Positive Birth Stories Wanted!

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LilliV :  Interesting about sitting on the toilet and it signaling a natural release… never thought of it that way, but makes absolutely perfect sense!

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blue_cat77 :  I can’t emphasise how important this is. I personally haven’t given birth yet, but from my own friends and family who have experienced both medicated hospital births and natural midwife births, they all swear by midwives (if you’re low-risk, of course). 

OP: I don’t know how much help I can give since I haven’t experienced birth yet either, but I’ll extend some moral support if anything! I also don’t want an epidural…I’m more scared of getting that than I am of labor pain! Certainly, having both a healthcare provider and a birthing partner who supports your choice is incredibly helpful and empowering, so I hope that’s available to you 🙂 

I just keep telling myself that birth is a nutural process…it’s meant to be this way, it’s supposed to hurt. We naturally have such a stressful reaction to pain because it usually means there’s something wrong, but labor is one of those few cases where pain is essentially a good thing, you know? Women have been giving birth completely unmedicated and unassisted for millenia…if our ancestors could do it, we can do it too! No matter how much it hurts, “this too shall pass”. 

Oddly enough, watching unmedicated births on youtube (even if it’s an animal giving birth) has been calming and encouraging for me. I’m surprised how dead silent some mothers are while they’re in labor…you can just see that they’re in their own state of mind, pushing themselves through it. It’s really heartening to see women controlling their labor rather than just reacting to it.

Good luck! Hope it all goes well 🙂 

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I got the epidural, but a large portion of my family is super granola crunchy and only do home births. All of them talk about how amazing it was and talk about how present and mindful they were. 

My favorite auntie who insists that they are the only way to go had a negative birth story at the hospital with an epidural as a first-time mom and a positive one at home, giving birth in her bathtub. She recommends that you read Ina May and that you look into Hypnobirthing and getting a birth doula. 

Some other tips: She says do all the prenatal yoga you can (I did this and it helped), play your favorite relaxing music during early labor through transition and then switch to a mix of your favorite dance/workout music for pushing and use an essential oil diffuser with your favorite happy scents if you aren’t sensitive to that sort of thing.

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My daughter is now 11(one and done). But here’s my experience, which I felt was overall positive. I went 13 days overdue(with a lot of medical monitoring), 36 hours before my scheduled induction time if she hadn’t decided to make an appearance. I went in to early labour around 5pm right before thanskgiving supper, my mom knew so we decided to just time things out and see how things went. We lived about an hour from the hospital and my doc told me once my contractions were less than 10 mins apart it was time to go to the hospital. I headed to the hospital after dinner and pumpkin pie(which was delicious) about 9pm, when I got to the hospital, I was told 0cm dilated, and I was definitely in labour and was holding about 8 mins apart. everything was fine at this point, contractions were more annoying than anything. Beause I was so overdue the doc on call said I couldn’t leave to rest at home even though we al knew I’d be hours yet (boooo), so my mom decided to go home and rest, and she would come back in the am and if anythign progressed to call her and she would get a speeding ticket getting there. She came back in at 9am, I’m still going at 8mins apart and woohoo I’m now 1cm dilated. 

My plan going in was to listen to what my body needed, if I wanted drugs or an epidural I was going to have them, If I needed medical intervention then so be it. Ideally I didn’t want an epidural or an episiotomy. The only thing I was adamant abotu was my doctor delivering my baby, my mom being in the room and then upon realizing my fave nurse was working who’s an english trained midwife, before doing her RN, demanded she be my only nurse. Apparently they let crazy pregnant ladies have their way in L & D lol, because she’s who I kept (and was amazing).

I walked around and kept moving as much as possible, and we also tried the big tub thing they have at the hospital (but it slowed her down, so we stopped). At 2pm I was only 2cm dilated and holding at 7mins apart. My doc decided at this point, that if I wanted to we could try a drug to get my labour going a bit more, as she was concerned that I would be too tired from contractions if we continued at my bodys pace, and the risk of complications would increase. So 30 mins later I had my drip, 30 mins later I was in full holy crap labour. Things were bareable until about 90 mins later, when I couldn’t breath through anything anymore and was almost breaking my moms hand. So we tried gas & air, it definitely knocked my pain down to a manageable level, almost immediately, I had gas & air for about an hour, and then it was time to get me in a position since I was close and they eased off my gas & air because I’d need to focus on pushing etc, my water had yet to break and they hadn’t been able to break it. I also pooped during this stage, but was made to stay on my bed and they put a mat under me, because it was very possible that it could be baby and not poop. I hated this part.

At this point I was 9cm, contractions were one after another, and I demanded an epidural, my nurse, told me nope sorry, by the time the anestheiolgist gets there I’d have had the baby. I apparently according to my mother then demanded vodka, because the drugs weren’t cutting it, I tried to get off the bed and leave because I wasn’t doing this, then there were also demands to castrate my ex with a dull spoon. (I don’t remember this part, but my doctor laughingly backed her up the next day, when I said I didn’t remember that part) 

I had to push about 5 times, I think this really came down to having my fave nurse and mom there, they really talked me through my contractions and how to push and when to push. My water broke around push 1 or 2(my daughter did swallow some meconium during this), delivering the placenta after was a breeze, I didn’t even really feel it. My mom cut my cord, the nurse checked my daughter ASAP for her AGPAR and all was well, they got the meconium out ASAP. Then as soon as they cleared her she was immediately put on my chest. I was stitched up, only 2 stitches. My daughter immediately started trying to root cuddling on my chest, so the nurse and my mom helped me get her to latch. Thankfully no issues with her latch, I didn’t know what I was doing but she definitely did. Once she ate, they got her cleaned up, and I got to clean up, then I was moved to the maternity ward from L&D.

Overall I feel other than my labour being long, I felt like I had a great birth experience, I was a little loopy after having the gas & air, so once I was in maternity and she was sleeping, I slept hard for 3 hours and woke up when she whimpered to feed.


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ClaudiaKishi :  I chose a birth center with Certified Nurse Midwives/Nurse Practitioners when I was pregant with my first baby. I LOVED the birth center experience and went back to the same one for my second baby, who was born 6 months ago. They recently starting offering nitrous oxide for pain management, but I didn’t use it. I wrote a birth story for my first son but never got around to writing one for my second so I might as well now! 

I was a little over 39 weeks pregnant and had been in early labor all day. I was crabby and tired but went about my normal day. I would hvae a short contraction and do some breaths but they weren’t painful, just uncomfortable and annoying I kept track of them on an app but they were sporadic and far apart. We went out to dinner at a casual place (I had a BLT) and I had two contractions there that were uncomfortable enough that I had to breathe, and one I went to the bathroom for a little privacy. But then I played with my son for a while out on the grass, knowing it would likely be the last time he would be the only child! I put him to bed and reading him books was hard, I had a hard time reading during the contractions. After he went to bed I called my dad and asked him to come over. He arrived an hour later and while we were waiting I took a hot bath. We left for the birth center at 10 pm but I could tell I wasn’t in active labor yet- I was joking with my husband and we were giddy and excited. We just wanted to be closer and it was wishful thinking, my early labor didn’t last long with my first baby at all and I was over it and wanted things to get going already! We went to the birth center and my midwife checked me and I was 3 cm. Ugh. We went to my dad’s house (it was midnight by then) and went down to his guest room and laid down. My husband slept and I dozed, but I had to get on my hands and knees during contractions, which were about 7 minutes apart by then. About 1:30 am I had to get up and lean over and sway my hips and breathe during the contractions and after about a half hour I woke up my husband so we could go back to the birth center. I had to face backwards in the front seat and breathe through the contractions. When we got to the birth center I had to stop outside the door and lean on a potted plant and have a big, long, painful contraction. When it was over I said, “Thank you, plant.” My midwife checked again and I was 6 cm. I got into the tub, on my side. I listened to my playlist, my husband held my and and talked to me, I made low noises and said mantras like, “I can do this. I can do this.” By 3 am I was definitely in transition and the contractions were lasting longer and I had to really make an effort to stay relaxed. I chugged some coconut water between them. Just before 4 am, at the end of a contraction, I felt myself push a little bit. My midwife (who by then had changed into scrubs and put on gloves) noticed the change in my voice and asked me how I was doing. She said I should go ahead and push if I had the urge, she didn’t both checking the dilation. I started pushing with the contractions and was able to fully rest in between in a kind of zen state or something. At one point my stomach growled and I said, “I’m hungry” and everyone started laughing, like, “what the heck?” After 40 minues of pushing my midwife said to reach down and see how close the head was. It was right there! I pushed really, really hard and kinda yelled and screamed a little. I also yelled, “AHH FUCK.” But it was over so quickly and then my baby was on my chest! I was so surprised! I said, “My guy!! You’re here! I love you!!! His name is Dean!” They midwife gave me a shot of pitocin in my thigh and then I delivered the placenta. I had a skidmark but no tearing. I got out of the tub and walked over to the bed and laid down and held my baby. My husband came onto the bed, too and took off his shirt and held our son on his chest. I had a snack and then took a shower while my husband held our baby. We rested a couple of hours and then drove home. My baby was born at 4:50 am and we were home by 9 am to have breakfast with my older son. It was amazing. Unmedicated birth is so hard, but it is incredible, too. I know it’s not in the cards for some people for whatever reason (either medical reasons or just their personal preference) but for me it was an incredibly empowering, magical experience. My husband was (and still is) in awe of the whole process. Best of luck! No matter how you end up giving birth it will be one of the most transformative, awesome experiences of your life. I do recommend taking a birth class. I did hypnobirthing and a regular one when I was pregnant the first time and it definitely helped both me and my husband to cope and know what to expect.

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MrsHarryDresden :  Wow, thanks! I’m honored you thought of me 🙂 I have had two good experiences!

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You can definitely do it! From the beginning I wanted to try a natural birth but I also wasn’t able to get an epidural because of other health issues. Right around 30 weeks I had the “oh crap” moment of this baby has to come out and how am I going to do this? I think I actually posted a thread about it too! But anyway I did it and it was one of the best experiences of my life! Here’s my story with some tips.

I found a midwife group that was well known for natural births. Seriously my midwife was amazing! I was with a obgyn until I was about 20 weeks and feared a csection and giving birth and the moment I switched I felt so much relief. My midwife referred me to a chiropractor. She helped make sure the baby was in a good position and as I got close to my due date she gave me exercises to do to help the baby move down and put pressure on my cervix with the thought that is would help me dialate when the time was right. I did the exercises everyday and then twice a day the week of my due date. I watched a lot of YouTube videos on natural birth what to expect how to cope etc. That really helped I watched them almost every day especially when I doubted myself. I also took a childbirth class which taught me great breathing techniques and I practiced these every night too. Definitely read Ina Mays book and reread it. It will remind you you can do this! I had a yoga ball to sit in leading up to labor and birth. I actually spent the first part of my labor on it at home and then most of my labor on it in the hospital. 

This is my birth story!

I started getting contractions right before bed around 11pm. I kept track of them but also tried to rest. Throughout the night they were pretty consistent and I think by about 5 am I decided I couldn’t lay in bed anymore so I decided to get on my yoga ball. These contractions weren’t too bad. They felt mainly like strong period cramps. I breathed through them and when one was over I felt fine. I let my husband sleep and decided to wake him up around 8ish. I told him I am pretty sure this is it and we made sure we had everything packed. I called my midwife and she said to keep timing contractions stay home as long as possible and call her back in a few hours or sooner if anything major happened. Things stayed pretty much the same until about 11. The contractions started picking up. They were a lot stronger and closer together. It was harder for me to talk through them. I kept breathing and would think positive thoughts like I can get through this it’s almost over etc. my husband called the midwife and she stil wanted me to stay home. I told her I would give it a few more hours. Around 12 I decided to get in the shower and get ready to leave because I was anxious to get to the hospital and get the drive over with. The hospital was about 40 minutes away and I knew it would be difficult to sit still. The shower was difficult and painful because I had to stand and it was much easier for me to cope with the contractions on the yoga ball. We called my midwife and headed to the hospital around 1. When I got there I was 5cm dialated. My birth companion ( a nursing student who is a doula ) met us. She was amazing putting cold and warm compresses in my neck massaging my back making sure I drank etc. Highly Highly recommend. I sat on the yoga ball the whole time in the hospital until it was time to push. They checked me again at 3 and I was 8 cm. Then again at 4 I started feeling the need to push but my water still hadn’t broke. I was fully dialated though. So from the time I got to the hospital until then contractions were pretty intense but you do get a small break in between them. Counter pressure helped a lot for me and I also squeezed stress balls. My midwife waited a hour to see if my water would break but it didn’t so she broke it for me and it was time to push. That is the only time I thought to myself “oh god this is it I wish I could have something” but that was just because I was scared I didn’t even start pushing yet haha. I pushed on my hands and knees for a hour and my baby was out. I felt everything and it was uncomfortable but it is tolerable. I kept asking my midwife if I crowned after each push haha. Pushing reallllllllly takes a lot of work more so then I expected so just be prepared for that. But after she was out 0 pain! I was up walking to the bathroom as soon as they stitched me up. I had a second degree tear but it didn’t really hurt at all. I was so proud of myself because I didn’t cuss or scream or anything my whole labor or birth. It was about 18 hours from start to finish with 1 hour pushing. Honestly the best experience of my life. I feel like a warrior but it is so empowering. Sorry this is so long. Good luck and you can do it! Positive thoughts. Our bodies were made for this. PM me if you have any questions I didn’t answer! 

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I think my birth story is uploaded on here but I had THE BEST labour and birth I could have ever dreamed of. I look back at it sooo fondly. From complete start to finish it was 6.5 hours. I pushed for 30 mins. It was fast so was super intense , I didn’t have any pain relief , not even gas. And he came out 9pd 2oz. It’s totally a mental game and I went into it with a really strong mind, and kept that strong mindset the whole way through. I’m really hoping my next labour and birth will be the same …… best of luck and remember if things don’t go to plan, or you do decide to have an epidural or use gas or have a c section, there is NOTHING wrong with any of it , and the only thing that matters is getting your baby out safely for both of you. All the best xo

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If you listen to podcasts, The Birth Hour is a great one that has tons of birth stories no matter what you’re looking for!

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I woke up to go to the bathroom and had my first contraction at 8.20 am. I was standing in front of my toilet when I felt a pop. My water broke. I went to my living room and started to time my contractions, they were 5 minutes apart. They were consistent so I called the hospital at 9 and they told me to come in. I woke my Darling Husband and we took a shower together. My mother helped me get dressed while my husband finished up in the bathroom. He has really long hair so it takes a little time to wash up. I told him to take his time but when I got out of the shower my contractions were 3 minutes apart. So I called a taxi and told them to hurry up. They came really fast, my Darling Husband wasn’t even dressed at this point.
We got to the hospital and they checked me and I was 5 cm. At this point I asked what the procedure was for the epidural just in case. They told me and started with an IV. She failled and got the needle in at the second try. At that point I felt my body push. I told the midwive and she checked me again. I went from 5 to almost 10 cm in less than 15 minutes. She told me it was time to practice as she would teach me how to push. We did this for a while, by this time I pooped and then it was go time. I pushed for 30 minutes and my baby was born at 12.05 pm. My whole labor and birth took 3 hours and 45 minutes from first contraction to holding my baby in my arms. I did not tear at all but my placenta didn’t come out. So we did skin to skin and started breastfeeding but this didnt help either. So they gave me something in the IV, they had to get one in once again since I tore it out while pushing and we waited till the placenta came out. Then my husband got to hold my baby so I could use the bathroom and I was transfer to my private room. It was reaaly intense but I never doubted my self. I didn’t scream, or make any sound. I was concentrating on a beeping sound the heart monitor was making and was really zen.

I’m pregnant with baby #2 and I’m kinda scared. My first was so fast but I don’t know if I could handle a long normal one, lol. Or that I will even have time to get to the hospital on time. They told me this time, skip the shower and come right away because second babies tend to come even faster.

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