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    I have never owned either, so I can’t comment but have you contacted breed specific rescue groups in the area?

    They may be able to help you with your decision.

    You may also be able to foster a dog of your choosing to see if they really do work for your lifestyle.

    Good luck!

    And if you do go the breeder route make sure you go through the national breed club website to find a list of reputable breeders in the area (it’s easier to let the educated breed club members do the screening/legwork for you)!

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    I have 2 shih tzus and they couldn’t be more different (one is hyper and insane but easygoing, the other is particular but low engery). It just depends on the dog. However, if you are not going to be home a good part of the day, I would suggest looking for a different breed. They are a breed that tends toward seperation anxiety when left alone for too long.

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    Wow, I am completely biased because I am totally a Pom person, but my friends have Shih-Tzu’s and love them.

    I show & breed Poms as a hobby also, so if you need help finding a good breeder, I’d be more than happy to help you.  Two of my Poms are from the US.

    I’m not as familiar with Shih-Tzu health issues, but they seem pretty hardy, especially if you are planning to have kids down the line (or have young kids), they are far less delicate than a Pom and would be better suited with young children.  Don’t get me wrong, Poms are excellent with kids, but they are fragile, you might want a larger Pom closer to 7 lbs if you will have young kids around them. 

    Shih-Tzu’s have hair and do not shed… Poms shed seasonally… I don’t find it that bad, but you have to keep up on the grooming with either dog anyway.  Shih-Tzu’s would also be less likely to cause allergies than a Pom because they have hair and not fur.

    Shih-Tzu’s seem more laid back, Poms are very outgoing and spunky.  They are full of themselves!!!  That’s what I love about them most, they always act like puppies, even in old age, and demand to be noticed.

    If you decide on a Pom, a few issues to watch out for… luxating patellas (slipping kneecaps) #1, its very common in the breed, but not life threatening, and usually does not require surgery.  Another is collapsing tracheas, use a harness to prevent issues with the trachea.  Another problem plaguing our breed is black skin disease or alopecia X.  For no known reason, Poms will sometimes lose their coat πŸ™  It’s sad, but strictly cosmetic, and sometimes there are harmless ways to recoat them, but does not always work.  They say males are more likely affected than females.

    And, I think Poms are cuter πŸ™‚  I will pm you my website πŸ™‚

    Good for you for doing your research, and for supporting reputable breeders, and not pet stores or puppy mills.

    Good luck on your search for your new family member!  Any questions about Poms, just ask!

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    My mom has two shit-tzus (her mid-life crisis dogs, haha!) and while they aren’t really my thing I do have to admit that they are just the sweetest dogs. So kind and loving but FULL of personality. They love their walks but are kind of 2-speed dogs; quiet and lazy in the house and wild at the park. The only downside with them is that you will have to take them to get clipped/groomed (I always think they look cute when they’re all scruffy – like little ewoks!). Great, great dogs though.

    I have a cousin who has a Pomeranian and I swear the  thing doesn’t shut up. It barks at EVERYTHING. That could be limited to just her dog but it has kind of tainted the breed for me anyways. I LOVE dogs, but if the opportunity arose to punt a fieldgoal with that dog, I might take it! JK!! Sort of… πŸ˜‰

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    How about a pomapoo?  hehe not that I’m biased at all…

    I’ve never had a pure bred pom or a shih tzu, but I can tell you my pomapoo is very smart, incredibly cute and fluffy, really cuddly, easy to groom, and seriously attached to me.  He was also easy to house break, much easier than my yorki-poo (yorkies are notorious for house breaking issues).  One of my BMs has a pomeranian and he’s also adorable and cuddly and sweet. 

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    Poms are actually descendents from much larger breeds, including malamule & husky.  So, they seem to not fully understand that they’re small dogs πŸ™‚  My experience is that they’re very loving to their owners, and therefore extremely protective.  I’ve also heard that they’re very hard to train.

    Both my parents and sister have owned shih-tzus and they have been wonderful dogs (other than a few health issues).  They’re great around little kids and I’m pretty sure they don’t have an aggresive bone in their bodies. 

    Both dogs do require regular grooming, and shih tzu’s are prone to some eye issues because of their protruding eyes.

    Have you considered a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?  They’re an amazing breed that do well in apartments, and Cavalier Rescue USA is an amazing organization that has lots of these adorable dogs that need homes.

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    I have nothing to add except:  puppy!  So cute!

    Well, actually, I will say that I’ve lived near a Pomeranian and it could be a touch unpleasant.  If they aren’t properly trained or are left alone too long they get yappy.

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    I grew up with a Shih-tzu/Poodle mix who was a sweetie, and I now have two Pomeranians.

    I loved my Shih-tzu/Poodle, but I have to recommend Pomeranians. They are wonderful!

    1. They are the smartest dogs I’ve ever had. They are quick to learn what I ask them to do. I think it’s because they are a type of Spitz and were bred from sled dogs.

    2. My pomeranians are quiet except for a couple barks if there is someone at the door. They immediately stop barking when I tell them to. I think people who treat them like babies that have to be coddled if they bark end up with yappy dogs because they unintentially teach the dog to bark.

    3. They are really loyal to their owners. My poms are crazy about me and Fi. They are happy to follow me around and love cuddles.

    4. They are easy to groom and don’t shed much. They only shed seasonally, and some brushing pretty much takes care of it. Otherwise, I barely have to brush them at all, and they always look poofy and beautiful. Shih-tzu hair takes a lot of maintenance and daily grooming to avoid matting. A lot of people I know with Shih-tzus end up shaving them down because it’s easier. If you want a fluffier, prettier look that won’t take hours of grooming each week, go with a Pom.

    I’ve always liked Shih-tzus, but now that I’ve had Poms, I don’t think I will ever go back.


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    Here are our 2 shih tzus and my moms poodle. As far as grooming goes, we keep our shih tzus groomed short because of the Texas heat and how dirty they get in the yard. We take them every 6-8 weeks and it costs $40 a dog per visit. The dog on the far left is 2 years old, the one in the middle is 7 years old. As you can see, their sizes range a bit. 

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    I just wanted to add about the Pom barking… with one, I never found it to be an issue.  Yes they are inquisitive, and will bark at strange things, but they are just doing their job, and it’s not excessive.  They are very protective and loyal dogs. 

    Mine are perfectly fine being home alone when I work, and are fine in a crate.  My friends’ shih-tzu’s get separation anxiety and cannot be crated, but I dont know if thats just the way they were raised.

    They CAN be stubborn though, and some people find them hard to train.  I’ve only had a hard time training when I bought an adult instead of a puppy, just being honest.

    Either way I don’t think you can go wrong, they are both lap dogs, and very sweet.  But for me there is no going back πŸ™‚

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    Pom! Pom! Pom! πŸ™‚ They’re very smart and so long as make sure they’re trained you don’t have to worry about excessive barking, etc.

    Breed aside – a HUGE part of how any dog acts is due to training. Any dog with little training will have bathroom issues and “misbehave”. Also dogs do have their own personalities – one of ours is a maniac while the other is laid back, one is independant and the other loves being held, one never meets a stranger and the other is more cautious when meeting new people.

    Grooming can be a big deal with Poms if you keep them long – we actually get ours cut in a “Lion cut” for most of the year. It’s where their head is long but their bodies are short and they have a little pom on their tails – it cuts down on shedding – and if they’re indoors they don’t really need their full coat.

    Plus they’re sooo adorable! (gratuitous pictures of my poms)

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