(Closed) POLL: Do you judge people with tattoos?

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  • poll: Do you judge people with tattoos?

    Yes, I judge people who have any type of tattoo

    Yes, I judge people who have large tattoos, but small tattoos are fine

    I don't judge as long as the tattoo is covered up in a professional context

    I judge people who get too many tattoos

    I don't judge people who have tattoos at all

    I only dislike particular types/placement of tattoos e.g. face tattoos (please describe below)

    I love all tatts!

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    shazzshazshz:  I think they look trashy and it doesn’t matter if it is a small tattoo or a tramp stamp, I really think it makes you look less polished and professional. I would not be okay with an employee having visible tattoos at work and would never date someone with one. FWIW, my best friend has 11 tattoos and I never asked her to cover them up for our wedding. 

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    From someone with tattoos, I try not to judge people with tats.  However, if you have something very offensive, such as a naked lady on your arm, or a nazi symbol on your thigh, or something I find very degrading, I’m going to judge! 

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    Tattoos are so personal so I can’t really judge them. Sometimes I dislike their placement or design, but that’s more a personal opinion than a judgement. One day, if I could ever decide on colors or placement, I’d love to get a watercolor tattoo done like:<br /><br />

    or<br />

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    shazzshazshz:  I don’t judge now.  I used to be right along with your boss and the first person that posted until I met my husband.  He has four.  One on his spine right below the neckline, one on his lower right leg (a four leaf clover – he’s irish) and two on his inner upper fore arm.  Three of them are chinese symbols which he verified as the correct symbol before having them permanently inked on him.  The clover I mentioned is a nod to his Irish heritage.   I know he wants to get one more for our daughter.  Me personally?  I know he got the four tattos years before he met me, I wouldn’t want him to add one more.  I like him with four and have gotten accustomed to four.  Would I judge him if he were to get another one?  No, because all of his tattoos can be covered up and aren’t offensive.  the one that he may get would be on his back as well and would never be seen unless he didn’t wear a shirt to work.

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    shazzshazshz:  My guy is covered in tattoos (hands, neck, you name it), so obviously I like them. But hey, I love tattoo haters, leaves more hot guys with tattoos for me ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

    Seriously though, I don’t have any- just not into them for myself, but I like them on other people. I don’t see it as being so different from hair coloring, makeup, hair extensions, plastic surgery, etc. Where we live it’s pretty common, sometimes when we travel to more rural midwestern/southern places we get looks (probably because of how I dress too), but the only people who actually say anything are positive. I guess I’d only judge if the tattoo itself said something offensive like a racial slur or nazi symbols. 

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    shazzshazshz:  I tend to agree with you, it’s primarily the placement of tattoos (ie. head/face/neck) that I tend to wonder about.

    Generally though to be honest, I don’t really care. If you have body art doesn’t make you a good/bad person, you are who you are. It did influence my dating decisions to an extent, because I do find many tattoos look somewhat trashy (and bringing guys that are tattooed from head to toe aren’t the ones I would have ever brought home to meet my parents). My now-FI has a smallish tattoo on his back though and I think it’s sexy! It was perfect because it gave my family time to get to love him before it was uncovered hahaha!

    I have noticed that it can in some professions, impact a person’s professional life so I personally believe in making sure you can cover your tattoo up. I can’t see an executive being taken seriously with a sleeve of nude women on his arm.  To me it’s equivalent to showing up to a corporate job wearing a wife beater. 

    Either way, I do think that society has become more relaxed about tattoos, they are so common now. And there are definitely some beautiful pieces of artwork out there ๐Ÿ˜€

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    I do. Personally, if you have tattoos I’m more likely to think you’re awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I do like tattoos, I have one myself and intend to get another. Of course I think it’s not so smart to get offensive or poorly done tattoos, or ink on your hands or face, but as long as your inking is tasteful and can be easily hidden, go for it.

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    Tattoos–like clothing, accessories, or any other personal accoutrements–can signal certain personal qualities, and if I don’t value those personal qualities then I guess I’ll judge?  However, I have no issue with tattoos as a concept and happily count a number of people with visible tattoos among my colleagues.

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    I don’t particularly find face and neck tattoos appealing, or tattoos of a racist, homophobic, or overtly sexual design, but I don’t judge people who choose to have body art. I have a tattoo. I’m planning on getting another one. My matron of honor has about a third of her back covered (it’s a work in progress), as well as two other ones. My mom has my deceased brother’s name tattooed on her ring finger so she can “keep both her boys together” while she wears her wedding band.

    They’re awesome for some. They’re not for others. Judgmental people exist. I just don’t give their opinions of my choices in bodyily decoration much thought.

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    I often cringe a little if people chose to tattoo a place which couldn’t be hidden by a trouser suit, such as their face…. however, I also realise that this is traditional for people such as the Maori, so I wouldn’t complain about it too much.

    I mean… if you get a swastika done on your forehead, and love and hate done on your knuckles, then obviously you’re going to get judged for that. Generally speaking though, I love tatts and I’d like more of my own.

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    GrumpytheDwarf:  I can’t see an executive being taken seriously with a sleeve of nude women on his arm.  To me it’s equivalent to showing up to a corporate job wearing a wife beater.

    One of the more interesting conversations I’ve ever had was at a business conference I attended. CEOs of several North American pharmaceutical companies and at least half a dozen doctors were standing around amongst all their colleagues from all over the place showing off their ink. You would be surprised how many executives have tattoos that don’t show simply because of business attire being entirely comprised of long sleeves and jackets for men. 

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