Possibility of twins?

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jerseygirl8989 :  was your July period a true period or lighter? My guess is you could’ve been pregnant in July and just had some light bleeding which is normal in early pregnancy OR you can be pregnant with twins. Those are some really strong test lines for this early on in pregnancy.

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jerseygirl8989 :  I think your dates could be wrong for some reason.  Most likely you were pregnant earlier (or ovulated earlier than you are thinking) and are not actually 3w3d.  Calculating from LMP has an assumption that you ovulate exactly on day 14.  If you ovulate later or earlier, you will actually be off by that many days.  Let’s pretend you ovulated on CD9, you would be more like 4w+.

Also, I suppose it’s possible on 7/20 you had implantation bleeding and thought it was your period?  That happened to me with my first.  It was pretty heavy implantation bleeding (compared to what I’ve read most women’s is like).  So anyway at my 12w scan I found out I was 16w.  I also had menstrual-like cramps, but you have menstrual-like cramps when you are pregnant as well (though without the bleeding usually). It wasn’tuntil I missed the next period that I tested and it was obviously positive (8 weeks along by then)

Just schedule an OB appointment and tell them you have PCOS and irregular cycles.  They should do a dating ultrasound around 8 weeks and that will tell you how far along you are.  No one else will be able to tell you, as there is no way to know unless you were temping/charting.

I would assume your dates are wrong before twins.

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I’m currently pregnant with twins, and my tests did not look that strong until I was 4+ weeks.  I think either you were already pregnant when you had your “LMP” or you just ovulated early in your cycle, which can happen even to women who are regular ovulators.  I ovulated 10 days earlier than usual at the end of April and BAM – twins, haha. 

Also totally normal for your Dr not to see you until you’re closer to 8 weeks.  I’d set up the appt now, and specifically request a dating scan – tell them your periods are irregular. 

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no its got nothing to do with twins, ironically twins seems to often test weeker from what I have seen on forum.

its not too early to get a positive with a sensative test (infact normal for people actively trying).

doctors don’t usually see you this early, I have to wait until 8 weeks for my first appointment with my doctors, they dont see anyone sooner and if you have bleeding or anything here you go to the emergancy pregnancy unit not your own doctor.

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jerseygirl8989 :  My doctor wouldnt see me until I was 8 weeks pregnant, so the fact that they will see you at all before then is surprising! Truly though, your tests arent that dark, so I wouldn’t automatically think multiples. People always told me my tests were super dark, and I was for sure having twins. Nope, just one little girl in my belly right now! Your first test looks very similar to mine at 10DPO, 1 day before my expected period. image2

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jerseygirl8989 :  I had implantation bleeding with one of my pregnancies that was a lot like a regular period for me. Could be that you O’d earlier, or that you were actually pregnant before this last period. It’s normal not to be seen until 8-9 weeks. If they see you earlier likely it will only be a urine pregnancy test and to fill some forms/make an appointment for later in the pregnancy. Congratulations!

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Mine were like that at like 9DPO and I only have one kid. Unless she absorbed her twin before we caught on which knowing her could be likely 

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jerseygirl8989 :  Congratulations! For reference, my last period was on 7/20 and I also have PCOS. I O’d on 8/4 (confirmed with temping) and I got a super squinter this morning at 9 DPO (pics for reference). I called the doctor this morning as well and my nurse ALSO acted like I was crazy hahaha. She tried to tell me that I wasn’t actually seeing a second line, etc. I insisted I was an even sent a picture in so that they could see themselves. I was also told to wait until Monday as it would be too early before that. They won’t see my until after they get my bloodwork results on Monday (I think they still think I’m mistaken). Is it possible you O’d earlier than you think? Do you chart/temp or go off of an app? 

Here are my pics for reference and sorry if they come out huge. The first two are from this morning and the second one if from this afternoon:

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Your dates seem correct. My LMP started on May 26 and I tested positive on June 17. This made me 9dpo and 3w1d. I am now 11w3d and have a very active single baby growing. 

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