POLL: How long did it take you to get pregnant after coming off BC pill?

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  • poll: How long did it take you to get pregnant after coming off BC pill?

    1 month

    2 months

    3 months

    4-6 months

    7-12 months

    13-24 months

    2+ years

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    3 years from off pill to positive test (2.5 of actually trying to get pregnant) my cycles came back straight away though. 

    I’m not in the majority though. Most healthy couples will get pregnant within 12 months of trying 

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    I came off BC in late September 2019 right before our wedding.  We started actively trying immediately, with tracking BBT, OPKs, the whole 9 yards.  I didn’t get pregnant until May 2020 and I was honestly shocked it took so long, I thought I’d get pregnant immediately from being conditioned to think that sex = getting pregnant.  It really does just depend and can vary widely.  Like PP, my cycles came back immediately, but I could tell that my body was trying to adjust to a new normal.  The quality of my CM improved dramatically over those months, and my cycle became much more regular and predictable as I let things level out.  In hindsight I wish I’d come off BC sooner to give my body a little more time to get acclimated.

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    I got off of the pill in July of 2019 (right after our wedding). It took until the end of the year for my cycles to become regular. During that time, we weren’t ready to start trying yet so we were verrrrry careful. In February we decided to start trying in May and be NTNP for the time being. I got pregnant that month 🙂 I think there’s something to be said about keeping stress out of the process for a while if that’s an option for you. I get a little obsessive and know that if we had dived right in to TTC I would have probably driven myself crazy. Good luck in your journey <3  

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    @CloverBells:  It’s a very hard thing to shake!  I swear, the first time we had non-pill sex on our honeymoon during my assumed ovulation window, I was like “That’s it!  I’ve done it, I’m pregnant!”  I’m also fairly Type A so when I follow directions to the T, I expect to get results, LOL.  Not so much with this!  When you start trying I highly recommend reading “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” to be armed with all of the information possible – not only to track, if that’s your thing (it was for me) but to NOT track if you think it’ll stress you out.  For me personally, NOT tracking was MORE stressful because I just didn’t know what I was working with, but different methods work for different people so don’t be afraid to experiment.

    It’s an interesting journey to so try to breathe deep, relax, and enjoy it.  For me, as stressful as fertile week was, the excuse to jump my husband all the time honestly was great – I looked forward to it every month. 😀

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    I had my baby years ago, but I went off the pill in February and was pregnant by April.  I was surprised it happened so quickly, but apparently all the women in my family have always been extremely fertile even though I was older.  Hope it goes well for you and good luck!

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    I stopped taking my BC in mid Jan and got pregnant two weeks later after one time trying. I was on BC for almost 20 years and only took a brief break from it twice during that entire time. Good luck to you! I hope it happens for you quickly! 

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    I voted 3 months but I think maybe I should have said 1. I went off the pill 3 months before we were ready to start TTC, and in those three months we were careful to use other forms of protection. I just wanted to give my body a chance to regulate, start taking prenatal vitamins, and to start using OPKs and understanding my cycle after having been on the pill for over a decade. When we started trying for real, I got pregnant on my first cycle. I’m 33 and due in October with a baby girl. I’m glad I had enough information by that point (and luckily, a regular cycle) to know the best time to have sex that month. I didn’t bother temping as the OPKs seemed to give me enough data.

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    It took me 7 months to get pregnant from getting off BC.  I’d been on BC for 15 years and it took me 7 cycles to see EWCM and an earlier ovulation date.  I got pregnant that 7th month.

    I’m about to start TTC for #2 and have been off BC since trying for #1 in 2017, but even then I noticed that post-baby my cycle took a long time to get back to normal.  It took 6 cycles before I got an earlier ovulation, EWCM, and a longer luteal phase.

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