(Closed) POLL: Worst comment you’ve gotten while engaged?

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My fiance and I had been dating for 5 1/2 years and living together for 3 years before he popped the question last summer.  After the proposal, we didn’t hear anything from Future Mother-In-Law until about three weeks later when she managed to pull together this:

"This is a big surprise, but I’m happy for both of you.  I bet you like your ring." 

Not the worst thing someone could say, but a little weird I thought.  Little did I know there was going to be plenty more questionable comments where that came from.

My friend at work was chitchatting with my boss about how wedding costs add up so quickly and pointed out, as an example, that I have will have to pay for everyone’s food at my wedding.  My boss invited herself by replying:

 "I don’t care, I’m going even if I have to bring my own lunch!"

 Haha!  I was annoyed at first, but I guess it’s kind of flattering.  My mom’s advice was to take her up on her offer.


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After being together for 6 1/2 years, we heard a lot of "finally" and "about time," but that was about as awkward as it got.  When my aunt was engaged a few years ago, she and her Fiance came to Thanksgiving dinner, where my great-grandmother (who is in her mid-80s) commented that they were only there to "show off."  Luckily, my aunt wasn’t close enough to hear her. I didn’t know what to say, so I think I mumbled something about them just being excited (my aunt was in her early 30’s and was getting a bit impatient).  She mumbled a bit more about them not being there for family/Thanksgiving or something while I sat there and laughed! She sure is getting outspoken…but, after all, whose going to stop her (especially now when she’s close to 90)?! 

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SpinningJenny – that’s rude. I guess she has issues since she got fired. It shows.

MightySapphire – I love your comments!! Every time someone asked me that (especially at work), I just smile back and  try to change the subject. In retrospect I would have love to tell them your response!

My hubby and I dated for 7 years before getting engaged so it was a lot of "it’s about time" & "finally", which was ok. I only got offended when someone said "Oh good, you know you shouldn’t be too picky. You’re not getting any younger and you should start having kids now". I no longer consider that person a friend since he insulted both my hubby and me.


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I didn’t hear this first hand, but I’m told that both my younger sister and cousin both asked if I was pregnant when they heard I was engaged. I had been with my Fiance for almost 2 years at that point. I’m still not entirely sure why they assumed I had to have an ulterior motive!

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When I called my parents to tell them my mom’s reply was. Well it is really hard to be happy for you when we just don’t know who you are anymore. Thanks mom love you too…

Now it is what-ever and funny but then it sucked. But it was nice to have everyone else around us happy..

I love hearing everyone elses stories. I have a few "I’m Invited right" moments I really hate those moments…..

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We’ve heard a lot of "Finallys" and "It’s about damn time."  Shortly before we got engaged one of my recently-married friends said "I’d be happy to tell him he has to start recognizing everything you do for him if it ever comes to that!"  Nothing unexpected, and most of them made me laugh.  We’ve been together for almost 7 years.

I told one of my aunts that he’d decided over the summer how he wanted to propose and had written me a card then.  It’d been in our apartment for months and I had no idea.  She replied "Oh, and have you known you wanted to marry him for that long?"  She had no idea we’ve been dating for so long, and I guess must have thought this was a flash in the pan.  (Which is why we’d lived together for 2 years?)  Again, I thought it was hillarious.  My grandmother was heard laughing in the background too. 

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Bee Keeper

@ doctorgirl:    I have no idea WHAT I would do if someone said that!!  My face litterally looked like  when I read that!!  Maybe a casual "Heck no, we’re barren!"  Or something to get them to back off the baby talk!!

And why do people automatically go to babies when they hear marriage??  You gotta be preggers or trying to get preggers, or trying to adopt, or something…people think that marriage is a) necessary to have babies (DUH no it’s not) and b) that babies become a requirement after you’re married.  What is WITH that??

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Right after our engagement, my future father-in-law informed my Fiance that he would not be suckered out of any money to help pay for our wedding.  Needless to say, he’s not on my favorite list right now! 🙂

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Okay, so this comment has to do the the wedding instead of the engagement, but I still thought it was "snarky enough" to post with all the weird comments. And it’s from my mother’s wedding 40 years ago that she still remembers.

When my father’s grandmother was coming through the receiving line, she hugged my mother and said "The wedding would’ve been nicer in a different church" !!

A little background – my father comes from a Catholic family and my mother from a Lutheran family. My father decided to convert to become Lutheran because he was unhappy with the Catholic church and my mom wanted to remain Lutheran. 

My mom still has never told my father or my grandmother about the comment. 

Isn’t that horrible though? To tell the BRIDE on her wedding day??

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yep, i’ve gotten the "FINALLY" comment. a lot!

also, i just recently got a comment someone left on my facebook that asked if i was going to pull a "sharon.""sharon" is an aunt of mine that left the groom at the alter.

to me it was rude because we had postponed the wedding before and now that we’re planning again, it seems like it’s a big joke to everyone now. people ask if we "really are getting married this time."

normally, i wouldn’t have been bothered by the comment and have laughed but the person who said it, didn’t mean it to be funny. she’s a very rude lady who always has a sarcastic remark to sting you with. so i know how she meant it. hopefully she won’t be able to make it,lol.

my fiance and i went out to eat with the best man and his wife last night. they asked if we really were getting married "this time" too and then the best man’s wife said, "you better be because our money is involved!"

i get what she meant but it was still rude. we wouldn’t cancel, but if we did, we’d give you your $100 back for his best man’s tux. geez.

i thought that was nice of her.


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the mother of my fiance’s friend’s wife (who i’ve met exactly twice)  told me now that i’m engaged i should start getting manicures for when i show off the ring.

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I think the worst ones I got were from work people. Some women who worked in the lab across from me heard second-hand that I was engaged, and the first thing the one said to me when I walked in the room is, "So I guess he finally got you knocked up. You gonna be able to find a dress to fit over that baby bump you’re working on?" Not to be vain or anything, but I seriously don’t have anything resembling a baby bump going on, and how rude anyway!

 The second was from a co-worker that I went to college with, so I knew her but we were never friends in that we hung out outside of work (or even really at work for that matter)… She heard and said, "Well if I’m not going to be in the wedding I’m at least getting an invitation right? Of course I am!" My coworker/friend and I just looked at each other. I had no idea how to respond! 

In the grand scheme of things, though, it didn’t really matter. None of the families said anything like that to us. I can’t believe some of the things families have told you all!  I admire you all though for laughing it off 🙂 

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Blushing bee

The worst must have been the comment made by my Future Mother-In-Law who didn’t congratulate us on our engagement at all and when we hosted her and Future Father-In-Law for Christmas made exactly ONE wedding/engagement related comment. She told me I have FAT FINGERS since my ring size is 8.

Mind you I am tall and skinny and my fingers don’t look fat at all.

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some of these responses are so funny/horrible to read! i love this post.

I havent had too many bad comments – questions about why i dont have a ring, but nothing horrible.

The worst/best ever came from my mom. We finally told her and her response "so when do we get grandkids?"

This, out of my career mom who my whole life prior had said wait until your 40, don’t do it, get your career together first…so funny. most unexpected comment EVER.

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At my work bridal shower, my boss who is on his second marriage says to me…

 "Congratulations on making the worst mistake of your life…"

 I am SO glad I did not invite him to our wedding.

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