(Closed) (Poll) Do you have them same political affiliation as your parents?

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  • poll: Do you have the same political affiliation as your parents

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    We agree we have a piece of shit desecrating democracy,  but I’m way more liberal to the surviving relative I have.

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    brittanyeide :  

    Your post assumed we are all in the USA l think . Also that parents politics are identical to each other. My response pertains to English/Australian politics .

    My father was an old fashioned western socialist, a union man to the core, my mother much more conservative . I suspected she may have voted Conservative, possibly Liberal . I have voted Labour all my life and see no reason to change. Not, l hasten to add , because they are perfect, but that the alternative is unthinkable. 

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    I was raised by Democrats and grew up to stay a Democrat, but I’m definitely further to the left than they are. 

    I used to be so excited about the political process and but that’s just been beaten out of me since 2016. I will still vote in every local, state, and national race I can, but the pride and joy I felt when I cast my first votes (2008 primary for Hillary, 2008 general for Obama) are long gone. It’s our duty to vote, but my god am I exhausted. 

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    My parents are moderate Dems. I would consider my self far-left Dem.

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    My whole extended family on both sides is aligned with the same party. A lot of my mum’s side actually worked in politics (working for this particular party) and my dad’s side is very passionate about politics. 

    I did one of those political alignment tests with my family and we all got identical results. 

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    I don’t feel 100% represented by republicans or democrats so I personally consider myself an independent party– however I do lean more toward democratic stands.

    You can’t change people who are set in their ways but I try to have open dialogue with my mom and grandma who are hard core republicans. They enjoy talking politics but have a problem when I don’t agree with them. I have strong feelings about their reasons for voting republican ONLY because they make it seem that democratic ideals and stands are wrong for religious purposes— but I still respect their beliefs and reasons. I don’t think they respect mine but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. 

    We’re also all really close and just agree to disagree at the end of the day. 

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    I didn’t vote in the poll, but my parents were never into politics or religion. 🙂

    ETA- My dad’s parents are super religious and hardcore republican. I’ve definitely gotten into a few arguments regarding sexuality. 

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    My mom is a hardcore Christian and conservative in her views, but she doesn’t vote for some reason. She’s more on the “god will take care of things” boat I think. My dad however is extremely liberal, outspoken, passionate, etc. I remember he took me to my first protest, which was the anti Iraq war protest. I grew up in a conversative area, and I remember being the only student in my 6th grade class to argue against the Iraq war while everyone else was for the Iraq war. But of course we were just parroting what our parents told us. 

    With that said, I’m extremely liberal. So I guess I get it from my dad.

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    In Germany, the party system is a bit different to the American one because of how we vote – which gives smaller parties a chance to win seats, too.

    I think my mum and I often vote for the same party but not all the time. I definitely grew up in a more left-leaning household, in America we’d probably be considered leftist Democrats. I used to be a member of the Green Party and later the Pirate Party, so I would say I moved further to the left and my interests changed a bit.

    My mum has become a little more conservative, mainly because her new partner is VERY conservative (and not in a good was IMHO) but I’m pretty sure she still votes Greens or maybe SPD (Social Democrats). 

    We don’t agree on ALL issues but that’s usually issues when she’s not as informed, e.g. newer LGBTQI issues. 


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    I used to vote for the same party as my Dad (Conservative, in the UK). My Mom is more liberal and votes Liberal Democrat.

    When younger I mostly voted Conservative for economic reasons, but after doing a degree in economics those reasons became less convincing to me. 

    I was very anti-Brexit and hold this against the Conservative Party who are too right wing for me now. I consider myself pretty centrist. I have voted the same as my Mom in recent years, but consider myself a floating voter and try to vote for the candidate. Parties change over time so I wouldn’t say I’d never vote for any of the three main parties. 

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    From the UK here, so the political scene is different, but I think a lot of people are still very committed to one party or another and it does seem to run in families.

    I couldn’t join in the poll as I’d have had to vote ‘same’ AND ‘opposite’.  Growing up, my parents taught me to look at what candidates believed and what they had achieved in the past, rather than just following any particular party.  When the time came for my first election, they encouraged me to read the various manifestos, ask questions and make up my own mind based on that.

    I’ve never followed any particular party, as I’ve always voted based on who was standing at that time and what they were standing for.  So in that way, I’m the same as my parents because that is what they did.

    Sometimes, I’ve voted the same way as my parents, sometimes I don’t know because they haven’t mentioned who they voted for and sometimes I’ve voted differently to them – so because I’ve voted differently sometimes, in that way, I’m ‘opposite’!

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    I’m not very interested in politics but I don’t support the party my father supports at all and my mom is politially indifferent, she doesn’t care.

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    I’m in the UK so a multi party system.

    my parents have moved around a bit in their voting. They’ve voted for the Monster Raving Loony party and in the past spoilt their ballot papers. Mostly they have voted Liberal Democrat’s but I grew up in a very safe conservative seat. 

    ive always voted Liberal Democrat. I’m very middle of the road in my views.

    growing up the most important political lesson I learnt from my parents was that I MUST vote. I must use the right that so many women were tortured for me to have. If I didn’t want any candidate I was to go and spoil my ballot rather than just not turn up. This is the lesson I’m passing on too. I’ve taken my kids with me everytime I’ve voted (and it’s been a lot recently) the last time, my 3 year old enjoyed it so much he said he wanted to be a grown up so he could vote.

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    My parents are as liberal as they come. I am as well. I’m sure they influenced me but as I got older I do feel like I chose to be liberal. If they were conservative I think I would still identify as a liberal. I’m very glad they believe what they do. 

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    Both me and my parents are very liberal on social issues, but my parents are more fiscally conservative. 

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