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sending you good vibes!!!! i know it’s easier said than done but try to stay as relaxed as possible. Hoping this is the month for you! 

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Honey bee
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i am so confused. Why would they not have you come in right away? 

Anyway, i have heard about women getting periods throughout their pregnancy, but your chart doesn’t look like you are pregnant. 

Basically…i am as confused as you are and i would be demanding to see the doc. 

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@lindsayandchris09:  oh my ! I’m actually curious to hear about this.  I would go to a walk in clinic and get advice or try your GI. 

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@lindsayandchris09:  Oh hon, i am so excited for you.  I really hope you get confirmation of this pregnancy.  I will be praying and crossing everything for you.  You deserve this so much!!!  Please keep us posted.  My sister had AF for three months while pregnant.  Some women still get AF when they are pregnant.  FX !!!!

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Well it seems that I got pregnant and then had 1 period (well I assumed it was my period).

I missed my period in late August so I assumed I had gotten pregnant in August but at my sono they dated me 3.5 weeks earlier. That means I would have gotten pregnant in July (which is what they’re telling me). I had a period towards the mid-later portion of July. I’ve read some people think that you could mistake implantation bleeding for a period but I have no idea (it matched up with when I should have gotten my period). Mine seemed exactly like my normal periods too, except I had more cramping. Now, my periods were pretty light due to being on BCP for so long but it seemed like a nomal period to me. I know BCP reduces cramps so I assumed it was normal that I would have increased cramps off BCP. July was the first month I was off BCP and the sono tech told me that it happens all the time (that people have a period and are still pregnant).

Still trying to wrap my brain around how this happens! How the heck would you know you’re pregnant unless you’re testing early?!

I didn’t have any more bleeding after that though and everything is perfectly fine even though I didn’t realize I was pregnant until I was practically 11 weeks along (thought I was 7 weeks when I found out but apparently I was wrong).  One of my friends had a decent amount of spotting though for a few weeks and everything is fine.

Hoping everything is ok! I would push for an earlier appointment. If you think you are having a miscarriage they should be advising you to go to the hospital. If it’s just spotting I would assume it’s normal but I’d be worried about heavier bleeding. Is your spotting still going on?

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Honey bee
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I don’t say this to scare you, but just as information – with my miscarriage, I had no cramping and my bleeding was just like a normal period, it just lasted longer. I certainly wasn’t filling a pad every hour by any stretch.

I hope this all works out well for you. And I second PP, I’d be demanding an appointment with my OB!

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Busy bee
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I would definately try to get in sooner- they could at least get you in for a blood test if they don’t have a full appointment.  I would think about trying another dr.

FX for you!

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Sugar bee
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I would find a different doctor just because I wouldn’t be able to relax until I’ve seen someone. Then you could return to your regular doctor for the Nov. appointment.

That being said, the first bleeding could have been implantation bleeding. Some women do bleed throughout pregnancy. Usually as long as it is brown, not filling a pad within an hour, and you are not seeing clots you are fine.


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Busy bee
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@lindsayandchris09:  My thoughts – I went through years of IF treatments many years ago but I think these things are still true, as told to me by my doctor:

1) There is no such thing as a false positive pregnancy tets. False negatives, yes.

2) IMMEDIATELY find a new infertility doctor. You should have been walking through the door for an appointment within a few hours of a positive pregnancy test, after 11 months TTC. Adding the bleeding you’re describing, I’d be banging down their door.

Once I’d conceived my doctor’s office would have wrapped me in cotton batting and carried me around for the first three months, had that been an option lol.

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Honey bee
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Just to give you two sides to the story.  I went through a similar thing, although my spotting is/was brown.

I started spotting brown on the day my period was due and four weeks later I’m still spotting brown and still pregnant.

I also spotted brown with my miscarriage/ectopic (no pain, no red blood).

It’s important that you get in to see your Dr. earlier than November, so they can at least get your HCG levels.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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@lindsayandchris09:  First congrats, but I do want to urge you to go in right away because even if your bleeding isn’t accompanied by cramping, I would be concered with the amount of days you have been spotting/bleeding and the fact that it is red. And you can still get positives even after having a miscarriage.

Please go to a doctor that can get you in right away, even if you have to travel to the nearest office.

Fingers crossed that this is all normal and everything is ok. Plese keep us posted!!

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Buzzing bee
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@lindsayandchris09:  Being a doctor myself (of the veterinarian variety), I always urge people to tell their docs the truth. But, in this case, lie! Tell them you have some cramping or pain on one side! I’m completely serious. Or, go straight to the ER. I had some bleeding early in my pregnancy, after 5pm, and went straight to the ER – they immediately did an ultrasound and checked my hCG. You’d be 7 weeks along or so now, right? If so, you should see a baby and a heartbeat by this point on an ultrasound. Demand you get one! Waiting over 3 weeks to have resolution is ridiculous! FX and lots of good vibes your way!!!

ETA: Lovemygsp went through this exact scenario – I’m sure she wouldn’t mind a PM if you’d like to hear her experience.

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Busy bee
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It might just be a chemical pregnancy…. but either way I would get in to see a doctor immediately!!! They should be doing a blood test, and if positive then checking your progesterone levels… yours may just be low and a MC could easily be prevented with some supplementation… hope you get help ASAP! Let us know what happened!!

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@Glasgowbound:  +1.  I spotted pink every so often when I wiped for about 5 days then it turned brown.  Then came back cramps, then came blood.  However, even when I miscarried it was not heavy bleeding and it only lasted 5ish days, like a regular period and I never even used thick pads, I used panty liner-like pads.  I was 6 weeks on the dot when I miscarried.




On the other hand I have a friend who bled on and off for a week right after she got her BFP.  She was monitored quite a bit by her doctor and had several blood tests to check how her numbers were doing.  They were always on the low side and I truly thought she would miscarry.  Eventually the bleeding stopped and she is now 26 weeks with a healthy baby girl.


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