(Closed) POLL: Should I keep my dress, or get one custom-made? (Pic heavy & long)

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  • poll: Should I keep my current dress or go the custom route?
    Keep the dress you have. : (89 votes)
    97 %
    Get a dress custom-made. : (3 votes)
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    Other (please explain below!). : (0 votes)
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    You look really beautiful in the Sophia dress, and I’m absolutely certain your Fiance will think so too. At the end of the day, isn’t that all that matters? No one will notice the little imperfections you see and I don’t think it’s worth the time, energy and money to strive for absolute perfection. You look so stunning.

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    To be honest, I think you’re over-thinking it. If you have concerns about the dress at certain angles, just make sure you ask the photographer to let you know when you have a wrinkle in the posed shots and it’s fairly easy to sort out. Every dress has to move with your body and as a result is going to have some folds/wrinkles on occasion. As someone who went the custom replica route twice it is often a world of pain trying to communicate exactly what you want, and I suspect given the similar shape of the dress you will end up with the same or similar issues. You also don’t really have a designer you like and trust, which makes a big difference.

    Stop looking and enjoy the dress you have. Unless you have an unlimited budget it’s really not worth the extra money on the dress that could go to other awesome wedding/honeymoon stuff. (It would be one thing if you were getting something cheap out of China as a backup, but it looks like you actually want something very expensive to make in both materials and time.) OK, you were slightly rushed getting the dress, but now you have it and it looks great. Try to focus on that.

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    Have you even got your dress in yet and altered?  The Sofia is absolutely beautiful on you. Compared to the others ther is no comparison. I think you are not trusting in your gut. It sounds like you haven’t got it in and altered. I would wait for that final fitting. Once you have it and with accessories ill bet you change your mind back to loving it completely. 

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    keep in mind that the dress you tried on wasn’t your size and the salesperson pulled and pulled on the dress to clip it to your shape so you’re bound to see lines and such from the fabric being pulled the way it’s not suppose to. I think the dress you got looks great on you! and if you’re this worried about a dress you were able to physically try on, it think you’ll really get stressed out about a custom dress that you won’t be able to try on til much later..

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    That first dress is so unique and I’ve never seen anything like it; you look great in it, and I do not see any wrinkly oddness at all. It’s a stellar, stunning dress. 

    I have a lacey a line gown which is not at all what I thought I wanted, but it’s my wedding day, and I want to look special, possibly even a little different than the typical no makeup sweatpants “me” lol! I am also getting the impression that your gut says to go with the dress you already have.

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    The Sofia is stunning. You need to stop. Seriously, from one obsesser to another, get some sleep and just put it away. You have your dress, it’s gorgeous, stop.

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    AvaG:  The Sofia looks AMAZING on you!!! This dress was one of my top 3 contenders when I was deciding on my gown last Dec, since it’s so beautiful, elegant and unique. In the end, I ended up choosing a different gown, but I can tell you with certainty that if it looked half as good on me as it does on you, I would have undoubtedly chosen that dress! Please don’t waste another second doubting your decision; it seriously looks like MC designed the Sofia just for you! 

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    I think that you run the risk of having the exact same problem (which btw only u see) with a custom dress since it will be a similar shape and material. 

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    Dude, the Sofia is gorgeous and it looks amazing on you. I think you’ve lost sight of what you want and if you looked at what you are trying to create, you’d see it’s actually the Sofia. You’re obsessing yourself into exhaustion. You already have what you are looking for. Stop looking past it.

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    Blushing bee

    your original dress is to die for! and you look so great in it!

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    It seems pretty common that brides second guess their dress because they’re so worried about everything being ‘perfect’. The dress looks amazing on you!

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    I honestly think you are overthing it massivley. I think your dress is AMAZING, it shows your figure beautifully and I especially love the colour change you have requested. I know you feel like there is too much material at the bootom (hence the fold) but I promise you, on your wedding day there will be very very few moments where you are standing totally still so the dress would hang like that.  The bunching you mention, I can’t even see it on the pictures. But again, you are not going to be standing still in the dress all day so whichever dress you choose or have made, there will be some movement in the fabric. The only dresses that don’t move at all are super structured ones and I just don’t think you are going to get that with lace anyway.

    There is very little difference, to my eyes, between the dress you already have and the one that you are considering getting made. I looks to me like you would end up with a dress very similar to the one you have and that one might not be perfect either! I would stick with the one you have and learn to love it again because it is a truly gorgeous dress.

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    I think you’re way over thinking this. The dress you have is stunning and once has been properly fitted to your body, will look amazing. Look at the energy you’ve already put into this – this post, the research you’ve already done, etc……


    You will look stunningly fabulous on your wedding day in the dress you already have.

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    I’m kind of torn, but I voted to keep your own dress.  It’s really beautiful, and I think it looks better on you than the models! 

    Custom making a dress just sounds like a huge headache to me (and that’s coming from someone who plans to sew my own dress!).  Just the process of working with someone else that may or may not understand what you want, most likely not being completely satisfied with it the first time and having to make edits, etc.  It just changes the process from buying a dress you love to having to nitpick all the little issues.  I think when we spend so much time on the details we lose focus of the overall beauty of the garment.  Some of those laces are super pretty though.

    I commented on your last post about the costs of alterations, which I do think will be rather steep.  However, if all you do is get it fitted to you and take out some of the volume of the skirt, it should be do-able.  The pattern of the lace will probably be a challenge on the skirt portion (not impossible), but it shouldn’t keep the seamstress from being able to take it in to fit it to you on the sides.  The side seams are easier to take in because they’re meant to be altered.

    I think what it comes down to is stress levels, and what you’re able to handle.  I personally wouldn’t want to get into the custom route, because it’s going to be a lot of stress, and then you’ll have to decide which one you want when the Sofia comes in.  If you do decide to keep the original, I think you need to make a conscious decision to stop thinking about all of this.  You don’t want to be unhappy on your wedding day because of a few wrinkles, do you?  I say, do what you can to make the best decision with the information you have so far, and then forget about it.  Part of it is just mind over matter.

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