*Positivity Post* Tell me some awesome things about your life!

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  • I have a partner who loves and respects me and is wonderfully supportive. I am grateful for that every single day.
  • I get to work from home! Apart from saving 15 hours of commuting a week, it’s just a more peaceful existence. And I get to sing at my desk again.
  • Working from home also means we got to get a puppy. He’s a delightful handful, and has been so good for me. Just changing my habits around walking has made a tremendous difference in how I feel.
  • My chronic condition, which rears it’s head pretty regularly, is still SO MUCH BETTER than it used to be. I remind myself often of just how sick I used to be and how deeply grateful I am to be better, even if not totally well.
  • My daughter who used to struggle a lot with depression and anxiety is doing really well. She’s in her own place, working, and going to school. I am so proud to see her prioritizing her mental health and taking such good care of herself.
  • After YEARS of trying to snag a booking, I managed to reserve a fire lookout tower for 2 nights next weekend! I am SO STOKED.  

And, just cause; puppy. 🙂

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happybridetobe1988 :  This is very cool. My daughter taught English in France as part of a Fulbright. The funniest things was when she showed a photo of the shark from Jaws and asked the kids if they knew what it was. “A shart!” was the answer. They all had a good laugh when she explained the difference lol.

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Charliejeorge :  I’m the same! My New Years resolution has been to work on mindfulness for like four years now. Lol. Time is flying anyway – it doesn’t help to be so forward looking (read: anxious) as I am.

My one current good thing – fall weather in the Midwest. A weekend of leggings, hoodies, soccer with my LO, and PSLs!!

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I’m super grateful for my husband, my dog, and my job. I am currently in the process of promoting at work which means even more pay and I actually like my job so it’s even better. I’m happy that my husband and I were able to buy a fairly new house (only 8 years old) and have been enjoying every single second in it! I was in a car accident 2 years ago that messed up my shoulder. I went back to the chiropractor and felt like a new person leaving there with no pain. So many good things to be grateful for. 

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  1. I love how my dogs not only cheer up my day- they cheer up other people’s! I always hear people ooh-ing and ahh-ing over them and when I’m not in a rush to be somewhere, I always let them play with the pups for a bit before I continue on our walk.
  2. I’ve recently gone back to school and I LOVE all my classes. I’m a lot busier than I used to be (as a stay at home partner lolol) BUT I feel very fulfilled. And I’m a lot healthier than I was back when I was in college. I remember I used to pull many allnighters, school was all about my grades for med school, etc. Now I’m just enjoying learning and I don’t EVER do allnighters, or even stay up late. I’m in bed by 11 and awake at 7 everyday. I get to start off the day with some yoga and doggy time.
  3. My FH is just the sweetest. Twisted my ankle the other day and instead of letting me walk to and home from class, he’s been driving me. That’s some extra karaoke in the car time together and I LOVEEE it. His beatboxing isn’t great and I’m his biggest fan. 
  4. We already started getting Fall decor. LOLOL So I’m having such a great time putting up fall themed stuff around the house. I’m a little crazy about these things but FH is too so we both get a huge kick out of it. 
  5. Got this year’s pap smear results back and I’m HPV negative and there’s nothing of concern! Completely healthy! This was something I was concerned about because both my mom and aunt dealt needed hysterectomies pretty young (early to mid 40’s).
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wrkbrk :  Haha same. One thing that’s been helping me a lot to actually move forward with my resolution is keeping a journal of “interventions”. These interventions are practices of being more mindful. For example, one of the first ones I tried was of Benjamin Franklin’s techniques (ignoring his more negative one where he listed all his faults everyday of the week… I took the more positive approach.) Everyday I would start the day with a question, “What good shall I do today?” and list some ideas. And then every night I would reflect on “What good did I do today?”. Some of the “goods” were typical, like volunteering and stuff but others were things like, “be more appreciative of others” and “listen more”. It really helped me slow down and enjoy the little and big things in life without just looking forward. 

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Daisy_Mae :  I bought a faux fur comforter last year. Aren’t they amazing?

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I love this thread!!

I am a speech therapist who works in an elementary and high school (weird, I know), and I just started back to work with my students this week. I didn’t realize how much I missed seeing them over the summer. Spending my day around young people gives me such a wonderful perspective on life!

Tonight, I couldn’t find my cellphone for a good 5 minutes. Eventually, I realized this was because my extremely fluffy cat was sitting on it. He’s a giant, grumpy teddy bear, and he’s my favorite. 

One of my oldest friends called me today just to say hi. We talked for an hour and a half! She lives in another state now, so getting to catch up with her was amazing.

The Eagles won the first game of the season last night! Go Philly!

There’s a new season of Great British Baking Show on Netflix, and I fully intend to watch all of it tomorrow while doing a marathon laundry session.

One week ago, I married the best man in the world! Doesn’t get much better than that 🙂

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I love posts like this. What a great energy you’re putting into the world. 

My wonderful husband was just selected to move from his precinct to the highway department, where he really wanted to go. He’s quite young, and being selected is quite an accomplishment. I’m so proud of him and how his hard work is paying off. I love seeing him feel proud of himself, and he’s walking a little taller since he got the call. He absolutely deserves it. 

After getting married I finally have insurance! I was able to go to the doctor and get checked out. If I were to get sick, I’d be covered – and police insurance where we are from is excellent. 

I was just given a raise without having to ask, and my boss said “your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed.” Honestly, that statement meant more than the money. I love my boss and I love my job. 

Our apartment is gorgeous. We may not have a house yet, but for the first time in my life I have a granite counter top, and as silly as that seems, I feel like that’s a major accomplishment. 

We got married July 2nd and our wedding was a BLAST. My friends and my mom’s friends are still talking about it. We pulled it together on a budget, but the group of people we had there were so much fun – non stop dancing and everyone from different facets of our lives met and got along and it was amazing. 

Edit – I’m also obsessed with my ring stack.  Hubby worked hard and got me the two bands I couldn’t decide between, and he even had the center one customized to be alternating diamond and sapphire, which i had mentioned wanting like two years ago. I stare at it constantly. My diamond is stunning quality even if it isn’t huge (.91c) and it throws rainbows whenever the sun hits it. I’m truly blessed to have a diamond like this, and a husband like him, and a life like mine.

I choked up a bit writing this. 

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cocobee91 :  WE ARE WATCHING IT RIGHT NOW. I love the new male host. He’s hysterical. 

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I love this thread, so great to see everyone happy about something.

Me, I’ve just got back from a few days visiting Wales (I live in England). I just love it there, it’s so peaceful and beautiful. 

Ive got another week off to go before I go back to work, my Fiancé couldn’t get the same week off because I get more annual leave than he does, so I’m using my free time to go and see a few friends I haven’t seen in a couple of years who live in different cities now. I’m really looking forward to it. 

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