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Helper bee
  • Wedding: December 1969

Well I am waiting for my fiance to finish with the bathroom this morning, so why not! 

Heres my info

Location: NYC!

Wedding date: 08/02/08, I love the way our date looks and was thinking of incorporating it into our invitations

Wedding colors: Light blue, tangerine orange

How did you meet?: My Fiance was my senior at work, we had to let our manager know when we started dating and I was super nervous about the situation….but I guess this is one of those relationships at work that does work out….incidently my Fiance changed jobs about 6 months later

Describe your dress: still looking…

Funniest thing about your fiance: His alarm clock is built to be louder than a jack hammer, yet he sleeps right through it….so now I just wake him up every morning.

Who is your maid of honor? My bestfriend since high school

Is his family cool? Yea, they are awesome and hilarious

Where is the ceremony and reception? Battery Gardens

Favorite TV show: Big Shots! It comes on after Grey’s anatomy

Favorite ice cream flavor : mint chocolate chip, but I joke that I want Chubby Hubby engraved on his ring

Favorite movie: Roman Holiday and Spirited Away

Honeymoon location? Thailand?!?

want kids? No, we’ll just be awesome godparents to our siblings’ kids

Wedding Work out plan : nope

Will you change your name, do you like his last name? Still deciding, my last name sounds better with my first name hahaha

What do you LOVE about your fiance: he is really good at giving massages!

something special you plan to include in the wedding: don’t know yet, we just got engaged earlier this month!

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A poll? Sure why not?

Location: Indiana

Wedding Date: 7/19/08

Wedding colors: Dark yellow, apple green and chocolate brown and ivory 

How did you meet: At my sister’s now Fiance’s BBQ, it was a set-up we just didn’t know it!

Describe your dress: A-line, strapless, all lace w/ a huge train

Funniest thing about your fiance: everything, it seems like I am always lauging around him, so I guess I am laughing most of the time

Who is your maid of honor: My younger sister who is my BEST FRIEND!

Is his family cool: the coolest, they are cooko, but are the warmest most welcoming people ever, they are so much fun

Where is the ceremony and reception: all in the same place, a refiurbished plumbing wearhouse

Favorite TV Show: There are so many, I am a tv unkie, but if I have to pick one, Law and Order

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Haagen Daaz Mocha Chip

Favorite Movie: What Dreams may come

Honeymoon Location: Fiance is in charge and we are still debating this, byut our mini-moon will be in West Plam Beach Florida 

Kids: Sure, later on!

Wedding Work Outr Plan: Pilates

Will you change your name: I am taking my last name as my middle name and taking his last name, our kids will also have my last name as their middle name

What do you LOVE about your Fiance: that he is the most loving, intelligent and compassionate human being I know 

something special you plan to include in the wedding: Have one of our family members (one for him and one for me) officiate the ceremony both in English and Spanish



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Helper bee
  • Wedding: August 2008

Location: Vancouver, BC

Wedding date: 08/23/08, I love the way our date looks!  I like the symmetry of the 8’s on both sides, and 23 is my favourite number which just happened to fall on a Saturday.

Wedding colors: Pink, green and possibly blue (the blue is still up in the air – depends on whether we decide to go with green or blue Bridesmaid or Best Man dresses)

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How did you meet?: Lavalife

Describe your dress: Strapless, A- line, a smooth white silk with a crystal-encrusted sheath.  It sounds like a TON of bling but the crystals are really quite understated.  It’s just unique.

Funniest thing about your fiance: He does the greatest impressions of just about anyone

Who is your maid of honor? My younger sister, whom I love to death

Is his family cool? That would be a bit of an exaggeration, but they’re okay.  I don’t have the relationship with my in-laws that I’d always hoped for, but we get along.

Where is the ceremony and reception? At a private golf & country club

Favorite TV show: Oh lord, so many.  I can’t pick.  Brothers & Sisters, The Biggest Loser, Private Practice, So You Think You Can Dance, The Amazing Race, Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy, ER… thankfully we have a PVR so I can tape them and watch whenever it’s convenient.

Favorite ice cream flavor : Anything with caramel in it, though I’ve been on a major chocolate kick lately.

Favorite movie: Dirty Dancing.  I’m so cliche.

Honeymoon location? Hopefully Costa Rica, but we haven’t decided for sure yet

Want kids? Yup, we’ll probably start trying a few months after the wedding

Wedding Work out plan : I’m going to the gym 3 times a week and counting calories to stay on target with my food intake.  I’m not making any foods off-limits but they have to fit within my overall calorie "budget" for the day.  I don’t like the idea of dieting just for the wedding, but I’ve really been wanting to lose these extra pounds for a few years and this is just the kick in the pants I needed to get going on it.

Will you change your name, do you like his last name? Yup I’m changing my name.  His name is nice enough – don’t love it, don’t hate it.  I am glad that our surnames start with the same letter so I get to keep my initials 🙂

What do you LOVE about your fiance: I would bore you to tears if I listed all the things.  But most of all, I’m just always amazed by what a cool person he is and he inspires me to do better in my own life.

Something special you plan to include in the wedding: I’m going to hold items that are important to me or my family as I walk down the aisle.  I will have a brooch of my grandmother’s attached to my bouquet and I’m wrapping a piece of raffia ribbon around the bouquet – a decor item that my mom has loved so much it’s like her signature so I wanted it with me.  I’m wearing my mom’s wedding garter.  I still have to think of ways to bring in something of my sister’s, mine, and my paternal grandmother.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: May 2007

Location: Naperville, IL 

Wedding date: July 5, 2008 
Wedding colors: sky blue, lighter orange, brighter orange, light purple 
How did you meet?: We went to high school together.  Sophomore year we were both in the same musical together.  I really liked him, but it took him a couple months before he asked me out. 
Describe your dress: Plain, strapless white dress.  Bit of a train, sky blue sash.
Funniest thing about your fiance: He’s hilarious.  He can always make me laugh.
Who is your maid of honor? My sister. 
Is his family cool? Yes, I hang out with his mom and go shopping with her all the time.
Where is the ceremony and reception? Ceremony and reception are both at an arboretum in our hometown.  The ceremony will be outdoors, and the reception will be indoors.
Favorite TV show: So many… Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Boston Legal, House, Star Trek, Futurama, 30 Rock, Arrested Development, Firefly etc etc 
Favorite ice cream flavor : Daquari Ice 
Favorite movie: I have a hard time picking favorite movies.  I love Star Trek movies (specifically First Contact, Wrath of Khan, and Voyage Home), I love Pixar movies, anything by Christopher Guest or Wes Anderson.  The last movie I saw in theatres and that I fell in love with was Stardust. 
Honeymoon location? London/Brighton/perhaps Edinburgh. 
want kids? Yes, we already have names picked out for both a boy and a girl. 
Wedding Work out plan : I keep trying to start working out, but I have been so busy with work.  I’ve been making slow adjustments to my overall eating style.  I am going to start running this week! 
Will you change your name, do you like his last name? I am definitely changing my name.  Because I want to, and because I like that I’m going to have a short, easy to pronounce name. 
What do you LOVE about your fiance: I love everything about him! We are so similar, we both love video games, love the same shows/movies, we both had the same major in college, we both have similar goals.  He can always make me laugh and I just love being with him!  
something special you plan to include in the wedding: It is important to me that we have the wedding we want, while also keeping our parents happy, and the total cost reasonable.

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