Poll: What do you consider an expensive wedding?

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  • poll: What do you consider an expensive wedding?







    85 - 100K

    100K +

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    • Wedding: February 2018 - UK

    I voted 40-55, but I think it varies wildly depending on location. We had what I would consider to be a mid-range wedding, and we spent around £20k – that was in Hampshire. My cousin got married the same year, had fewer aspects of their wedding (foods, seating, etc), and she paid £35k for the venue alone, because they were in central London. 

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    • Wedding: April 2021

    I voted 25-40k but thats £ not $. We’ve spent around £17k on ours but we deliberately chose January to be cheaper and I’m doing a bunch of DIY for the decorations myself, we don’t have many ‘extras’, a lot of it comes with the packages we got so we’re not spending too much. That’s still a huge amount of money but for us the venue, food and photographer were most important and they alone cost over £10k. In July they would have cost double. It depends what’s important to you

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    • Wedding: May 2019

    It depends what you think of when you think expensive. I would consider my wedding expensive (because I know how much it cost!) but as a guest I don’t think I would’ve been like, “wow this wedding must’ve been so expensive!”


    So even though I think my wedding was expensive at a little over $30k, as a guest I would guess I wouldn’t notice the extra bits until $50k+ to actually think “this wedding is expensive.”

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    • Wedding: November 2019

    It really depends on your location and what it’s important to you. I live in the northeast US and had a mid-morning, cocktail style wedding on a Sunday in November with 70 people and we spent ~30K; average cost of a wedding here is ~55K. Some other parts of the US or world, you could have a much larger, Saturday evening wedding for 30K. It’s all relative. 

    I voted 85-100K because that just seems like alot of money for a wedding but again it’s all relative. 

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    • Wedding: October 2021

    I think what counts as expensive is completely relative! People in different situations with different experiences and backgrounds won’t see it the same way. My wedding was well under 10K, but it seemed expensive to me, because my husband and I are graduate students working on university stipends and every dollar we make counts. Most of our decorations were handmade, our cake was only big enough for my husband and I, and we used a speaker hooked up to an iPhone for our music – so I’m pretty sure none of our 30 guests looked around and thought, “This is such an expensive wedding!” But we were surrounded by our friends and family in a beautiful cabin with a great meal, and I honestly couldn’t have asked for anything more.

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    I selected the upper end of the scale only because weddings are generally, by their very nature, considered “expensive” events to whomever is paying for them — but I if I were to describe someone’s wedding as “wow, they had an expensive wedding” it would be north of 100k, etc. 

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    @pocketfullofsunshine:  This varies wildly by location.  Near me the average wedding costs $50k.  Expensive to me would be six figures.

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    “Expensive” is so relative. It depends on your finances AND the bang for your buck. My wedding was expensive for us (about $35k) but it wasn’t unaffordable. By that I mean we were able to pay for it without going into debt or compromising other aspects of our finances, but it wasn’t something we spent without thoughtful planning either.  And for that price we got exactly the wedding we wanted without having to compromise. 

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    I agree that expensive can mean either expensive for the couple or expensive relative to an area. I think a wedding is too expensive not only if one is borrowing or going into debt for it but if one is not on track financially, with job security. 

    I live in an area where 6 figure weddings are not uncommon, but that doesn’t make them an affordable choice for most. 

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    • Wedding: May 2022 - Studio City , CA

    Relative depending on area, couples finances and cultural traditions. 

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    @weddingmaven:  Agree with this. The wedding can be 5k or 100k as long as debt isn’t required.

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    I voted 45-55K. But depends on how many people.  Ours was on the $20K-25k range and we did our best to budget. I cannot imagine double that but I also can because I could double the flowers (there’s 5K or more), then I could have done upper shelf booze (we did liquor and beer and wine but couldn’t afford the expensive liquor). 

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    I put $100k+. Considering the average wedding is like $50k, I wouldn’t consider $60-$80 “expensive”, just above average. That is based on my area of course. 

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    l put the lowest option, but actually that was because l have no idea really, my own having cost next to nothing, being a beach, just us and a couple of friends and then a restaurant after. I think the friends actually paid for their own too! We supplied the wine and beer and later, the marijuana……

    A long time ago, needless to say. Ones we have attended of more recent years cost much more of course, but tbh they have all been fairly modest affairs . I do know that’s not the norm though. 

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