(Closed) Police vs. Dog…Your opinion?

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Busy bee
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I haven’t watched the video but all I have to say is that I pity the person who hurts my dog in any way, shape, or form…

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Buzzing Beekeeper

@figgnewton:  I haven’t seen it because I don’t have Facebook. I will say that killing an animal should always be a last resort, not a go to response. There are people who are trained to work with animals so if someone isn’t comfortable doing it, then bring in the experts.

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Sugar bee
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I saw that last night. I really wish I hadn’t.

This is what I wrote about it on FB:

There are a few problems here. 1) The owner of the dog should have minded his own business. 2) It’s not illegal to film cops, so they have no right to arrest him for doing so. 3) The fact that the dog got shot was just a terrible event due to bad human behavior on both the cops’ part, and the dog owner part. I don’t think the officers were in the wrong for shooting the dog (had it escalated with the dog, one of the cops wouldn’t be able to shoot the dog without possibly shooting the other cop), but I do think the fact that they arrested the dog owner illegally played a direct role in the fact that the dog was killed. I really wish I had not watched that. That was incredibly sad & the only one blameless in the situation was the one who was killed.

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Sugar bee
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I’ve seen the video going around but I won’t watch it. The dog was protecting it’s owner though, as any loyal dog would do. I would jump in front of that gun if they were going to shoot one of my dogs.

My dogs are my children. You don’t touch them.

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Busy bee
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I saw it on my FB feed however I didn’t watch it (I can’t watch stuff like that). I am a big animal rights advocate and I always feel there is more than one option when it comes to dogs acting aggresively than shooting it outright. 

And if you said she was waving her arms around freaking the dog out, she caused it herself and then ended the dogs life due to her plain stupidity around animals. Ugh I really hate these types of scenarios where humans do dumb things around animals and then kill them because “it’s their knee jerk reaction.” Well, it was probably also the rotties knee jerk reaction to get defensive when this other creature standing near it started to look like it was going a little crazy.

Police officers have the tools to combat and work with crazy humans, defensive humans, humans with weapons, yet they can’t handle a freakin’ dog.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I think police officers should be forced to receive training on dog behavior/how to approach dogs (if they aren’t already). This person was clearly clueless on how to not escalate the confrontation. Devastating.

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Busy bee
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@figgnewton:  This is why I agree with another poster that said police should receive adequate training on how to handle large dogs properly. I just completely disagree with killing animals. I’m a baby about it.

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Helper bee
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This is such a sore subject for me….


I am in law enforcement  and I love my pets….BUT everyday, when I am on the job, my goal is to get back home safe and alive…sometimes, this goal is comprmised when things like this happen.


You know how some people shouldn’t be allowed to have childen? I think some people shoudln’t be allowed to have pets, period. The dogs owner was a complete moron in my book. Why the HECK would he not have put the windows half way up when he put his dog in the car?  The dog owner knew what he was doing. He actually didn’t really seem to care much when his dog got shot.


The dog was leaping at the officers and barking…the dog owner, who apparently was so ‘cooperative’ with police (turned around and allowed the police to cuff him up) didn’t seem to tell the dog or give the dog any type of command to lay off. People with pets, specially aggressive breeds, should have their dogs trained on command..



My two cents.


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Busy bee
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This is a case of the owner needing to mind his own business in what is obvously a tense situation.  Poliece don’t have 4 squad cars and a SWAT team out for no reason. He was heckling the cops.  He put his dog away (good move) but did not make sure it was really safe (dumb move).

He did the right thing by complying to the arrest.

The dog spazzed out, but on the video I saw was very much egged on my the crowd.  THAT was a contributing factor.

The police were trying to protect themselves from an attacking animal.  One shot should of done, not several….then you’d have an injured but alive dog.

There were several wrongs here….the man mouthing off, the crowd egging on, the poliece going overboard on a dog.

My brother’s a cop, so I’m biased…but the crap that he puts up with in a rural area with dogs is insane.  Atleast in rural areas one typically has time to defend oneself. There was very little room in this area.

I am a dog lover, grew up with German Shepards.  I am not a fan of bull or other “hard bite” type dogs, however.  A lab “doing it’s job” will hurt and could maim, but a pit/rottie “doing it’s job” could easily kill in a minimal number of bites.  Breed bias or not, being percieved as a dangerous animal is just part of owning a dog with that sort of body structure.

Unfortunate situation but I think it’s a convulgence of alot of stupidity….mostly the owners but including the cops and the crowd.  If the cops get persecuted, I’d like to see the people in the crowd cheering on the dog get in trouble, too.

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