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Be prepared for TMI!

I have PMDD and it was absolutely horrible.  I’ve been on Seasonale for 5 years and have been back to normal.  Looking back on what my life was like before is so scary; I would panic if I ran out of BC and had to go off of it for a month.  PMDD basically ruined my high school years and my freshman year of college.  My sophomore year I could handle it a little better but it still sucked quite often.

Here’s how a typical cycle would look for me:  I would feel like my period was going to start for 2-3 weeks w/ severe cramping & feeling bloated.  During this time I would become extremely depressed, almost suicidal (never considered suicide because I knew I would feel better in a few weeks), & would avoid friends because I was convinced they were friends with me b/c they felt bad for me & I didn’t want to burden them.  I was totally convinced my SO was dating me only because he didn’t want to be single & I would cry & tell him he should just break up with me so he can find someone worthwhile.  I would also be quick to rage & often kicked things and punched walls over stuff as small as dropping my pencil.  I felt like a psychopath, a few times I almost passed out because I became so enraged with someone for talking during a movie!

Then my period would start & last for 7 days very heavy & I would feel completely back to normal mentally.  This feeling normal would last for 2 weeks after my period stopped, and then start the cycle over again.  Sometimes I would go 2 mos between periods!  Basically, my life was hell.  I chose Seasonale because my periods were already so irregular that if I did a monthly BC I’d be experiencing more periods than I did normally.  It’s gotten rid of ALL of my symptoms and I feel like the person I was before puberty which was happy, fun, and well-adjusted.  I do notice though that it numbs all of my emotions, so before I would be ecstatic, now I am very happy; before I would be enraged, now I guess I’m kind of upset but not really.

Hope this helps!  You can PM me for more info.

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I agree with the PP, I definitely was a uncontrollable body of hormones. I was normal maybe one week out of my cycle. 2-3 weeks before I was even anticipating my period, my headaches would start and I would become an absolute B*tch who would flip in a second to be an absolute sobbing mess that NOTHING could help control/to absolute depressed and anxious about everything and anything. . My GYN seriously thought that I would need to be put on an anti-depressant along with my BC for Yaz to help control everything. I think things really started getting bad for PMDD in my Junior year of high school and I finally went on Yaz my sophomore year of college.

I’m a LOT more sane now. I couldn’t even stand to be around myself back then.

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I had PMDD during the year that I was already suffering severe depression and anxiety. During my cycle the depression and anxiety would escalate to nearly incomprehensible levels and it was only during those times that I was suicidal. My cramps were indescribably bad — during one cycle I remember laying my head in my SO’s lap and gripping his leg so hard it left marks because the pain (mental and physical both) was so bad. All of the awfulness stopped when my baseline depression/anxiety went away, and I notice now that I’m mentally healthy again that my only bad periods are those during cycles when I dread it and think how awful it will be. I generally still have horrible cramps on the first day, but last cycle I was supposed to go see SO give a talk at his school that day, so my only train of thought the day or so leading up to it was, “I hope I can go see J speak, I really don’t want to miss it, I have to go!” And that positive mindset led me to have the easiest period I have ever had — not a single cramp all that day. And that’s not to say that you should just “think happy thoughts” and your problems will go away; I’m just pointing out that in my experience PMDD symptoms seem to be a “chicken or the egg” cycle — your mental state causes your cramps to worsen, which cause your mental state to worsen, which causes your cramps to worsen, etc. etc. — and you have to figure out “which came first” for you, and concentrate on fixing that first. (But take that all with a grain of salt, I’m not a doctor and this is just what worked for me!)

I can’t really offer any medical advice — I can’t take HBC because of other health issues, and I didn’t want to take antidepressants because of the side effects, so I just had/have to live with mine. I have heard of women being prescribed low-dose antidepressants to use only during that week or two when they need them, however, with SSRI pills you’re not supposed to abruptly stop them, so I’m not sure how that works. Maybe it’s different with PMDD being a hormonal thing, and the pills being low dose…

I would talk to your doctor about this! She/he will be able to work with you to find the best option to help you. I hope you find something that works! 🙂

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I just saw this post and had to respond. I’ve suffered with PMDD since my Junior year of high school, and I’m now almost 25 years old. For two weeks out of every month I don’t feel like myself. I have terrible breast tenderness, bloating, I feel like I’m starving 24/7, I’m extremely tired, irritable, and down. I started taking birth control pills in July and this has helped a little bit and I also take an antidepressant. I’m not sure the antidepressant I take helps me so I’m considering switching to one that specifically targets PMDD.

I’m also looking into diet changes and vitamins to help alleviate the problems.

I feel for all of you that suffer with PMDD, anxiety, depression, OCD, bipolar, etc. It’s tough but we can make it girls. 🙂

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