POLL: Do you still maintain relationships with people who voted for Trump?

posted 1 year ago in Relationships
  • poll: We’re you able to maintain relationships with people who voted for Trump?
    Yes : (127 votes)
    50 %
    Yes, but the relationship is strained : (63 votes)
    25 %
    No : (63 votes)
    25 %
    No, but I wish I had : (0 votes)
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    tiffanybruiser : 

    It’s a lot easier to create distance from in-laws than it is from our own parents so, I probably have it easier than you do in that regard. I don’t like that it has to be that way but, they have taught me how to treat them… and that’s at arms length. But, I feel for you lol! I’m sure if your parents keep up with the bullying tactics though, it will eventually create distance between you all as well. I think heated political discussions make for a miserable time for everyone so, I can never and will never understand why people go there to begin with. It’s really annoying.   



    I live in the South where there are a lot of brave, verbally abusive, outspoken conservatives so, that’s just what I see and that’s where my opinions come from. Maybe if I lived in a more liberal area, I’d see it the other way and that would annoy me as well. Unlike a lot of my family, I consider myself more of an independent so, I get frustrated when conservatives label me as a “libtard” etc. just because I have been outspoken and critical about Trump. Maybe this is just the side of the coin that I see every day, who knows. 

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    icequeen85 :  I live in the south and I DID carpool with the nicest elderly gentleman.  After the election he started in with a constant harrangue on the way home about Trump.  I let it go for a week because of the shock.  After that, I asked him nicely if we could find a different topic for the commute.

    Two weeks later I was on the bus and he was no longer using the High Occupancy Vehicle lane for his commutes.  

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    Mrs.MilitaryBee :  

    Mrs.MilitaryBee :  Thank you and your husband for your service.

    It was interesting to read your very well put opinion.

    I️ have read before accounts that HC treated military personnel like shit. But was skeptical. What you wrote sounds very close to other accounts I️ read. It was also written that she treated very poorly her employees, security personnel, White House personnel. (Not as in a tough way but completely disrespectful condescending way). 

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    solnishko1186 :  My husband doesnt speak ill of anyone, he just isnt that type of person. For him to say it was a big deal. It left a lasting impression on him as a soldier and as a person who was a Bill Clinton supporter in the early years. As someone who was putting his life on the line he expected her to treat them with dignity and respect. He just felt like that she didnt do so, and if she couldnt do that with soldiers, then his thought was, how can she do that with the American people. That was his personal opinion. For me the issue was more complex. It was a financial decision but it was also a deeply personal decision.


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    Mrs.MilitaryBee :  That makes perfect sense. 

    And as someone who was a SOS, wanting to cut benefits to veterans is shitty. Her personal treatment of soldiers sounds disgusting. 

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    Mrs.MilitaryBee :  Thank you for your eloquent and very touching post.  I wholeheartedly agree with and support everything you said.

    Also, thank you for your service to our country!  I’m also in a military family, now, and always have been, my Dad was a Navy Veteran prior to his passing; my son is continuing the tradition by having joined the Air Force just recently.  The reasons you listed are very much in line with my reasons for having voted for Trump and for continuing to support him.  

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    Sunfire :  Often times families who live with the military tradition continue it. My daughter will be entering the Air Force next month and my son will enter the Navy in a little over a year. We are so proud of them for making their contribution to our nation. Our other two daughters have chosen a different path but we are proud of them as well. 

    I just dont believe that name calling someone from the other party is constructive to anyone. I have been called some of the worst names by others who disagreed with my choice. I choose not to respond, not because Im ashamed of my choice, but because when the name calling begins everyone loses. There is no more open dialogue. I will listen to anyones views as long as they are respectful of mine. 

    I suppose the thing that upsets me most is referring to someone who voted for a candidate you dont like, as ________, __________, __________ or something else when you really dont know anything about the other person. It would be like me walking up to a complete stranger and lumping them into a catch all while knowing nothing about them personally. I just choose not to participate in that. Its unhelpful and it just causes people to dig in their heels. You cant scream your opinion at someone and expect them to see your point of view because as we all know when the screaming starts most people just shut down. 

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