(poll) who does more housework? you or him?

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  • poll: Who does more housework? you or him?




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    We’re both women so gender roles don’t apply… I voted “him” even though my wife is a woman lol. We divide it pretty well but she does more day-to-day housework, including the dishes, laundry, cleaning the floors. I’m much better at organizing and doing big once-a-week overhaul cleaning. She prefers focused tasks she can complete quickly while I make sure things are cleaned and organized in the big picture. I do clean the litter boxes though!

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    We are pretty evenly split, and it’s not something we even have to talk about.

    Dh does all the cooking, and most of the grocery shopping.

    I do most of the kitchen clean up, and I take out the trash more often than he does. I also do most of the laundry/dusting/mopping/bathrooms.

    He naturally loves to cook, while I hate it. I naturally enjoy cleaning, and he hates it, so this system works perfectly for us. 

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    I do. He whoever works longer hours and is on call for his job 24/7. He does the dishes and takes care of all outside duties. I take care of inside. It works well for us. 

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    I do, but it’s more equitable than it used to be. He takes care of the yard, which during the summer in FL is not fun at all. He also does most of the dishes and spot mops the floors (just cleaning up “dirty spots”). I do the more infrequent deep cleaning stuff, general tidying, laundry, and cooking. Neither of us are clean freaks, so we’re not doing a ton of cleaning everyday.

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    I work from home mostly and fewer hours outside the home than hubby, so I take care of the regular grocery shopping, meal prep, and regular cleaning. Hubby handles all of the yard work and is great at deep cleaning. He also enjoys cooking and will do so if we have a particular craving, I need a break, or I ask him. I find cleaning extremely tedious and boring, but I prefer living in a clean house than not. We also do our own laundry, so at least I don’t have to wash and fold his clothes as well. So far it’s been working pretty well!

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    I do laundry, wash dishes and take care of bills while he does yard work, cooks and does more cleaning than I do. (He also does the handyman stuff.)

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    We split things pretty evenly, we don’t really ever discuss who does what unless we’re doing a deep clean and I’m like ok, I’ll tackle this, you want to tackle that? We take turns cooking, and the one who doesnt cook usually does the dishes. We live in an apartment so we don’t have to worry about any lawncare.

    I think the only thing I do more of is take the dogs potty, I’m fine with that since I already had the dogs before we met and I was used to taking care of them on my own anyways (he does help with them, I just tend to do it a bit more).

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    It’s pretty 50/50. Although if I get lazy with the dishes it tips the balance.

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    Definitely him. I work + commute around 60 hours a week and am currently almost 30 wks pregnant. Tired doesn’t even cover how I feel most days and since I have such limited time once I AM home, he does the majority of the laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, general housework and I try to keep my stuff clean and tidy and get to the deeper cleaning stuff on the weekends. But he wins by a landslide in this dept!

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    It just really depends. Usually I happily do most of the cleaning and laundry, as I’m a sahm. My husband of course works fulltime. At times he does alot of housework. I don’t like when he does. I have my way of doing things and I like things a certain way. But I’m grateful for the help at the end of the day. Cleaning is like my meditation. I get to think about the day and what I want to accomplish. I really like a clean and organized home and I like for my husband to come home to a clean house.

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