(Closed) Does your dog sleep in your bed with you?

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lightofmylife :  You are definitely overthinking this. If neither you or your husband has an issue with this…there’s no issue. You’re sleeping. Personally, I hate cuddling while I sleep so I want my husband as far away from me as possible, lol. My dog sleeps in our bed (sometimes on top of DH’s pillow, lol) and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We both work full days so I think our dog loves to snuggle because he doesnt see us all day! 

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I think this is super subjective, depending on the people and the dog. 

My dog is 45-ish pounds, but has super long legs and takes up more room than you’d think…but I love having her in the bed. She’s always been pretty ‘meh’ about the dog beds that we’ve bought for her, but most of the time she chooses to sleep on the rug under the bed…yet always, ALWAYS is ON the bed by the time I wake up. Sometimes I beg her to come up onto the bed before I fall asleep lol. I just love her snuggles. 

If (when) we get another dog, we’ll definitely need to upgrade to a king size bed.

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lightofmylife :  If you guys dont care, then its fine. Our Lab (85 lbs) is allowed to sleep with us, but he ends up taking off all the covers then goes and sleeps on his bed. But he slept in his crate until he was 2, then we slowly transitioned to his bed.

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definitely overthinking this. If you guys are both okay with it, I see no problem. if youre not, put your foot down and stop it.

My 90 lb golden retriever sleeps either on my pillow, inbetween us, or at the foot of my side of the bed most nights. There are times he sleeps on the floor but thats his choice.

 I think it makes us closer because we both snuggle him and laugh about how cute and pathetic he is the next day. 🙂 I also hate snuggling people at night, it gets really hot and someones arm always falls asleep. its not really practical. 

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i guess it depends on how big your dog will get. we have a small dog thats a full adult, so it sleeps on the bed with us every night. 

sometimes i wish it would sleep somewhere else, it hogs all the covers and refuses to sleep anywhere unless he’s sandwiched in between us….

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our home setup is slightly different as I work days, Fiance works nights. when Fiance is working, our (20 pound) dog sleeps in the bed with me, and during the day when Fiance sleeps, the dog is with him also. on nights where Fiance isnt working, the dog sleeps in her crate until around 6.30am, and she then comes in for morning snoozes until i need to get up for work, or we both get up.

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I’ve never had dogs sleep in my bed, and while I’ve caved and let my dog up on our couch, I still personally do not want my dog in my bed at night.

She’ll come up and lay by our feet for a minute, but when the light turns off she’ll go down of her own accord to her own bed. It works for us, a happy medium.

As you’ll see from PPs, it’s really common for others to do differently! It’s not a problem unless you actually don’t want her there. I wouldn’t think it’s odd that you and your husband aren’t right next to each other.

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At the moment my dog is sleeping in the bed and Darling Husband isn’t! I’ve never been one for cuddling and prefer sleeping without another person anyway but since being pregnant I don’t like having Darling Husband in the bed with me at all (he’s happy to not be as well as apparently I move 24/7 in my sleep at the moment) and our dog has been ill and needed constant supervision so we moved the spare bed in to the master bedroom Darling Husband is in that and the dog and I our in the king size. Quite honestly I love it the dog keeps the bed nice and warm, I can spread out and I might keep this arrangement as the baby is going in to the nursery straight away. 

If neither of you has a problem with it then don’t change it. If you do I suggest a crate next to the bed that’s what we were doing he liked to be close to us (pack animals) but a crate stopped him sneaking in. 

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Heheh. I wouldn’t worry too much if you don’t care in general. If you don’t like him sleeping between you, try starting to train him to get off the bed until you both are where you want to be then allow him back on and make him stay on a side. 

Personally, I now wish our dogs didn’t sleep with us. I didn’t use to mind but now we live in an area with more mud and bugs and I don’t like the dogs on the bed but it’s a really hard habit to break. And then if ever we have kids, it’s just possibly too many creatures in one bed! The little 10lb dog isn’t so much an issue but if we let him up it’s hard to tell the 2 55lb dogs to stay off…for now, I put a dog bed next to my side of the bed and am quite successful in getting one big dog to sleep there. I really don’t know if there’s anything I can do about my husband and his dog though. They cuddle quite happily and take up way more than their fair share of the bed!

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My dogs do not. They used to, and I see nothing wrong with it, but one of them did some naughty things in our bed while we were sleeping. We also have a puppy and he’s too hyper to sleep in the bed all night with us. Our dogs sort of look forward to bed time (in our guest bedroom that is now their room) because we give them a little treat before bed.

I think you should continue to have your dog sleep with you if it’s not an issue for you and the dog likes it!

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lightofmylife :  we do not allow our dog to sleep with us overnight. He’s also just not allowed on furniture period. The only exceptions are if he is specifically invited (which is rare and only if there is a blanket down on the couch) and he knows not to jump up without invitation.  Since he sustained injuries to his back legs last year we’ve been encouraging him to try and jump on the bed as excercise (he’s so close to making it without help!), but it’s still only for weekend morning cuddles – he doesn’t sleep with us ever. 

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I’ve wondered about the same thing! We’ve had our puppy for a bit more than a year, and he typically sleeps on the foot of our bed (he HAS to be facing the door).  I don’t mind until I’m trying to roll around in the middle of the night and he is taking up the whole area where my feet should be able to go.  Then I have to feel like a jerk to wake him up and make him get down. lol 

My Boyfriend or Best Friend has said that when we move and get a bigger bed (it’s Queen size now, I think he wants a continent-sized bed.  lol)  that the pup will have to be trained to stay off of it.  Which leaves me concerned that we’re just setting him up for heartbreak in a couple of years. But somehow I doubt that my BF’s resolve will last very long under the dreaded puppy-dog stare. 😉

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Ok so most people think we’re crazy but all 3 of our dogs sleep in our queen size bed with us lol. 70lbs, 70lbs, & 55lbs lab & pitbulls. All of them have since they were puppies. We make it work, the smallest one sleeps in between us & the other two sleep at our feet. It doesn’t bother us at all. We will definitely be purchasing a king size bed when we buy a house!

So if you guys don’t have an issue with it, no big deal!

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