(Closed) POLL: Do you judge people with tattoos?

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  • poll: Do you judge people with tattoos?
    Yes, I judge people who have any type of tattoo : (72 votes)
    14 %
    Yes, I judge people who have large tattoos, but small tattoos are fine : (17 votes)
    3 %
    I don't judge as long as the tattoo is covered up in a professional context : (43 votes)
    8 %
    I judge people who get too many tattoos : (31 votes)
    6 %
    I don't judge people who have tattoos at all : (90 votes)
    18 %
    I only dislike particular types/placement of tattoos e.g. face tattoos (please describe below) : (212 votes)
    42 %
    I love all tatts! : (44 votes)
    9 %
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    Bumble bee

    My opinion is people can get whatever tattoos wherever they like, but if they’re going to get tattoos of a certain subject matter and placement, they should expect to be on the receiving end of some judgment. In a formal, professional setting I don’t have an issue with tattoos so long as they’re covered up. There is one woman at my job who has tattoos, but one is on her lower leg and the other is just below her neck, so they can only be seen when she is dressed for spring/summer. I don’t mind hers because one is a bird and the other is flowers with (I think) her daughter’s name. There are a few guys who work in our printing department with visible tattoos on their arms, but I don’t mind them because they do a lot of manual labor and have a casual (jeans and dickies) dress code. For me, it is all about the environment. Some places it is appropriate to show them (the beach, the mall, reastaurants), others it is not (some work/formal events).

    Outside of work, I would only ever roll my eyes at someone who got face/neck tattoos. They would immediately strike me as an attention whore and I don’t really care if that sounds judgy. People don’t willingly put something like a tattoo or an odd piercing on their face unless they’re trying to draw attention to it. One of my aunts has a face tattoo and she is very much the type to try and make people feel uncomfortable/offended, so I don’t have much respect for her.

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    Helper bee
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    Fiance has loads of tattoos and they’ve never been an issue. He owns a tattoo and piercing parlour (thats how we met) so it comes with the territory!

    For him it’s a smart business choice – would you get a tattoo or piercing from someone who had none themselves?! 

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    Blushing bee

    I think people shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. My very best friend has many large tatoos and they really suit her and her personality. Another friend is literally covered from head to toe, minus the face and she carries herself with such elegance. However, there are times when it’s hard not to make assumptions about people with certain tatoos since stereotypes are often based off of some degree of truth. On a side note,  an unintended consequence concerning tatoos, is that they can date a person. Styles of tatoos can be trendy and we all know trends fade (just like tatoos over time). So you could be 40ish and look like you’re still in your 20’s but have a tatoo that was clearly from another decade.

    I much prefer tatoos that can be concealed with clothing. I can see how exposed tatoos can make an employer uneasy depending upon the job position. It can look unprofessional. And I do question someones common sense with some tatoo placements. Hoever, tatoos have become so commonplace these days. I guess certain generations are more accepting of tatoos while other generations are less accepting. Maybe we’ll see more of tatoos or there will be a backlash against tatoos. Only time will tell. 

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    I have one fairly large tattoo on my forearm and hope to get more one day.

    I only judge tattooed people when I find the subject matter offensive/distasteful (eg. tacky naked girls, gang signs, racist/homophobic you get the picture)

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    Helper bee

    Being someone who’s lost count of how many tattoos I have, I absolutely adore them – but there are lines that get crossed sometimes, and I’ve seen a fair few that I can’t believe exist haha

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    I have 4 tats myself… I’m military so it was something I wanted to do before I left home.  My mom doesn’t like them — so that’s why I waited till I left home.  I don’t judge anyone who has them.  And I don’t judge those who judge those of us with tats… to each their own.  Everyone will never agree on everything…

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    shazzshazshz:  scarring due to inflammatory response from body. There is now a tattoo method caled micro encapsulation to mitigated this, I understand the results are mixed.

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    Worker bee

    If I see a well dressed person with a tattoo who is clearly educated and intelligent then I don’t really judge them. 

    Though I do think tattoos LOOK trashy and make me think the person is uneducated/trashy/low class UNLESS they carry themselves well. 

    With that said, I do judge those trashy women who have tattoos on their breast/chest, those are probably even trashier than tramp stamps. 

    Also (and I’m being completely honest here) I think brides who are wearing beautiful elegant gowns while having visible tattoos look anything BUT elegant, is it just looks trashy/low class, even though they may not really be trashy, it’s just how it looks.

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      shazzshazshz:  oh my god, that is crazy. Poor kid of hers. 

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    Tattoos are totally a personaly preference. Lucky for me I have a phobia of needles so it was an easy decision for me to not want one XD – but I do enjoy looking at others’ tattoos. My problem is when the tattoos become durogatory. In the end it’s the freedom of choosing what you want on your body – but I may be cautious of a person with a tattoo that is outright offensive to a person/community. No one deserves to feel predjudiced against.

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    unless its something bad (like.. a swastica) I think tattoos are cool, and look very cool in combination with a suit may I add.  I think its alawys cool and sexy when I’m at a conference and meet someone with tattoos.

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