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CherryA : no need to be testy. yeah I think coexist is a wonderful message also but so is the one they posted of USA pride/respect/love …No doubt your child’s religious school didn’t have nefarious intent with their post.

Asking advice here is fine but understand that as your responses have thus illustrated, there are many like minded individuals. Outside the echo chamber you will likely be perceived as intolerant and petty. So my advice on “how to proceed” would be to ignore. . .and buckle up as Christmas is coming….

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Honey bee

I’m not a parent (yet) but this would piss me off too, and as a teacher I would never ever EVER in a million years bring another persons child into my politics. Even when we talk about politics in class (because I teach a social studies unit on government), I’m pretty careful about what I say. 

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mrstodd2bee :  I am confused as to why you keep mentioning Christmas and Easter? Could you clarify? OP has stated that she has no problem with the school posting about Christian holidays as this is a Christian school…yet you keep bringing this into your posts like it has some kind of relevance to the issue of politicizing children. 

Also I find your use of “echo chamber” kind of ironic. OP has said she lives in an area where the vast majority of people have different political views than hers…but she’s in an echo chamber? She also stated that she would have an issue if the school used children as props to make a political statement AGAINST the pledge of allegiance, showing that she is objective and reasoned about this. 

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mrstodd2bee :  really, stop being so deliberately obtuse.  Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that standing / not standing during the national anthem is a major issue in the national news right now.  Requesting that your PRESCHOOL not use freaking 4 year olds as a prop in their public stance on one side of a highly divisive issue isn’t some lefty thing, it’s a good parenting thing.

What if the school posted a picture of a bunch of children taking a knee during the national anthem, with the message “We proudly support the First Amendment and all Americans’ right to public protest!”  I bet you’d have an opinion then.

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CherryA :  It feels disturbing. I wonder who has the control of their social page? Principal? Does any one else say a thing on the post? If they feel safe to post such a controversy on it, they may be know how their audience can feel.

If it is a public school, like in this country with free school from the government, I think you can complain a lot and have notice taken for you. However it is a private, religious school. Private school can do what they like with the students and politics. I saw a whole class of very young ones, like first grade, at the woman march, with the cat hat. May be it was a field trip for them, I do not know. However, if most parent agree with the politics statement I do not think you will have a success complaing for it.

BalletParker :  I do not think a private school has free speech for students. They can make the rule “all will stand for the pledge” and any that do not like it can disenroll. It is not like public school where all have the right to attend.

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I weirdly agree with mrsnyctola – I would be furious in your shoes, but at the same time you’re left a bit high and dry if that is the message of your private, religious school. They clearly think this will be a hit with the parents.

Your options here are to voice your disappointment but still continue to have your daughter increasingly aligned with political and worldviews which you may or may not agree have a place in the classroom, or you can leave.

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I teach and I go to great lengths not to engage in ANYTHING political with my students, even when they ask or push me on it. I teach literacy and not a high school political science course; parents do not send their children to me for lessons in politics. IMO, a preschool should be completely apolitical, at least publicly. This would really, really bother me. I hope your talk with the owner/director goes well, but I have a feeling that if they would weigh in on a topic like this with a picture of the children in their care, they are probably more extreme than you would wish. Their actions were completely inappropriate, though, and there was absolutely no reason to bring the children into this at all. 

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CherryA :  fair enough, but my point is this likely isn’t happening in a vacuum. The poster likely felt they had the tacit approval of the school board and parents with this message. Since MOST parents likely won’t protest politicization of children when it aligns with their politics (think all those ‘cute’ kids crying when Clinton lost the election on the liberal side of the spectrum), you’ll likely be howling into the void on this one.

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CherryA :  Did you give permission to the school that they can put your daughter’s photo on Facebook? Because that’s a big no no..

ETA: Ok, yeah..my dumbass didn’t scroll down. I see that you said you signed a waiver. Sorry!

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I’d have my child remain seated for the pledge tomorrow, and if the school has an issue I’d thoroughly enjoy that conversation 😂

But I’m petty like that.

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Oh, I missed the part where this is a private, religious school. Typically, politics (along with whatever their organization’s religious views are) are voiced and enforced at many conservative schools (and while not all religious schools are conservative, many are). You tacitly agreed to their politics when you agreed to their religion, IMO. It is unlikely they will be receptive to your complaint.

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I am a parent of 3 kids and I don’t want my kids politicized either. I did send my middle daughter to a Methodist preschool even though we are not religious. So at Easter I expected the “he is risen” Facebook message etc. That comes with the religious school territory. But politics does not. Not all people who are religious hold the same beliefs. I’d be having words with the preschool director.

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mrsnyctola : Not sure why you are correcting me based on information provided on page 2, when I posted on page 1, before it was known that it was a private school.?? 

no, a private school student doesn’t have the same free speech rights, but that doesn’t make it okay for the teacher to use a photo of a student under her political statement on the school’s FB page.

and it doesn’t make it okay for a teacher to fail to understand the basic principle of the first amendment. 

In no world is her behavior acceptable. Is she speaking for the school? I’d want to know. 




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