POLL: Predict the future – When will it be safe to grab coffee with a friend?

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  • poll: When will it be safe to grab coffee with a friend sitting 3 feet away?

    May 2020

    June 2020

    July 2020

    August 2020

    September/October 2020

    Noveber/December 2020

    First half of 2021

    Second half of 2021


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    Well to me safe in this situation means it will do no harm to anyone and that means either a vaccine or at least a month since the last known infected person has recovered. In a pre-virus world, unless you already 100% socially isolated, then you crossed paths with a high risk person multiple times a days (on public transport/at the gym/grocery store/work/shopping centre/etc) and also crossed paths with people who crossed paths with high risk people. So going back to “normal” without a vaccine won’t be safe.

    When do I think Governments will relax restrictions and “normal” life will resume? Well I think that depends on the country you are in. Where I am I think it will be June or July 2020 as long as our numbers stay low (when only had 2 new cases in my state overnight) but I also don’t think it will be back to “normal”. Our prime minister today said that over the next months restriction may be relaxed but until there is a vaccine we will still need to do things differently (aka social distancing etc).

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    It will depend on location. People may have the option to go to a Starbucks at some point, but according to public health and epidemiology professionals it won’t ever really be “safe” until there is a vaccine or an effective treatment.

    The economy will start to reopen in phases and in places as soon as we are not putting our hospitals and health care workers in danger of being overwhelmed, but that doesn’t mean people won’t continue to get very sick and die from this thing just like they are now. The idea is to prevent scenarios where lives could have been saved by medical intervention but weren’t, not to save all lives. 

    The risk is not only in dying or exposing vulnerable loved ones to the risk of dying. People can get very, very sick and debilitated. Some have lasting effects on the lungs. It’s not a disease to take lightly, even if you are young and healthy. 


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    It seems like many places in my country (U.S.) will open up on May 1.  Thankfully, I’m in a state that believes in relying on science, so I think we will open up much later.  I don’t know when I will feel comfortable having these types of interactions again, but certainly not in May.  I will personally be cautious and continue social distancing until we see whether states who inevitably open up early have a lot of new cases.  I’m fearful for my friends and family in the south as I feel they will be given a false sense of security when their states open up early and will be putting themselves and others at risk if things go back to normal too soon.  

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    I’m feeling September, assuming the projection is right and North Carolina plateaus within the next month. While that’s good news for us, obviously not all the states are going to plateau then. Might be June before more plateaus are in sight, but even after plateaus are established, it will probably be another couple months before people begin to hesitantly crawl out of their homes. After that I would guess another month after that, assuming steady-state, is when people would slowly relax. 

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    We were talking about this over lunch today.

    i think at least one of three possible things need to happen before we can get back to ‘normal’.

    1) they are confident you can’t get it more than once and testing shows that enough of the population has had a milk form giving heard immunity

    2) it mutates and becomes a less dangerous illness thereby not adding pressure to the health system.

    3) they develop a vaccine. 

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    Well this thread make me sad!

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    I picked November/December 2020, but I’m praying it’s well before then – my employer hosts a huge annual conference (16-18K attendees) in October. I worry about the organization and my job if we have to cancel that entirely. For a nonprofit, we are pretty stable, but recent cancellation of other revenue events have definitely put us on shakier ground than ever before.


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    I think by July they will slowly start to open things up at limited capacity.  Then we will probably have another wave of Covid-19 that emerges, we will scale back again.

    I mean, until you have it or a vaccine is administered, you won’t have immunity to it.  All of this SIP and social distancing is to not overwhelm the hospitals, not to completely stop the spread.  

    My hope is that by June they can start administering the anti-body test so we can all find out who has had it.  

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    Things won’t be “safe” until there’s a vaccine that is widely available, which is early to mid 2021 at the earliest. 

    It might be safER to go to coffee with a friend in a few months than it is now, but it won’t be safe. 

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    Apparently today per the president 

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    cc33ammy :  define “safe”. I belive not until late this year at least. Or early 2021. As long as we keep these precautions up.

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    Well, I don’t imagine schools will open up the rest of this school year (or, given how overcrowded most are, I sure hope not), so my schedule as a teacher will likely not be back to normal until September. I just really hope we don’t see another wave of it when kids go back to school because we’ll be right back at square one.

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    I think it will be allowed again pretty soon in my area, maybe May or June but not safe for close to another year.  For me personally I’m anticipating seeing friends at our homes or outdoor spaces with limited contact with others much sooner then sitting in a coffee shop or restaurant with a bunch of strangers.  

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    they are going to have to let people see each other pretty soon.  i’m pretty worried about the mental health of several family members and friends who live alone.  whether it will be advisable to go out and meet people in public is a different story. 

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