(Closed) Poll: What type of C&C do you want when you post your images?

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  • poll: When you post wedding and engagement pictures, what type of C&C do you want?
    I only want to hear how good I look : (27 votes)
    25 %
    I want to hear honest opinions, good and bad : (33 votes)
    31 %
    I am interested in hearing what other pro's think of my images : (15 votes)
    14 %
    I wish the pro's would leave, I am not interested in what they have to say about my pictures : (31 votes)
    29 %
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    @USER876: actually, you just immediately jumped on a woman’s e-pics in Yosimite that she merely posted as a “yay I got a teaser!!!” excited post to tell her all the reasons why they are not technically well done. I think that would be an example of a time where a pro’s opinion was neither solicited nor appreciated. And I actually really like hearing you guys’ critiques….but I feel like a couple of you give harsh opinions when they are definitely not requested nor appropriate.

    It isn’t your job in life to knock every bride’s photographer and tear apart their photos to “educate them”. That is our job as consumers. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Also, calling out brides that might not have been able to afford better photographers and telling them why their pics are bad is also a risk – and kind of horrible.

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    @bRooklynRocks: there have been a few controversial threads today in particular, hence this thread.

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    Honestly, a lot of the pro feedback irritates me.

    Nine times out of ten a bride has already signed a contract by the time the e-pics are shot and can’t afford to change her photographer without losing lots of money.  Others are working with tight budgets and have only a small pool of similarly skilled professionals from which to choose.  Negative feedback about the photos does nothing beyond make the poster feel insecure and or concerned about something that can’t be fixed.

    I get it, you’re pros.  You see things we don’t.  Great.  But there’s a time and a place.

    Unless someone specifically requests technical feedback or expresses doubts about something specific I think the best course of action is to say something nice or nothing at all.  Compliment what you can and then move on.


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    @crayfish: You’re exactly right. User you are extremely quick to throw critiques, unsolicited. You didn’t need to comment that that girl’s fiance was slightly out of focus when she just posted them because she was excited about them. What if, unbeknownst to you, someone posted an image of yours here and some know-it-all came along and sh*t all over it for everyone to see and doubt your skill based on one photo. Would you be annoyed? Probably.

    I get the feeling you just enjoy grumbling about other photographers – I don’t think I’ve ever seen you write anything positive about any photos. There are LOTS of bad photos posted here, yes, and I think it’s necessary sometimes to jump in and warn someone or offer to help if you see a way the images could be improved in post, but you could probably save the unsolicited critique for the absolute worst, and leave the brides who just want to share or in some cases vent alone.

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    I actually posted which do you prefer and why and was told that both my photographer choices were bad by several professionals on the board.  I am a heavy amateur photographer and was really taken aback and offended.  In any form of art, photography included, there will stylistic differences and wanted professional criticism of their work but to be told both of them were terrible really was not helpful.

    So constructive criticism when REQUESTING feedback is great.  Being told that your photographer sucks is not.

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    @teaadntoast:  I agree! 

    The other day I saw a someone post something and say “I hope you didn’t pay a lot for these.”  I’m sorry, but that’s rude.  She was just sharing her photos.

    I think if you ask for people’s opinion, then you should expect to get good and bad feedback.  But if you’re just posting because you got your pictures back and wanted to share with everyone, I think that’s different.


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    Ok, what is C&C?

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    I didn’t see today’s post with the OOF groom (going there next) but I can tell you that 9 times out of 10 when either USER or myself get frustrated seeing a bad set of pictures, we simply send private emails to eachother to discuss the technical deficiencies and word never gets out to the happy bride or Weddingbee AT ALL.

    I really feel like if one of us says something, it’s always for a reason. In the case USER is referring to, the bride felt bad about the way she looked in the pics. The pros felt like she should not be blaming herself, as the quality of the photos had to have played a large part in that opinion and she just didnt realize it was factoring in.

    In her case, she does still have the option to find a new/better photog. I would NEVER say anything bad about a poster’s wedding day photos, because that serves no purpose other than to make them feel bad, especially if they are posting that they are happy with them! Regardless of what we think, why ruin that? However, if they post saying they already hate their wedding photos, I might offer sympathy and consolation with regard to the way the photos can be improved with proper processing. I feel that USER follows these same guidelines, generally. We only pipe up about bad photos when there is at least SOME potential benefit to the bride.

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    @BeeM: I agree with your points but I honestly am surprised…you have also been a strong critic of other photographer’s work. Your advice last month to ms.fox (Sorry I cant link but it’s called “Sneak Peek at my engagement photos”) was pretty strongly against the photographer. You did exactly what LB & USER did in yesterday’s post by commenting. She took it well but I think it’s not a good idea to be so critical.

    Definitely agree that photographers need to be a little careful of negative comments, especially AFTER the pictures are taken and the photographer is hired.

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    There was NO good reason to tell the Yosemite bride-to-be who apparently liked her engagement pics (as did I) that her pic wasn’t up to snuff in your professional eyes.  If she decides to blow it up huge and doesn’t like the end result, she can take up the issue of the cost up with her photographer.  In her shoes I would not appreciate the professional “rescue” of my $200 one bit.

    You as a photographer may improve with critique, but we only get to be brides once.  Our memories are our memories.  I’d pick a moment that I really loved that had some photo quality issues over a perfectly executed moment that wasn’t as special.  Criticizing what is wrong photographically with select favorite pictures from our once-in-a-lifetime days is akin to having our seamstresses pick on the quality of our dress at our final fitting.  

    In the other thread from yesterday (“I HATE my pics…”) one of the photogs actually stated that people need to get a thicker skin about critiques.  And I was, like, “WTF?  That’s a first.”  I still haven’t posted a recap b/c I only want to share memories of my day in joy.

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    @hunni b: 


    That’s the link because I called her out for it. The OP stated that she liked the photos a lot and then she came in and said the photos were not that great and the OP became insecure with them.

    Not all of us can afford $6 to $20k for a photographer. Some of us just don’t give a damn what the photos look like as long as we have photos. Some of us spend $$$$$$ for a photographer and still get crap. Consumers aren’t looking at all the technical aspects of a photo. Consumers don’t care about the rule of thirds, exposure, composition, ect. If the photo is pretty to a consumer then it’s good enough for them. Unless they want to hear about how the exposure is off or the groom is OOF or whatever, it’s best that the pro’s just don’t say shit about another photographers photos in a public forum.

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