(Closed) Poll! Would you pick a baby name if it was in the top 50? 40? 30? 20? 10?

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  • poll: Would you pick a baby name if it was in the top...
    10? : (18 votes)
    21 %
    20? : (12 votes)
    14 %
    30? : (9 votes)
    11 %
    40? : (7 votes)
    8 %
    50? : (10 votes)
    12 %
    51+? : (15 votes)
    18 %
    No, I wouldn't choose a baby name in the top 100. : (14 votes)
    16 %
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    lovelyruby:  That is a good point. I’ve never considered a timless name before. Do you have any examples for both genders?

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    If I really loved it, it wouldn’t bother me.  There is so much focus on being “unique” (barf- usually lol) these days that the top 10 names are nowhere near as common as the top 10 names were in the 80s or farther back.  So even if you pick a top 10 name, there will not be as many kids with it as there have been in the past.  Better a top 10 name then some yoonique name.

    Besides, some of the classic names will always be in the top 50.  I would prefer more of a timeless name regardless (so something popular in a variety or couple of different generations not something brand new and trendy)

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    I very much prefer traditional names (with traditional spellings) for both boys and girls. The “original” names are often just horrid, made-up, illogically spelled things. Seriously, who decided that spelling something backwards would make a good name? It’s absurd, IMO. Anyway, with traditional names it wouldn’t matter to me where they ranked on the top 100 because they are timeless. 

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    I think you should just pick a name that you love. for all of my friends with common names, none of them have ever expressed regret over it. I have an uncommon name and really love it too. so either way is fine in my book. 

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    echomomm:  LOL, I do have to admit that I hate when people choose words or spellings that are not traditionally names just to be different. I wonder how long before we start to see emojis as names? *shudder*

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    I used to care but now I’m over it. pur names aren’t in the top 10 but are in the top 50. Top 50 in Aus is still only around 100-200 occurance a so that’s not a lot. I think what people forget is that a lot of these names have BECOME popular because everyone didn’t want to pick a name on the top 20, making ‘unique names’ now popular. Ie Ava, Mia etc. ALSO a lot of ckassic, timeless names will be in the top names across decades, that’s what makes them classic and timeless. Chloe, Emma, Emily are all very popular now but I would not be surprised to meet a 50, 30 or 4 yr old with that name. That’s kinda the epitome of timeless. 

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    I don’t want to choose an overly common name plus I’m a teacher so so many names remind me of kids I’ve taught. However, our favourite girls name is Grace which was no.12 in 2015 (in Australia). My husbands second favourite name is Ruby which is no.10 lol. We did a bit better with boys names haha. Out of our top 3 choices only 1 is in the top 100, which is Nate which is no.43 😊 

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    MrsRevolutionize:  Ha! Funny you mention the name Sophia……. I’ve loved that name for many many many years! Way before it became so damn popular. I always wanted to name my child Sophia and I don’t think I want to change my mind because it happens to be in a popular list. 

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    I would chose any name I want. The top 100 names are very different now then what they used to be. It used to be that the top 10 names represented a large percent of the babies born. Now there are so many names out there that even the top 10 names are a small percentage of the babies born. 

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    If it was name I had to have, I would get over it being on a top 10-50 list. But overly popular names tend to be a turn off for me, as well as overly unique names. 

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    I wouldn’t choose a name becuase it is popular. However, if the name I like happens to be in the top 10, I’m not going to change my mind based on that.

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    My problem isn’t necessarily with my child potentially being one of five in a class, but it’s more that the names don’t feel fresh anymore, they feel kind of tired. Take Emma for example: Gorgeous name and I like it well enough, but it’s tired. I know a dozen Emmas. If someone were to name their daughter Emma, I just kind of shrug, because it’s nothing special to me. 

    That being said, Charlotte has been a long favorite of mine and it’s now in the top 10. I would still use it.

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    lindsayE:  this exactly, especially for girl names. It’s not the same as all the Sarahs in my generation (mid to late 80s). 

    I think the worse trend is people who want to make those popular names more unique, so they mess with the spelling as if it makes a difference when its pronounced the same. I think people also don’t take into account variants of a name (for popularity purposes, things like Jake/Jacob could more or less be counted as the same name). 

    I will admit that we have been considering popularity when looking at names, but most (all?) of our choices just naturally fell outside the top 50. 

    A friend on Facebook just used our non-top 100 name choice, so there’s really no guarantees!

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    MrsRevolutionize:  Whether or not we used a popular name would depend on if it was a name that was important to us, especially if it’s a family name.

    I have a name that has been in the top 30 for girls for the last century at least, and was in the top 10 most of the decade I was born. There were four girls in my graduating class with the same first name as me — though we all went by something different. It was a name my parents both loved and adamantly wanted to use, even though it’s always been popular.

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    I’ve loved the name Harper for years, and we are 90% sure that will be this lil girls name. I’m wary of the popularity, and don’t want to seem like I only know of it because of its trendiness, but I think my love of the name outweighs it’s popularity. 

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