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Not sure if there’s an official rule for it, but there should be…especially if the thread is so old that the OP or other posters aren’t even active on the Bee anymore. And I suppose it depends on the topic of the thread..ones that are like: “My dh cheated on me what should I do?”, obviously any replies 3 years late aren’t going to be relevant anymore. Threads that are general: “Post your dress/rings” could technically be necromanced I suppose, but threads like that are made every other day so it’d be better to just post in the more recent ones that people are already invested in. Most threads fall under “reply to the OP” category, and when it’s 5 years later and OP isn’t around anymore, or just doesn’t care anymore, it’s pointless to bump it. 

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I don’t think there’s an official policy, but I’m on Team Close All Threads Older Than 5 Years. Sure, there are ones about general topics, but most of the bees that were engaged in that discussion won’t be active anymore and it’s annoying to have to dig to page 17 or whatever to see what the current discussion on the topic is.

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I’m absolutely up for closing threads after about 2 years.  It’s annoying to read one, come up with what I consider a useful answer and then discover the thread is 6 years old, already resolved and never been updated or whatever.  Bleah

Also I just looked and both of the closed threads I’m seeing were dredged up by the same person – that person dug up 8 old threads, all on similar topics, apparently to tell us about how she likes couple swapping. Why not just start a thread of her own on that specific topic instead?  Seems weird.

If the Bee wanted to help though, they’d have a less suckass search function that allowed you to sort by date.  It can be confusing for a newbee.

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Yes! For anyone listening, please let us search and then sort by date. Nothing more frustrating than finding the EXACT thread topic you’re looking for, click on it, and it’s 7 years old with missing pics. So annoying! Lol

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skunktastic :  I saw that too!! They probably couple swap under a bridge!!

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Hey guys, I’m one of the moderators. When a zombie post that’s so old gets reactivated, we do shut it down. The OP is always welcome to start a new thread if they come back and are dealing with the same issue. It helps a lot if you guys flag these when you see them, because our eyes can’t be everywhere

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There seems to be an influx of people trolling old threads to stir drama, and those were closed. One bee specifically went after an old poster and dredged up years old threads to antagonize one OP. No idea why, maybe she knew her IRL. Anyway I’m all for closing if it’s not a thread that’s wedding related. 

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 I think all threads that are more than like 5 years old should just be closed automatically. That’s how a lot of other sites like this work. It’s annoying to see people responding to a 8 year old thread, if you have a topic you want to discuss, start a new thread. 

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There’s no rule, but you’d be surprised how many flags we get when someone bumps a zombie thread. We usually just close it so that posters aren’t wasting their time giving the OP advice when the issue has long been handled/resolved. 

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I often wonder how people even FIND those posts. So they do random searches? Surely if a person were new on a site they would start a new thread or assume that past situation weren’t relevant to them or worthwhile commenting on? I don’t know. But I am always annoyed beyond belief when an old thread gets bumped and I respond only to realize it is 3 years old. Ugh! If I notice it in time I will delet my reply, but I think threads should close automatically after they are a certain age and have gone a certain period with no replies.

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des- :  I have had multiple threads closed that weren’t revived.  Also, many of the threads that were closed means they no longer show up in my list of threads.  I now see some closed ones that do appear there, how can I see them all again?

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