(Closed) Poll: Which bachelorette event would you rather attend…?

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  • poll: Which non-traditional bachelorette party idea are you more into?
    Spa Day : (65 votes)
    66 %
    Trapeze School : (15 votes)
    15 %
    Why not both? : (18 votes)
    18 %
    I have this great other idea you should consider and I've posted it below! : (0 votes)
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    oneyearout:  How far apart is the bachelorette party and the wedding? Trapeze can make people extremely sore during the following days after it. I voted for spa day because it is more relaxing and pampering. I wouldn’t want to be sore for days after the party, even if the wedding doesn’t come for a while after that. I’d choose relaxation over sore muscles.

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    I’m terrified of heights so would not do trapeze school but I bet it is a blast for other people. I voted spa day but that’s also because that is what I did! We also did dinner and drinks afterwards.

    The other thing I will say about spa vs. trapeze is that everyone might be separated and not get to spend much time together if you do spa day. Like if you each get a massage, a facial, and a manicure then you will only be together for the mani’s most likely and that’s only if the timing works right. With trapeze it might be more of a group thing. 


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    Though trapeze school sounds AWESOME, I think interest in this would depend a lot on how active/fit your girls are. At this point in my life I sort of shudder to think of me hanging off of anything (though it’s making me laugh imagining it). 

    random suggestion: belly dancing class!

    Answer: Spa day!

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    I voted Trapeze School because I can really only take so much pampering… I’m just not into a whole day of it. Maybe a mani/pedi but that’s about it. Plus, it seems like if people were getting all sorts of different services the group would be split up and I would prefer to hang out in the big group. Just think of all the laughs that could be had at trapeze school! That’s why it got my vote. 

    ETA: Prahajess suggested belly dancing– GREAT IDEA! We did a dance class as party of my bachelorette (it was 90s pop/r&b and even though about 25% of my friends were not into it at first, EVERYONE had a great time by the end!).

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    Trapeze School! That would be a fun and NEW experience. 

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    I voted spa day but I would also add doing a champagne brunch or something before. Also I would try to keep costs as low as possible because spa days can be expensive. You don’t have to go as far as going to a little nail salon instead, but make sure you know the girls’ price limits.

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    oneyearout: Trapeze school sounds fun but I’d be worried about broken bones (sightly dramatic, but gotta think worst-case scenario!). Spa day sounds heavenly…I would go with that!

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    oneyearout:  i can weigh in on the ‘party’ aspect of a spa day – i used to manage a spa. 

    call a few places and let them know you’d like to bring x number of people and ask how they accomodate groups. for instance, at my past spa, we had a relaxation lounge where attendees could chill before/after their treatments as long as they liked, and we allowed parties to order wine/cocktails or even bring their own wine as long as they asked us beforehand so we could be ready with glassware etc.

    we were located in a hotel and we offered the pool and sauna to our guests at no charge – so people regularly came early, got changed into suits, went up to the fancy pool on the roof, lounged around for an hour and then came down for their treatments. Look into spas at hotels and ask if they offer the hotel amenities to hotel guests – that’s a great way to extend the day and spend time together for no additional cost. 

    depending on the size of your party, you might not be able to do everything together, but often we would book parties in pairs – so facials, massages, body wraps etc were often (when possible) in two’s. then we’d do the same for manis and pedis, so that no one was ever left out (unless they requested alone!). that way person A had hung out with the group in the lounge with snacks and wine, then had a massage with person B, a facial with person C and then a mani with person D.

    that way the group circulated throughout and everyone had a little time with everyone else and at the mani/pedi stations we could accomodate even more people. (they may be able to do 4 manis while doing 4 pedis, then switch – helpful if they can’t do 8 manis at once)


    wow! that was a novel – sorry! i miss my spa days sometimes 🙂

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    I think considering the size and shape of the other girls before doing trapeze is something that is important. I wish that I could do trapeze but I have to be honest at my size that is just going to be a disaster! I definitely cannot do a pull up or hold myself up on a trapeze (or at least I feel like I would humiliate myself and so I wouldn’t want to try in front of everyone)

    but belly dancing, zumba, other dance lessons (hip hop? ballet? whatever your thing is) sounds more fun along with those “stripper” classes

    also you can do something in between total laying around relaxing and high energy activity…cooking or crafting class etc

    I voted spa day out of the two but I agree with the comments on being alone getting treatments vs together and cost getting away from you at some places


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    Trapeeze is awesome if you have size 2, super fit bridesmaids (you normally have to wear tight clothing and it takes a lot of muscle. I did it and loved it, but if you have some not so fit bridesmaids, there can be a great deal of uncomfort.

    I went to a bachelorette with a painting class and it was a lot of fun. We had a little painting lesson with a glass of wine and it was good, social girl time.

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    I think both sound good. And I second PP with the adult painting class- I haven’t been but I’ve heard really great things about them and am considering doing it as an activity during mine

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