Pooping at work?!

posted 5 years ago in Career
  • poll: Do you poop at work?
    Yes : (278 votes)
    54 %
    No : (80 votes)
    15 %
    I shut the door behind me when I am finished : (127 votes)
    25 %
    I keep the door open when I am finished : (32 votes)
    6 %
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    Sugar bee
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    I only poop at work if it is really necessary, but I go to bathrooms that aren’t used much. Who would leave the door open! that is gross. I’m so sorry your desk is in such a shitty location

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    Sugar bee

    LOL. I feel for you. At my last job, there were always a box of matches left on the toilet. For some reason, lighting a match pretty much removes the bad smell.

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    Lol, this is such a funny thread.

    First off, I’ll start by saying I HATE public bathrooms. I hate them so much that I will intentially not drink or eat anything to avoid using them. .

    My job is quite complicated, and it involves a number of smaller type jobs. [Management at a resort]. So at any point in time, I could be doing anything from bookeeping [taking payments, doing taxes], to giving our tours and selling property, checking up on the many departments and making sure things run smoothly [wateslide, gift shop, ect], or checking up on our pump houses and bathhouses.

    Depending on where I am, is depending on what I do. If I’m in my office, I have my own private bathroom, and will leave the door open .

    If I’m in the Corporate office doing bookeeping, we have a shared bathroom and the door automatically closes on it. However, we do keep it stocked with plenty of fabreeze and air fresheners.

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    Etiquette Snob here… lol

    Proper etiquette / manners would be that the washroom fan should be turned on, any toiletry spray used, and the door closed upon departure.

    I feel for you having to put up with the poor manners of others (and the stinkiness)

    May I suggest the following.

    1- Make sure that the toiletry spray is stocked.  Heck you can make sure it is something you prefer (Have you seen that product poopourri ?  It is specifically designed for this problem, and because it is applied to the water, and not to the air, it means you won’t have the same allergic reaction out in the hall.  They sell it online… or there are DIY recipes too)

    2- You make a sign… PLEASE CLOSE THE DOOR WHEN YOU LEAVE… and place it on the back of the Bathroom Door, nice & discreet… but where people will see it when they are about to exit.

    3- And if that doesn’t work… make another one for the front… less discreet… more bold.  PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHERS… KEEP DOOR CLOSED AT ALL TIMES (Knock before you try the handle).

    Hope this helps,


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    I have IBS so I will go wherever I have to. 

    That said, you have to go through at least three doors between any office and the toilets (five from mine) and I couldn’t imagine leaving any of them open.

    The main problem with them is that they don’t flush properly so people often have to stay in there to flush three, four or even five times before they can leave (although thankfully no one is so rude not to flush their debris).

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    Helper bee
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    I don’t work in an office. I’m a nurse.  I use the bathroom at work.  All the nurses and CNAs use the bathroom and accept that it’s a normal part of life.  That being said no one likes the smell of Bridesmaid or Best Man, especially someone elses.  It’s rude and really bizarre that people leave the door open after going..  Why would they want the whole office to smell it?  I would just go close it right as they walk away.


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    It depends on the type of door.  Some can be difficult to tell if someone is in there or not if it’s shut.  With those I usually leave them slightly ajar.  I typically do the same at home.

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    Start calling them out on it! If you see someone about to walk away without closing the door ask them to close it. Maybe they will start to get the hint and close it on their own next time.

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    Oh poor you, your office is the “enchanted grotto”! (Frasier joke, look it up – sooo funny!) My SO’s former office was just as unlucky as yours, and he’s the type of person who can only “go” at home. He hated that office! lol

    I don’t have this problem, when I have to go I have to go! If it’s at work, well, then it is. I do however always make sure I clean up after myself properly (flush 3-4 times if need be and use the brush), use the air freshener and shut the door behind me. I really don’t get why people leave the door open, it stinks!

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    I’m a nurse and work 12 hr shifts.  After screwing up my bowels from trying to hold it at work, I now happily use the bathroom at work whenever I need to. Our doors shut automatically so that’s not a problem.  If I’m in a bathroom somewhere else I always leave the door the way I found it (slightly open or closed), or closed if I had to do my business. 

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    @LeonardLady:  Just chiming in to commiserate… my office is across from the bathroom door.  I know WAY too much about various people’s habits.  It’s gross.  My boss was very sympathetic and put signs up on the door (in her handwriting, therefore more “official”) asking people to shut the door behind them.  For the most part, it has worked.

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    @LeonardLady:  why don’t you shut the door if the other person doesn’t? 

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    I suggest you buy a few bottles of this stuff: http://www.poopourri.com/ and pray people take the hint!

    At work, our restroom is shared with other offices so it is in the hallway far from anyone’s personal work area. 

    Hope you can move desks soon!!

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