Poll: What is your ideal carat size on a ring?

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  • poll: What is your ideal carat size on a ring?

    0.49 ct or below

    0.50 to 0.99 ct

    1.00 to 1.49 ct

    1.50 to 1.99 ct

    2.00 to 2.49 ct

    2.5 to 2.99 ct

    3.00 to 3.49 ct

    3.50 to 3.99 ct

    4 ct or above

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    For me, it depends on the cut. I like my stones on the larger side but I probably wouldn’t go bigger than 3ct for a round. My grandma’s engagement ring has a 4+ carats round center and while it’s beautiful to look at, it’s wayyy too big for me. She even turns it around a lot when we’re out because she gets scared wearing it.

    For an emerald or radiant, I’d go up to 3.5-4cts before I would feel unsafe or uncomfortable wearing it. My future engagement ring is a 2.5ct radiant and I think it’s perfect for everyday wear.

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    @teainthemountains:  Thank you!!! Honestly, I’m not going to lie, I might look into it bc shrinkage over time is real and looking is fun lol. But as of right now no. My fingers aren’t very long so I think if I got close to a 3ct it would be look like too much for my hand. I’d say that’s about the coverage I have now with the halo and it’s almost too big lol. After we got it set in the halo my husband and I were both shocked at how much bigger it looked compared to being a loose Diamond. I also didn’t realize the amount of sparkle it has so I’m sure I’d be happy in a non halo setting with my 2.25 to really focus on the Diamond itself.

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    @teainthemountains: yes! It’s so hard! I’ve been through a few settings because I can’t make my mind up ever! I tell my husband it’s like you with cars so he understands. I tell him at least mine are a fraction of what a car costs lol. There’s a thread in how many times people have changed their rings/diamonds and I’m so glad it’s not just me. It’s just hard when it’s something you look at everyday! Some love it and some maybe get bored and want to change it. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. So don’t worry if you think you made the wrong decision! Enjoy what you get bc I don’t think you can go wrong at first and then later on decide if it’s time to change the setting or upgrade your Diamond! You’ll be fine! 

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    So fun! Looks like my input was a bit on the smaller side but I have small fingers (4.25 and it’s only because I have knuckles; it spins around pretty easily still). I have a 1 ct with a halo and it’s GREAT; I was originally looking at 3/4 ct but am happy we went with this one. I’ve definitely heard the cut matters and mine is the round brilliant cut. Altogether it’s GREAT finger coverage for me, but I understand that to get the same coverage, many others would need a larger stone, plus to achieve a bold look with a solitaire that would also affect things. 

    No upgrades or changed settings here; only been engaged since October. So far, I’m happy and can’t really imagine needing to go bigger. I never expected to have such a visually large stone, and yet on the other hand when I looked at rings online for ideas, a 1.75-2.5 ct range seemed great on the model hands. Just goes to show it’s a lot different when you have it in your size and on your hand, lol.

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    @teainthemountains:  yes we are!!! I’m not sure at this point as I am trying to keep my nose out of it now 🤪 but it’s so hard waiting! I think in the next few months! 

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    Assuming we are talking white gemstones, if it’s in a halo setting, probably around 2.5-3 ct. 

    Solitaire? I’d rock a 3.5-4 ct. 😀 

    I have a 2.70 ct in a halo setting that I adore, and my 3ct solitaire feels a little small in comparison. 

    Sapphires, 4+ ct . 


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    I chose 1-1.49 carats (for the center stone, not the total carats). It’s big enough to Catch my eye and impress me, but small enough to be functional every day without getting in the way.

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    modern round brilliants: .25 to 1.25ct

    antique rounds: .75 to 2ct

    marquis and pears: .25 to 1ct

    emerald and aschers: 1 to 2.5 ct

    cushions and radiants: 1 to 2ct

    Really it’s more about the ring feeling well balanced.

    I’ve lusted more over beautifully set .25ct rings than gawky 3cts. Anything larger can seem obnoxious imho.

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    @greatdanemama:  Not to derail this thread but just just as an FYI the mm you listed is not equivalent to a 1.75-2.5 carat round, I think you may be referring to a cushion. A 1.75 round is 7.8mm and a 2.5 round is 9 mm. You get the most bang for your buck with a round!

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    An emerald cut absolutely no larger than 2.5.

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    I’d say a 2 carat. I’m a size 4 ring finger. My husband proposed with 1.06 carat at the time and we getting an upgrade soon.

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    I’ve always worn big rings because my hands aren’t dainty. My diamond is absolutely the perfect size (finally)…changed ring 3x and finally went custom and it’s PERFECT. It’s 2.8 ct and I wear it all the time comfortably! It’s definitely my forever ring because I love it so much!

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