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My uncle is a NYC cop. I’m sorry you’re dealing with some bad apples!

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@soy:  I would ask for a meeting with the officer in charge of the precinct. If you can’t get one, I would write him or her a letter. They need to know what damage these officers are doing to community relations.

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That’s so frustrating! My fiance is a young cop and he is anything but power hungry. I know that some can be that way though. Also, just wanted to add that most places now will only consider hiring police officers if they have a bachelor’s degree.

Hope this situation gets better for you, i’m sure it’s hard when you don’t make it to work on time because of it!

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In DH’s place of work, they don’t have enough parking spaces either. They are required to either leave their keys inside the car, or to hand them in at the main desk. This means that, if their car requires moving in their absence, someone can just move it.

You could, perhaps, suggest this? The only alternative is to keep filing reports, taking photos, and complaining to as many people you can, I’m afraid.

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@julies1949:  Sounds like a good idea.  You could maybe also try your alderman or whatever the equivalent there is?

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That sucks and I felt really bad for you until you threw out the part about a 4 year degree. Next time you need medical care I will be sure to wait for someone with a 4 year degree to show up, lol.

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What in the fuck. I’d be livid if I were you. How do the tow trucks (and you) know that these are police cars if they’re personal cars? I’d be doing everything I could to get those assholes towed. I’d seriously be mad enough to just key the crap out of those cars too. I’m actually mad for you right now… How are they such arrogant pricks that they think that’s ok to block in other cars? 

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Sugar bee
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Hey, I come from several generations of NYPD cops–I can ask my dad for advice if you want? He doesn’t live up here any more, but he might have some suggestions.

You should be able to find a higher-up at the precinct. Just send them a friendly, respectful email, and they will probably get in touch with their guys and ask them to stop doing that on your street.

And yeah… many police officers have 4-year degrees these days. I was feeling you until you got that dig in.

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@soy:  Yeah, I think you for sure have a leg to stand on–I mean, yes, people double-park constantly here, but it IS illegal, and kinda not cool for them to be doing it in their police vehicles, unless it’s an emergency!

If it happens again, I would just calmly walk over to the precinct and ask them for help getting your car out. In my experience, police officers do NOT like it when people are ranting and raving (though who does, really? lol). Then while they’re helping you, just say something like, “Hey, this has happened a couple of times, and I’d really like to talk to someone from the precinct about it. Who would you recommend I get in touch with? Of course, it’s fine if it’s an emergency, but if it’s happening often, I feel like maybe it’s not ALWAYS an emergency.” If you’re calm and respectful, they should take you much more seriously.

If you don’t park there anymore/it doesn’t happen again, then you can still reach out to the precinct and see who you should talk to. You might even be able to find that info online. I mean, they’re not going to, like, give you money or something, but you will likely get a polite apology, and behind the scenes someone will probably have words with the officers.

I can ask my dad when I chat with him tomorrow and see if he has any more advice.

Honestly, no, police officers are not going to give each other tickets, lol. To give the officer who parked there the benefit of the doubt, hopefully he/she figured out could just get out by going onto the sidewalk and didn’t think you’d be too inconvenienced. In my experience, law enforcement officers are usually not complete a-holes, unless they think they’re dealing with an a-hole first. (But, seriously, who DOESN’T act like that in NYC anyway? Lol, I think all police officers are New Yorkers.)

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Erm, not all cops are power hungry or “abuse” their power.  And really? The whole 4 year degree comment?  DH is a cop and in his department, unless you are former military, you’ve been required to have a 4 year degree to get hired for the past few years now.  With the push to send everyone and their mothers to college, bachelor’s degrees are becoming the equivelent of a high school diploma nowadays, in my opinion anyway.  I’ve encountered plenty of morons who have 4 year degree and couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag if their lives depended on it.  But I digress…

As far as your situation, document everything with pictures.  Take it to the captain of the precinct if necessary.  As another poster mentioned, community relations are a big deal and the captain and other brass want to know about how the police are perceived in the community.




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