[Poll] How soon did you feel chemistry with your SO?

posted 7 months ago in Relationships
  • poll: When did you feel chemistry with your SO?

    Immediately. There was instant attraction and chemistry.

    I felt immediate attraction, but our relationship had to grow before I felt chemistry

    I didn’t feel attraction OR chemistry until we had gotten to know each other for awhile


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    We spent 6 hours in the restaurant on our first date (ended up getting dinner, too), and he had already asked me on a second date 2 hours in. We clicked immediately. 

    I’m sure that attraction can grow, but it’s so much nicer when you can see/feel potential right away. 

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    We connected immediatlely. We talked on the phone for hours, and I had never felt a connection like it befire. BUT, he was so far from my type, I was hesitant to go “balls deep”. On our 3rd date, we kissed and I honestly think we both said “wow” when we were done. We both had a glazed look in our eyes, and it felt like a movie. In December, it will make 15 years since that moment, and I still feel that way. 

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    kiram :  I would say I felt it fairly quickly, but not when we first met because he was actually on a date with someone else when we met (at a concert). I honestly don’t remember my initial thoughts on him, other than finding him to be talkative and kind of nosy, because he was asking me some pretty big questions about my life for a first conversation. But months later we reconnected and he asked me out, which ended up being a great coffee date that led to a dinner date, and now we’ve been married for 3.5 years. 

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    Well, we banged a few hours after meeting, but I’m not sure if that was due to chemistry or booze.

    Either way, we were basically inseparable after that night, so clearly we saw something in each other 😉

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    As high schoolers, with all the hormones that entails, we had great chemistry and got along together really well from the start. 

    Didn’t kiss until 2 weeks into dating, and didn’t have sex until 2 months into dating, but that’s part of being high schoolers.

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    The moment I met him and he shook my hand. It was REAL QUICK. I don’t think he felt the same way at first sight, but I won him over. 😉

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    Weirdly I actually think I felt chemistry before “attraction” per se, if that makes any sense. He was so different from my type  before then (but I wsa pretty young and inexperienced), but I also just found myself drawn to him right away. 

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    Instantly. We went on a first date at Barnes and Noble, got coffee and talked about books we loved. We had so much in common and we connected immediately on an intellectual and then emotional level. We also had instant attraction. I immediately found him super sexy and I found out later that he felt the same way. 

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    Our first real, long conversation. But it still grows 4 years on. 

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    We met on Oct 25. It took me about 2 hours to know that this was different. About 7 days later we met up for 6 days in London (from Germany). On Nov 14 I moved in. A year later on Oct 25 he asked me to become his wife. 3 month later I moved to the US with him and 3 month after that we got married. 

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    kiram :  We had a flirtatious chemistry right away.  I was newly out of a long term relationship, so he had to chase me for a few weeks before I agreed to date him, but the connection was definitely there from the beginning.  I wouldn’t call it crazy lust or anything, but I have to be able to banter and flirt with the person I’m dating!  That energy is still one of my favorite things about my relationship with D.H., even 12 years later. 

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    It was immediate for me and my husband. We met at a party in the first year of uni and I just felt like I was going to marry him. His birthday was a few weeks later and I drew him a picture of a cottage in the national park we had already decided we wanted to move to. I included a cheesy caption “happy 20th birthday.. our house in another 20 years?”

    12 years later and we are moving next year out of the city that we’ve always lived in together to that very national park 😊

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    We met through mutual friends at uni and neither of us liked the other at first. We didn’t know each other and only saw each other briefly in passing but both of us were pretty unimpressed with the other. Our mutual friends had been talking about us to the other one, not trying to set us up as I don’t think anyone saw us getting together but all we could think of each other was ‘really?!’

    Anyway, one fateful Thursday about a month after we’d met, all our mutual friends disappeared over lunch and I basically told him (possibly in a tone) that I wasn’t leaving yet and he basically told me (possibly ina tone) that he wasn’t going to pay me attention and keep working. We both mutually agreed to ignore each other and not force a friendship just because we had mutual friends. That lasted about 2 seconds. Neither of us can remember who started the conversation but next thing I know, I’ve lost track of time and missed my next class and he’s done no work. We talked for a few hours and it felt like I’d known him my whole life. I’ve never connected like that with anyone. We can both be a bit socially awkward but despite our abruptness with each other there was no awkwardness. He added me on Facebook as soon as I walked out the canteen. Neither of us were looking for a relationship at that time, we’d both had recent breakups with lying exes but we kept seeking each other out. We kept ‘bumping’ into each other for the next few days, had our first date less than a week after that Thursday and that was it. We became official after a few dates and it was clear that this was probably going to go the distance after only a few weeks. We got engaged 4.5 years later and married nearly 6 years after we met so we took our time making sure it was going the distance because we were both so young when we met. Early next year it’s 10 years since that fateful Thursday and we’re celebrating with a Caribbean holiday and numerous rum based cocktails.

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    I feel like I’m the only bee thus far who felt ZERO connection with my DH at first. We met at a concert, and I was with a group of friends. He was actually trying to hook up with one of my girlfriends. We went our separate ways that night and about 2 years later reconnected on Facebook during his first deployment. My attraction to him grew over the 6 month period we chatted online, and then when he came home the chemistry was instant. 

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    On my side, right away. Like, I met him and was like “wow he’s hot.” I had gotten a new job with some people I already knew, he worked there, so we spent time in the same circle. He was actually in a relationship with someone else when we met, so as we became friends, I definitely pined a bit. Due to his relationship, chemistry with a work friend wasn’t really on his radar at that point. I do know that over time, he developed feelings, and we ended up getting together a few months after his relationship ended. Happily together ever since, and even though it’s been over 5 years since I met him, I still regularly think “wow he’s hot.” 

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