(Closed) Poll: Would you be okay with another girl doing this around your partner?

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  • poll: Would you be okay with another woman letting it "all hang out" around your partner?

    Fine with me, doesn't bother me one bit.

    No, that's not okay.

    Depends on what her boobs look like

    Other - leave comment!

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    Helper bee

    I wouldn’t be comfortable with it and I know that my boyfriend wouldn’t be comfortable with it, either. 

    If it became a battle of “you don’t like me swimming around topless, then leave” we would probably leave. Also, to me, if you are an adult in a group setting and feel the need to be partially nude in front of everybody, there’s a huge issue. By yourself? Fine. With your SO? Great. In a huge group of people? No. There’s a time and a place and it’s not then. 

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    Bumble bee
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    I think for me the setting would play a big factor. 

    On a beach in europe, nbd. In the US I would feel uncomfortable. 


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    usnavyfiance:  I feel like her attitude about it would make the differnce for me.  What was the context of the situation?  Was she doing it to be provocative or was it something else?

    If the situaiton was that she was being wild and just wiped off her bikini top for no reason I’d think she was a moron and wouldn’t appreciate it at all.  That would clearly have been done to try to get sexual attention or tease the people at the party.

    If it was something like you guys decided to take an unplanned swim and she took off her clothes and jumped in nude or jsut wearing underwear because she didn’t want to get her clothes wet, that seems different.  Or if you’re at a topless beach or something.  Or maybe if it’s within the mood of the party where everyone is doing it.

    Also, it would make a difference to me what she looks like.  If she’s a hot young thing it’s  different than if she’s not good looking.  

    I’m under no illusions that my DH hasn’t seen other boobs or couldn’t see them if he wanted (hello internet!).  I’m also not especially insecure about boobs because I’m large chested.  I don’t care about him being exposed to boobs.  I do care about a woman who’s trying to turn him on or get his attention.  That’s not cool.

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    Busy bee

    I’m on team free the nipple personally. If a dude can swim shirtless and not raise any eyebrows a woman should be able to do so as well.

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    Sugar bee
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    I might find it inappropriate because of the setting, not because their are married men there. Like if she did it at someone’s house with a pool? That might be a little strange to me. At a topless beach? Go for it. 

    At most I might find the behavior a little attention seeking but again it depends on the person and the setting. I wouldn’t be worried my fiance will lose his mind over a pair of boobs, he has seen a lot of them in his life.

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    Buzzing bee
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    I really wouldn’t care of feel threatened by this if someone did it. Each to their own choices and what they want to do. If I had a problem I’d remove myself from the situation.

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    Sugar bee
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    Considering I once started a skinny dip party myself, it wouldn’t bug me.

    Being married now? Still wouldn’t bug me. I’d raise an eyebrow, but if she wants to free the ladies, go for her. Just don’t expect my hubby to join in on the fun.

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    Buzzing bee

    Well, in the situation you described, this person sounds pretty attention-seeking, so it would get a big eye roll from me. That’s about it.

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    Bumble bee
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    The thing is, it’s not like my DH doesn’t see other girls’ boobs every now and then…happens all the times in movies. What would bother me if he went actively seeking them out – strip clubs, porn, etc. He can’t help that she did that. There’d be a lot of second-hand embarrassment though LOL.

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    usnavyfiance:  If the men are really commited in their relationships then it shouldn’t make a difference. If they’re doing it to bathe/sunbathe/whatever, and not to flirt, I wouldn’t care. 

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    Meh wouldn’t bother me. I would have a few shots and do the same thing to kind of poke fun. Free my tata’s for a swim! Lol

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    Honey bee
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    Lol I just came here to comment that UR OP must be about Katie Maloney and LaLa! Lol

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    Honey bee
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    It’s not something I would do, and I would probably find it a little bit odd, but it wouldn’t upset me. There are boobs all over the place all the time. Unless I blindfold my SO and block his access to the internet, he’s gonna see boobs.

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    OK, I’m dying laughing over “Depends on what her boobs looked like”.


    At first I voted that I didn’t care, but reading your update it sounded like it was a group of friends and one of them took off their top. I guess that would verge into uncomfortable territory for me. If a bunch of us were hanging out and one of my friends took off their top, I would be a little miffed. I think it’s easier to write off if it’s a stranger since I won’t be thinking about the boobs my Fiance is picturing everyime we hang out in the future.

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    At a party with friends where this was unexpected? My SO and I would both roll our eyes at such obviously attention-seeking behavior and pay no further attention. We’ve both seen breasts before. I nursed three children. The UPS man has seen mine. ; ) (Though not intentionally.)

    I wouldn’t give her the feedback she desired by making a big deal of it and would have no concerns that my SO was imagining them moving forward.

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