POLL: How much do you spend every month on non essentials?

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  • poll: How much do you spend every month on non essentials?
    $100 - $300 : (26 votes)
    36 %
    $300 - $600 : (19 votes)
    26 %
    $600 - $900 : (10 votes)
    14 %
    $900 -$1100 : (5 votes)
    7 %
    $1100+ : (12 votes)
    17 %
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    ohdarling :  I get $112AUD a week and Darling Husband gets $137AUD a week for splurge money.

    He spends his mainly on cigarettes (sigh), a 6 pack or slab of alcohol for the weekend depending on what we have on, and fast food.

    I spend mine on a bottle of wine for the weekend (not at the moment though because pregnant :)) clothes, makeup etc etc. 

    That’s about $675 per month combined in USD, though our COL is somewhat higher here.

    We also budget $20 per week for gifts in a separate savings account that we use for birthdays, weddings etc.  and we budget $30 per week to get takeaway. 

    We are currently saving like mad so 40% of our combined net income goes to savings. 

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    There are four of us, and I would say about 800-1000, before my cancer diagnosis, probably a little less now. 

    Our girls get an allowance that racks up to 100.00 a month each/20.00 a week. Then hubby and I have date night once a week where we have dinner out and then coffee afterwards, which runs about 200.00 a month. Since I have no hair at the moment, Im not going to the salon so that cost went away. 

    Every friday night is family night with pizza and a movie. Which comes in at about 240.00 a month. Then hubby has his hobby and I have mine, I paint in my spare time. So for canvas and art supplies I spend about 200.00 a month, hubby about the same, give or take. 

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    My husband and I are in the $300-$600 range. Although like PPs we have high spend and low spend months. I’m excluding DIY from that because we still have a lot to do on our house that I consider to be essential. 

    We love going to the theatre to see shows, musicals, opera, ballet etc. We go to comedy festivals and cirque du soleil and that kind of thing. Quite often we’ll get drinks or a meal out when doing these things too. 

    Neither of us are that into clothes so we only have essentials. Husband loves gaming so we spend every now and then on a new game. I buy minimal makeup and whatever needs replaced I can normally coupon for. 

    We love splurging on birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, celebrations like new job etc so those bump up the price.


    ETA: I hate the salon so cut my hair myself which saves a lot. I also groom the dog myself so we don’t pay for her to go the the salon either 😛

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    ohdarling :  girl!  As I type I have 2 boxes that I’m making choices on and a trunk on the way.  It’s too late for me, save yourself!

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    ohdarling :  D.H. and I each get $200 of fun money a month.  We are working on rebuilding our savings after buying a house in a HCOL city.  Some months we go over – if we go to a wedding or home to visit family (a couple times per year) that expense is not included in our fun money.  

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    Probably anywhere from $500-$800, depending on the month. Two of us, no kids. We need to reign it in. We each get $200/month for fun, unaccounted-for money. We go to 2-3 movies a month, and it’s always on a weekend night/we buy snacks. We get takeout ~once a week, and go out to eat for dinner a couple of times per month. Both of us are guilty about doing lunches out at work more than we should, and weekend Starbucks. I tend to pick up a few inexpensive clothing pieces from TJ Maxx or Old Navy per month, he tends to get 1-2 video games per month. Then there are the less frequent expenses, like me getting my hair done every 4-5 months. We’re both runners, so that means that a new pair of running shoes needs to be purchased every few months, and those aren’t cheap. Race registration is another thing that tends to pop up for us pretty regularly. We also travel pretty regularly, but I view that as a separate category.

    The way I see it, as people who want kids one day, this is a short season of life for us, so why not treat ourselves? That being said, after our honeymoon in October and a big roadtrip in the spring, we need to buckle down.

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    dianaj17 :  Amen to the high cost of running shoes. Before I was unable to run, I was spending little over 100.00 for Brooks shoes. Racing registration fees is one of my husbands expenses. He does half marathons. Who knew they could be so expensive. 

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    I voted $1100 +  which isn’t so much a ‘look at me, I’m rich!” as it is a “wow, no wonder I’m always broke” 

    Trying to do better. Fortunately we have a reasonable mortgage and both work full time so the essentials are covered- but our discretionary expenses are quite high. 

    Our three main discretionary expenses are: travel, sports, gifts

    Travel isn’t technically a necessity but the majority of our trips are to visit long distance loved ones, so I’d rather work 3 jobs than cut this out. 

    Sports isn’t as essential, but we both play sports- so fees, equipment, occasional out of town tournaments. We could give this up if we had to, but I also don’t want us to give up the things we enjoy if they’re do-able. 

    Gifts- we tend to go overboard on this, whether it’s for each other, kids, grandkids, extended fam, friends etc, so we’re currently looking at reining this in somewhat- you can spend less and still give great thoughtful gifts. 

    We’re trying to eat healthy as well as cut down on discretionary expenses, so fewer dinners out and take-out covers both these categories. Making coffee/ tea at home instead of daily Tim Horton’s. In summer we grow a lot of our own produce so that’s a bonus. I’ve swapped my book buying habit for a library card and any ‘want to have’ books by very fave authors I ask for as gifts. 

    One of the biggest eye-openers for me was keeping track of every dollar spent for a few months and seeing how much is just wasted. It means a lot to me to have money for airfare etc to visit loved ones, but bullshit impulse spending like magazines, chips, crap I don’t need was much higher than I realized and it really adds up, so that was one of the first things to work on. 

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    Probably 800 between my husband and I.  I just checked and since my last payday 13 days ago I’ve spent $250-ish, and my husband has also done some things on his own and paid for a dinner we went to. So that’s about $400 for 2 weeks. Honestly I felt like I was doing pretty well this pay period but there’s certainly room to improve 

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    My husband and I probably spend about $800/month between the two of us. It used to be a lot worse, but we’re making an effort to be more conservative. We both put ourselves on “spending diets” this month to try to recover from the dent our wedding & honeymoon made lol. We’re also trying to cook at home more only go out to dinner once a week.

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    Not much really! We go out at least once a month but sometimes it’s less often, and often it does not cost as we do sight-seeing things. We enjoy being home a lot spending time together here. I used to go out much more in the past, but upon trying to save money I found many ways to enjoy my time at home. It is a bit of a blessing because I used to never feel comfortable, always felt like I had to go out which did mean spending. We do not buy new things unless we need something but we do not really splurge. I would say we spend $0-40 per month on non-essentials, and the $40 is on the high end if we go out somwhere to eat, which we do not normally do. It has helped us to save for a home very fast on what our incomes are as well.

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    Too much 🙈

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    We’re easily in your highest category. The big thing is eating out. But we also usually buy clothes — whether or not they are a need is debatable. Neither of us is extravagant but this month I bought new bras and he got new socks and sneakers. We spend a decent amount on gifts and travel too. None of the things is expensive by itself, but added up it’s a lot. This month so far, $300 on restaurants (mostly dh’s lunches at work), $300 on gifts (family bday), $300 on clothes/shoes, $120 on entertainment, $30 on drinks, $50 on snack food… If you average in annual travel, then we probably spend 6k annually, so 500/month? 

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