctor about what you can do to prepare.  I didn’t have any bloodwork done pre-pregnancy but I had scheduled a meeting with a new OB associated with the hospital I wanted to use to talk about my history and what her attitude was towards older women TTC and how aggressive she would be if we were having issues.  DH and I were not sure if we would ever go the IVF route, but I did want to make sure I was working with someone who I felt I connected to and would be as aggressive as we wanted them to be.  Ironically enough I found out I was pregnant two weeks before that visit and our meet and great became something totally different.  🙂  I had been off BC for about two years and had been tracking my cycles with an app I downloaded onto my iphone.  I found this really helpful in keeping track on how regular I was and when we were ready to TTC, it helped me figure out when my fertile time periods were.  I also bought the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility which went into great detail on what happens to your body, which helped me get much more in tune.  Good luck to you and DH!!

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@chrispygal:  You’re so sweet to reply.  What was the name of the app that you used?  It sounds like it would be simple to use.  I should also order that book, since you’re the third person to recommend it.  Thanks again!

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How was your pre-natal care? Were you “scolded” or “scared”? I had great care from all of the doctors at the practice I went to except one. He was an ass all around. (was rude to a fellow pregnant coworker and she was tiny.)

How were the comments from family/friends? Some say this is where you hear it from the most. none, except an aunt said I hadn’t gained weight. guess I was supposed to blow up!

How did your weight gain/loss go? didn’t gain til 20wks or so, gained 30lbs, lost it all a week or so after birth, guess it was just water.

How was Labor/Delivery? Were you able to have vaginal delivery or did you need C section? needed a csection b/c her heart rate showed distress and no progress past 7cm, then found she was breech in there

If C section delivery happened how was your recovery? A lot of doctors claim recovery can be slower for obese women. I was fine a wk later when they took the staples out.

How big did your boobs really get? not that much bigger, went from a 38 D to a 40D

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@melisslp:  I didn’t quite know what to call it, but I believe you can request a pre-conception apptointment.  I basically explained to the woman over the phone what I was looking to get out of the appointment.


@MsMamaBear:  Wow, I hope I’m this lucky with the weight gain, loss, and growth of boobs!  

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In all honesty, being a plus sized gal had little bearing on how I was treated. Other than the differing opinions on what & how I should eat. (I lost 12 & 14 pounds while pregnant, it was so discouraging! PCP cheered on the loss while OB/WIC pushed for a few pounds of gain. My kids were 8 lbs 12 ozs & 6 lbs 1 oz.) In fact when I delivered my second child at 35 weeks most people would have never guessed I was anywhere close to due, just a tiny bump. I had normal vaginal deliveries. As for breast size, the girls went from a large C to large D with my first and they never went away. With my second they were a bit bigger but not even enough to bother bra shopping. 

Everyone is so different that I am glad there is a place like this for input and info! Wish it was around when I had all sorts of questions! LOL 

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glad to see there are more plus size TTC… i have been TTC for over a year now and i just went to my 1st appointment. They basically just asked questions about my cycle and how often we had intercourse & she said since i had a paps last year they just put the referal in and someone from infertility would call me and let me know what my plan covers and all that. i really thought there would be more to it but i guess its a waiting process now.

The only thing that sucks is im going to transfer to my husbands insurance next month… since its cheaper and i am tired of kaiser.  When i went for my pap last year the obgyn was really rude saying i needed to lose weight and how am i going to be able to hold baby weight with my own weight. I didnt have a good experiance this time they said i need to diet and exersize more, which i have been doing

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